Individuality and effects and strains - O MY

If you’re going to bake with hash don’t use too much chocolate. The hash flavour is delicious and mixes with the vanilla or whatever but it’s very tasty.

If you’re just getting started I’d suggest butter and herb and the math is something like (potency of herb X amount of herb)/dosage

You sure can. I made this today. It took all day.


Sativa = Energetic / Indica = Sleepy Sluggish

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When decarbing, these effects can be completely switched.

Even time of harvest has become less important as you can adjust the decarb time accordingly.

You can experiment with decarbing several small batches for different lengths of time to find out what works best for you.

Early harvest / too energetic? You want it more sedative and mellow? No problem!
Decarb at 100 degrees Celsius for 3 hours.

You have a heavy indica that’s knocking you out too much when decarbed for 3 hours?
Decarb next batch at 100 degrees Celsius for 2 hours instead.

My sweet spot is currently 2 hrs and 22 minutes. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Eating cannabis gives you so much more flexibility.
Provided edibles work for you at all, ofcourse.


I’ve heard this but unfortunately can’t lend credence as edibles do nothing for me, therefore I smoke joints like a madman . Literally


@Rogue and @Foreigner


I am going to sit at your feet and learn.

Where do you recommend I begin? Any particular Frenchy video?

My grow will become hash that I eat…

Thank you!!!

Here’s a list of his hash making videos, his whole channel is great though

The diy hash making playlist will get you where you need to go

This is an amazing hash thread too


@TopShelfTrees1 You can reset your tolerance! Follow the Sulak Method

When you break your cannabis fast come back with an edible rather than a joint and see if it hits. Be sure, of course, that the brand is reputable and there is actually THC in there.

I can recommend the brand Matter which sells capsules and tincture. The one called “Blue” is excellent. 20:1 THC:CBD. Dispensary item (I’m an MMJ patient).


I will definitely check this out, very interesting in fact. Thank you for the link and the idea :bulb: this would be amazing



It’s an absolutely scientifically grounded protocol. It will work because our endocannabinoid receptors are homeostatically regulated. By taking a cannabis fast for 48 hours (including two full sleep cycles - sleep is key! And possibly when the resetting is most intense)… you reprogram (upregulate) the production of endocannabinoid receptors. Conversely when your system is over saturated with cannabis you downregulate your endocannabinoid receptors.

The medicinal or therapeutic window for cannabis is much,’much lower that most people think. If you’re managing tolerance with regular resets, you don’t need much cannabis to feel the effects.

I think of it in sex terms. You have to tease your endocannabiniid system with a bit of old fashioned “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” That keeps the relationship very hot. Fire hot.

Forgive the pontification!


Haha awesome! I will 100% be giving this a shot and truly appreciate the info. I love it!


Some people lack the ability to get any effect from ingested cannabis due to liver enzymes. Any effect will be personal in nature, as the human experience is singular.


That’s a problem with the weed, not the individual. Quality herb is objective in effect.

It’s like saying water affects people differently. No. Dirty water affects people differently. Clean water affects everyone the same. “Dirty water” wasn’t the standard until 15 years ago. Earthy used to mean wood resins. Now guys saying earthy are talking salty umami meat weed… If your weed is salty, or meaty or umami… If your weed makes mouths water instead of dry up… Maybe one person out of 100 would tolerate that 15 years ago. And you’d laugh at him for buying the fuct up weed you were going to throw away. Now it’s called “subjective” when people are sold bad weed lol.

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I’m sorry this will be offensive, but the definition of objective and subjective…
subjective means it’s a personal experience.
objective means it’s not. So if I were a machine, and checking for thc content, that would be objective. But instead, I am a human, experiencing things in my mind.


I just straight up eat the decarbed bud.
I cut it up with scissors into the pot I decarb with.
Decarb and let cool, eating half a teaspoon is enough for me.
No need for all that effort of making hash, unless you prefer it, but I find it harder to dose.
Much easier to go overboard. :sweat_smile:
When eating it straight, the fiber that is still there makes it a little more slow release and even keeled.
I eat it in the morning and I’m good all day long. :slight_smile:

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What’s your point?

Is it dispensary weed = bad?

Is it grower’s tastes have changed and you don’t agree with their pollution of some virgin gene pool?

If someone wants to smell umami, who cares, let them, the wine world is full of foolish things too.

If anything this homogenization (which I think is your complaint, apart from boron) will lead people towards more interesting things. Like craft beer.

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Huh! That sounds even better.

Do you literally chew and swallow dried bud or do you put it in peanut butter or something.

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Chew and swallow.
The batch I’m eating now tastes like grilled cheese and strawberry. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



Horses will benefit too. :+1:
Along with cats, dogs, fish, birds, etc.


@Rogue Do you have a harvest and preparation protocol you can share?