In search of the holy grails

Tbh, I haven’t even ran them yet. I got them on trade from cool guy who used to grow out west on a trade. I’m excited to run them though from the description and especially some of the patient reviews I read. It’s supposed to be a super heavy, almost pure indica. It’s supposed to be helpful for pain and sleep. That’s why I’ve got 30 put back, waiting for someone to be able to do a coop F3 run. Figured these beans could help some folks.

I believe I only have 1 pack left to trade and a pack for me to run, then I’m down to the reserve beans.

I’m sure if you’ve been running them a couple years, they’re good stuff. @Indoornesian


I’ve been thru dozens of strains in these past couple of years and it’s the only one that’s a priority to keep around.
Like you stated, it’s close to pure Indica like 90%
Mazar I Sharif x. Purple kush is the lineage I believe.


I’m totally down.

Dont mean to step on anyone but what would you need for a trade? I might have something

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I would prefer anything bog, besides that, let me know what ya got that’s heavy indica

BOG? what is that anacronym for something about bag?


I think it’s bushy old grower. He’s a breeder that was around when the first OG was.

Got any heavy indica?


Ill take a look this afternoon when i get home

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I have some girls scout cookie blue cookies white widow. Would some of those work forvyou my choice is indica dominant also

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I’ve got a single ak47 feminized from serious seeds, got it as a freebie.i know its only a single but let me know if your interested in it

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I am interested