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I could google this but need to ask follow up questions

and also that why I am part of OG so can ask you all for help :slight_smile:

If I wanted to plant four different varieties of cannabis outside to

open pollinate in one acre plots

how far apart do my fields need to be so my seed crop will be true? or somewhat?

these will be for our own use

any help would be great



Pollen can travel miles… if there’s any hemp farms or feral hemp around you… https://www.leafly.com/news/industry/legal-hemp-pollen-drift

Honestly your best bet is to harvest pollen indoors, then go dust your selected plants, make sure the wind is blowing away from your other patch that day.


it indeed can :slight_smile: and thank for the reply

more worried about my plots crossing each other

more so the others

I could do one plot at a time but would take longer

could grow just one variety only, but I would hate to put all my eggs in one basket

good link and all the best



Think of pollen like light fluffy snow.
They say a flake travels over a 100 miles before it lights.
Then you now have more chances of stray pollen from other growers, only takes A plant.


so my one acre plots will need to 100 miles apart

to open pollinate true outside?

thanks for the reply and all the best


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Another thing you have to take in consideration is the prevailing winds during late summer early fall



a good read

for sure and the hedge rows between fields

how early do the males come out and drop


looking for some pointer

thanks again


Hedge rows are not the issue when thermal currents also come into play and if the barometer is rising so is the pollen so it will get up and fly.
Outdoor is tough as it is but now trying to breed pure.
I’d be hand polinating and putting a ribbon on them just to be sure.

Glad this aint me, back in my earlier days, oh hell yes.


I read the whole thread and agree with everything said if i was going to do that i would pollinate inside then take the girls outside for transplant or just have them in25 gallon buckets and harvest some pollen and store for a latet date and then take the boys out and give them a proper viking funeral


looking for some what true to type

but it is for our own use

my have to do one at a time or build four greenhouses

not sure yet but spring will come and you will help




if I was doing a plant or two that would work

but I am talking an acre planted at a rate of 25 pounds of seeds

too many plants :frowning:

my outside grow this was big enough

all the best


I see in that case i would still harvestbthe pollen from inside then individually pollinate the females outside with a q tip or a brush used for putting make up on a cheek that way you would have some controll over the process

a few too many plants sadly :frowning:

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4 greenhouses sounds like a viable option with a couple of fans in each one


I think some of it depends on the ground layout. Trees for example I think would help block pollen and also take in consideration which direction most of your winds come from

@dequilo have only read about pollen, but where i live there is no native black widow spider, and yet there all over the place, i asked game and fish how, one of there biologists told me they blow in the wind from a neighboring state as baby spiders.


They put out a long line of silk and then para sail on that.


open pollenating 4 acres for your own use? I wouldn’t want to be your neighbour…lol.


doing four different kinds will not work as it will be

some what impossible to be sure we are not cross pollinating

our own fields

so I will do a single field with a single kind and make seeds to work with

I have a local cultivar that has been grown here for lots of years

feral so it is acclaimed to our conditions here

and might bring something good to our seed stock it was used for fiber

but first need to go out and collect some beans

I am sure of that as I am talking about industrial hemp it would

kill any thoughts of sinsemilla

an acre of plants will make 800 to 1100 pound of seeds I need 33 - 35 pounds

an acre to grow for straw and grain

at 6 dollars a pound growing an acre of seeds saves me between

4800 -6600 US $ and plants between 24 - 33 acres

and I can sell the straw from the seed field

thank you for your input folks it always helps


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Beats the heck out of growing corn !! Thanks for answering @dequilo The market is certainly growing! Good Luck!