What assumption do you make when buying beans from strangers

I purchased 2 packs of beans at above retail price on strainly.
When I received them both packs where open . Are I wrong to assume when you buy a pack of beans from some one that’s something that should be disclosed?
I personally don’t trust any one I don’t know or have dealings with . I would never buy open packs from a stranger. There’s allot of guys I would and have here .
The response I got from the seller was did you ask if they were open . I didn’t ask allot of stuff. There’s just some stuff that should be disclosed I feel.
Am I wrong?


Agree 100%. It is common and accepted to disclose any issues with condition or packaging when purchasing any sort of collectible be it toys or coins or anything that might have come in an original retail package. Unfortunately in this niche market there’s not a whole lot of recourse for buyers and often it’s a take what you get and learn your lesson/spread the word type of situation.


That’s mighty shady. I have bought open packs before (I usually open and repack seeds myself for organizing purposes and to seal them in vials) and it’s something people always disclose. Usually it is discounted unless the person is very trustworthy. Especially if you paid over retail.

In a man-to-man transaction, failure to mention something like that is purposefully lying by omission.

Usually the seller also mentions how old they are, if they were stored properly, etc as well.


Seems shady to me for a pack to be open and full I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve never felt a need to open something unless I was taking seeds out

I would try to get my money back


Definitely shady .


Yep, shady.


Goes “hand-in-hand” with all the Clones Sellers exploding on the site. Buying $14 - 20 cuts/clones/teenagers, then selling for Hundreds of 's each. Buyer beware nowadays!!! EVERYBODY, do take care, be EXTRA safe and, yes…be well…mister :honeybee:


Hell I thought it shut down …if they would ever make it easier to get verified on there I would cut everyone’s throats on cuts :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

My biggest complaint is that they like show you were a person lives with a map :roll_eyes: I live in a small sleepy missouri town definitely don’t want my house on a map of places to get weed stuff


A dude shit-talked em on Reddit for not verifying him, so they did immediately, without him ever buying or trading anything.

I went through their shitty process and people weren’t leaving reviews, so after like 5 transactions they still would not verify me. I sent em an email telling them to go fuck themselves, and delete my account, and they immediately verified me.

Shit business imho. I’d like to see em succeed but they’re way too laissez-faire.

Yeah; 100% should have been disclosed in advance. Did you already leave feedback before you got the pack?


Hmmmm I’m good at flipping out :thinking:


The packs were from green point not the seller just the packs.
I didn’t want to bring it up one seed definitely was immature . And one of the snap packs had flower remains in it. Light dusting . All the seeds were up side down when they where put back away.
At first I was told . They all come open like that I was told. Then I mentioned the flower. Greenpoint isn’t leaving flower tossed about in their packaging . Looked like some one picked through a bag to pick seeds out and did a bad job.
Guy then says he wanted to make sure seeds were actually in there. Then I’m accused of being a asshole customer. I can’t actually believe this guy’s believes the shit coming out his mouth .
Most people think your ok and anynomous using apps like cash app you definitely not . I’m hoping he decides do be a bigger douche so I can fuck his world up.


What a shifty move. Blow him up on reddit and around the forums…but I suppose he has your safe address, via strainly, eh?


yeah your right, them being opened raises to many questions like are they even those seeds.


Yeah you need a complete refund I would inform strainly that you need a complete refund you ordered seeds and received flower :hushed: word just like that I bet there quick to resolve


I think this is exactly a situation that strainly needs to handle at this point even a tiny tiny tiny pinch of flower is way more than they want to be linked with and I would be sure to point that out

If I was strainly I would ban his account and refund

He isn’t a guy with a lot of feedback is he?


Enough I thought he was legit . And positive feedback are still rolling in .
I was the dumb ass that didn’t have him accept the deal before sending payment.
I’ll get a refund plus allot more .word to the wise . Cash app has your banking info your not secure I promise. Don’t fuck people over using your bank account.
I did inform strainly.


Word to the wise don’t test @Hugh_Glass :rofl::joy::rofl::joy: I love it lol


The point of a safe address and name is so it can’t be tied to you. I would never out any info that could get back to me . I even have separate PayPal , prepaid credit cards for this exact reason. Not in my name.


I’m not a young kid . I have kids close to some of the younger guys on here.
Im a professional oriented adult . I have a family and a good job . I don’t have time to play games. I’ve been around long enough to know a thing or two. What to say and not to say . There’s always a way to get what you want .
Nothing pisses me off worse then people who scam other people . I can give two fucks about large business but some one who worked hard for thier money. That’s dirty.


What assumption? That until they’re in my hands, exactly as they SHOULD be, the seller is dicking me while laughing around their house. If a pack says 10 seeds and I’m buying 10 seeds, it shouldn’t be open. If that’s the case what happens if I decide to go on strainly and sell people 10 seeds in a pack that has a sticker that says “100 blah blah seeds”.