In search for a high quality auto with pineapple terps 🍍

Hello, I will be starting to jot down ideas for my next run and pheno hunt and it will be a full autoflower run for the rest of this year and most of next.

I was wondering if you guys know anyone or have some high quality autos that smell like pineapple.

I’m interested in genetics linked or crosses to Night Owl, Roc Bud…etc. if you have pictures that be cool. I have a pretty good plan for one of my crosses and I am excited to start my project but I need to find the right person soon.

Side note: I do not want to buy from breeders anymore. I’ve spent thousands in the last three years and I think I’ve hit a breaking point in how unnecessary it is.


I’d be curious as to which autos have pineapple terps as well.

There are a bunch of 8-9 week regulars that have pineapple - certain Cindy99 phenos, etc…

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Yip, Evil Pineapple pheno :pineapple: smells like canned Pineapple juice! @royal not an Auto though.

Let’s see what @Going2fast has to say…

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I’m curious now

I’ve never even ran into a regular plant with true pineapple terps lol an auto with pineapple terps would be a dream

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Patience my friend. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
He grows a lot of autoflowers. He might have some input though.

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I have one that I’m using and I’m hoping to get those Terps into my F2 of that strain but who knows how difficult it will be. It’s a freebie from atlas called froot by the foot. It’s super good quality for being from a white label company.

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You’re killing me smalls ! Haha

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@LedZeppelin or @LoveDaAutos may be around atm. Maybe one of them has some input for ya?

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No rush my friend ! We’ll get there when it’s time I have 8 weeks to keep planning according to these

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You know I got freebies of their Fog Dog sometime last year and handed them off to my cousin and she had an amazing grow. I’m going to see if she has any photos they were pretty big and smelled very fruity. The nose wasn’t super specific but it reminded me of what Jamba Juices used to smell like with just a hint of fuel.


I have not grown any auto strains that smelled like pineapples but it’s probably out there. When I get back from my fishing trip I’ll be opening the autoflower vault and taking a break from photos for a bit.

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I have like a 6 pack of those. Haven’t touched them yet. That sounds kinda good actually

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Haven’t found the pineapple terps in an auto yet. Atlas isn’t a white label company they just market mostly to commercial growers. multiverse are in cahoots with them. I’ve grown gummy bears. Was decent. I believe Humboldt has a pineapple upside down cake auto.


I’ve run the Pineapple Muffin strain from Humbolt, and it was a good smoke with very little pineapple nose. I’ve had the opportunity to run a lot of autos, but never had a strong pineapple smell.

You can cheat like some do, for far less money.

Pineapple is my favorite scent! Especially some pineapple plants which have a scent that seems to go straight to my brain like a good version of an ice cream headache. Those plants I’d like to roll in like catnip, and I mark their seeds. :slight_smile:

I found the pineapple autoflower from Homegrowncannabisco reliably have a strong pineapple scent. I’ve grown nearly 20 of them now, and they have a lot of variation in phenotype, but all were nicely strong in thc, all but one had an excellent pineapple smell, and all were robust plants. Fun to pheno hunt for breeding.

I’ve got some regular seed crosses I made from them, both to auto and photo dads, happy to share if you’d like(US). The pineapple scent carried to the next generation most of the time on the 30 or so crosses I’ve grown out. Waiting for another BOGO sale to get some more to play with now that I have more of a home breeding plan.

I’ve looked online for other pineapple scented strains, and found a few (Barney’s Farm, Humboldt) but they listed their THC as down in the mid or low teens. I’m not interested in anything that doesn’t produce a high that is at least as strong as the 20% commercial stuff at the store, so I haven’t tried them.
I did just get some Auto Imperium X beans from Anesia Seeds, and noticed they are described as having a pineapple scent along with high potency. Excited to smell them some day.


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