I went to the Bank Of Stank and made a withdrawl

Just finsihed a run in my big tent, a 5 x 10. Hung plants this morning to dry. Hate to leave a nice tent empty, so decided to fill it up :sunglasses:

This last run, from cut’s, reminded me why i LOVE running cuts rather than seed. NO mutants, NO slow growers, NO Hermie’s, no wild canopy to deal with :sunglasses: This YEAR, im running cuts, period. Im harvesting NICE crops of good bud .

Just took down all my “good” stuff, so an outside source was needed. HMMMMM, so much killer shit here on the site to run, but hadnt been offered much . I also hadnt asked, so there’s that, lol!

President of The Bank Of Stank offered me Bank Certified, and well known cuts, of course i said THANKS!!!

Sent me 2, a few weeks ago. He has run them, has pics and stories, finished bud .One i have grown before and loved (of course, not his cut) , the other i have wanted to grow for YEARS!!! Thank you again @schmarmpit for your gifts :100: :+1:

Meet the players:

The big bitch on the left, lol, is Santa Cruz Cut Blue Dream…One on right is Kaufman’s Strawberry Cough Cut. His original, not the repo he did later. Info from the Stank Master himself so if wrong on any of it, shoot him :sunglasses:

YUP…they getting the big girl tent! Will be run down the middle, in Octo’s, and allowed to get LARGE and in CHARGE! Just them 2. Will most likely put my lil 300 off to the right side, and run 2 octo’s over there too. 2 lil ones have my eye right now, they want to play, think im gonna let em, lol.

Will run under my GLS 640 LED, my normal feed program. Just like last run, only 2 plants i can get around and pamper, and allow to get real big. Should be fun!!!

The players a bit closer , lol

Blue Dream

Strawberry Cough

So it doesnt get boring in here, ill include Tent 2 and Tent 3 in here as well. BOTH tents at day 9 of the flip , so fun starts real soon on them

Tent 2 Mac1 and Wedding Cake

Tent 3

Grape Pie

Cereal Milk

Lost Cake

Both tents under 640 led’s, all plants in Octopots.

Sharm’s Charm’s will go into Octopots end of this week. Will stay in ?Mom tent most likely until larger, not sure.

EVERYONE welcome in here…post WHATEVER you want, ask anything




Nice! Looking forward to following along


Definitely some bomb ass cuts! Looking forward to this one! I’m down for the show!


Very nicely done, looks amazing bet it smells amazing also, like the intro bank of stank, lol


Cereal Milk?!! Nice. I messed up my Strawberry Cough run so I’ll watch how to REALLY do it. Good luck @Jetdro



Ahhh yeah… I love my GLS 300 I need to upgrade soon to the big brothers.

Exciting run/runs you got going!


Nice, the Blue dream definitely looks the part with those long, thin leaves!

You’d be surprised, the cut has gotten out! Dark Heart had it in their rotation for last summer so there were cereal milk clones in dispensaries all around CA, which helps it get out and about. Grabbed one myself :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sitting here thinking the same thing! Cereal milk?!? :rofl:


I shoulda made a trip Cali lol


Pulling up a chair for monster plants!! Been looking for that Santa Cruz cut locally

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Glad to have ya , chime in whenever you want

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Me too , known good cuts , hard to beat that . Now I just gotta do my part


The 640 s are awesome . The 300 is too I love both . Wish I had another 300

Yeah mine came from Maine , been fighting me for 4 months . Was not healthy when I got it . Finally is now , gonna see what see got after all , almost trashed the Mom


Oh man, those two are going to love stretching out in there!

At New Year’s I rearranged my tents. I was using a 5x5 but moving forward will be in the 4x8, and only flowering in Octopots. They are loving all the space (and airflow) in the big tent.


I currently have five going (JOTI Pure Blueberry, Bruce Banner, two Querkles, and Lemon Wookie V2) and will add a sixth (Super Lemon Haze) in a week or two. I hope to stay in the perpetual groove, starting something new every month or so.

Good luck with the grow! I’m excited to follow along.


Yeah , this wasn’t local to me :see_no_evil:

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Wanted a grow with space to tend to plants
A bit different and a different pace .

I’m loaded in bud so I want a fun run I can go nuts on . I love the Dream , not had SC , but imagine it’s very good .

This should be fun , compared to the nightmare I’m about to create in tents 2 and 3 in about 3 weeks . Gonna let those go au natural , other than bending to keep out of the lights . Should be interesting and quite the mess


@ColeLennon Here is new thread , try and keep up would ya :see_no_evil::banana::see_no_evil:


Jezus, that was fast. :rofl:


Looking forward to watching the Blue Dream and Strawberry Cough as they get going. Your other tents are dialed in.