Proposal: OG Welcome Pack - Brainstorm with me

I would LOVE to help create a $20 Welcome Pack of maybe 25 seeds from 5 solid, common lines (ex. a CBD, a haze, a kush, a landrace and a skunk) that could be maintained and sent to lower trust level folk when they first come on board asking for seeds.

Perhaps we could make growing one of these out, logging it, and contributing the seeds to the Welcome Pack cache, a prerequisite to taking on a preservation run.


If I understood LemonadeJoe correctly, the regular status will be lost once the criteria are not met any longer. The rank requires reading of a certain percentage of threads, logging in 50% of days and other things. However I don’t know which of these requirements are re-checked regularly and used to “downgrade” somebody. Personally I think being on OG 50% of the time is a fair criterion and can be met even if one keeps a life outside OG.

That sounds like a pretty cool idea!


I love this :heart_eyes:


Let’s make it happen. If I can (it will be a first for me) I will do a filial on Sebrings Revenge. The practice will be good for me.
Dec 1 it begins. Is there a phenotype I should look for?
Who wants to breed some Skunk #1s?


On second thought, @Howard.Crane, yes please!


@LemonadeJoe are there considerations I may be missing re a collaborative OG Welcome Pack offering?


I am reminded that Sebrings Revenge are fems. Must consider.


Could an admin break this derail off into its own thread starting with
Proposal: OG Welcome Pack


The deed is done, if you need to edit the OP and no longer can @AllOra just PM me a post and I’ll make it happen for you.


OK, not as easy a start as I thought. Sebrings Revenge is Fem and I would rather not limit the welcome that way.

Options in my possession are not perfect. All but Boaty McBoatface are Fems or High THC crosses.

I have four BMBF beans. My first thought is to cross the Boaty with Sebrings Revenge, call it Dread Pirate and leave it at that. I would really prefer a reg, known low THC, strain but I can’t guarantee that with the current crop.


Current Options (Anyone want to swap the below for known quantity, high CBD/low THC regs):
Blueberry x ACDC
Cannatonic x Sour Tsunami x Sour Banana Sherbet
*CBD Medihaze aka Boaty McBoatface 1/1 or 2/1
Charlotte’s Web x Huckleberry Hashplant
Dragon Tongue
Erdpurt x Durban Poison
Franks Gift x Sour Banana Sherbet (1% cbd)
Kimbo (1% CBD) x Harlequin
*Sebrings Revenge


This is a fantastic idea. The price is right and the options would be great for new individuals. Also, any remaining funds could be used to supplement the sever fund and/or distribution expenses.

This would also be a great way for all of us chuckers on here to share our beans too.



Does anybody have ideas about alternatives or additions to this set of general categories?

What about strains? Which should fill these slots?

Re Remaining, am I forgetting an expense? Wouldn’t it all go for the server fund and distribution.

Yes! Let’s chuck!


Yeah after thinking about this a bit?I don’t know about this


The other thing you have to consider is newbies going back and telling everybody, next thing you know we’re loaded up with peep just trying to get free seeds.


Indoor vs outdoor?

OP did say $20 bucks Actually for a newb something like a choice of 3-5 fems seeds might actually be best. And/or a few autos


Yes, definitely would suggest some sort of expense or other metric associated. The $20 pack is probably sufficient to keep the F.S.A. numbers in check otherwise it could be difficult (and expensive).


We already see this. It would be “put up or shut up” for many. If they can’t go in $20 for a seed pack assembled by OG they aren’t going to like paying postage to individuals or preservation runs either. Anyone who is looking for free or special treatment will be disappointed. Currently free seekers need to ask repeatedly until they find a soft heart. This way we can just direct them to a Welcome Pack thread.

$20 (USD) is just a number. If it takes more for OG to stay ahead I am not averse to $25, $30. Would like to keep it < $2 per seed. The specific strains should NOT be particularly collectable. Maybe even brand them. “Overgrown”?

@Olbrannon - good question. Probably we should find a middle ground. Indoor friendly but not requiring special care. If we go with the above category list perhaps we might have one indoor leaning strain to get them through a first season.

Agree re newbs, fems and autos. My assumptions for target members are “new to OP” and lacking their own collection.


As a new member I think this is a fantastic idea.


I’m relatively new and I myself am loath to ask for anything from anyone. Without @Burnso help and generosity I’d not be growing again or even have found this awesome fam of growers here. I’m proud to call this place home.
I spend more time here than anywhere else when I’m online. And the idea of a welcome pack is nice.