50% Raw + 50% Decarbed

Anyone tried this combo?

I decarb mine at 100 degrees celsius for 3 hours and eat one teaspoon a day.

But now this idea came to mind, that this 50-50 combo with raw material would be more beneficial health wise and perhaps create a more balanced feeling and perhaps a more powerful healing effect.

For those who prefer smoking and vaping, you would be eating the same amount of raw (fresh or dried/cured) flower and/or leaves as you’re smoking/vaping.
Mixing it with your food, sprinkling some on top.
Or as raw edibles.

Feel free to post the results here.

And if so desired elaborate in as much detail as you want.

Thank you!

Do you feel a change?
  • Yes, immediately.
  • Yes, after a few hours.
  • Yes, after a few days.
  • Yes, after a few weeks.
  • Yes, after a few months.
  • I don’t feel any change.

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Did the poll just disappear or was that just fantasy?

Normally for edibles and oil I decarb 240°F for 40 minutes. Always seemed to get me high to the point of illiteracy.

Last batch of coconut oil I made I did not bother to decarb. I’m sure this process occurs to same extent after boiling oil and flowers for an hour, but I find the product less debilitating. A spoonful gives me a nice mellow as opposed to the stoned-sideways self-induced incontinence experience.

I feel good though, relaxed but not baked.


Was it you who voted? I thought I accidentely clicked it, so I removed it. :upside_down_face:
I’ll put it back now.


So it was there!

No that was not me. I read the first option then poof it was gone.


I’ve eaten raw fresh buds, as well as dried and cured. I almost always eat the shoots when I do any topping too.

But, I’m a savage…


Oh hahah

I had a partner on some outdoor patches and he would munch on buds all the time, I thought he was playing with me till i tried it :shushing_face:


I couldn’t agree more. I always taste the shoots when I top, and the leaves when I pluck. I’ve eaten plenty of fresh buds over the years, but they end up just tasting spicy and gumming up my throat.

But to the OP’s question, yes, it’s healthier to use 1/2 decarbed, 1/2 not decarbed because the non-decarbed cannabinoids are ALSO good for you in ways the decarbed is not, and you get more fresh terps and polyphenols. Honestly, putting non-decarbed leaf and flower in your smoothie every day is probably the best. Weed is like extra super healthy to eat!

Just be careful if you share the fresh weed food with anybody else. You should inform them before giving it to them. I can’t use fresh weed in our smoothies anymore because my gf ends up getting high off it and hates it, since non-decarbed weed still has some psychoactive properties for some people.



Very very interesting, thank you for sharing all!


Do you have CBD in it? I read that CBD does not need to be decarbed and that a lesser amount can be used then. Still need to research that some more.

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It makes sense that CBD needs no decarbing…
For me and a friend it only works for 2-3 days when decarbed, perhaps raw it wouldn’t create such a fast tolerance.

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great topic! I have been thinking the same way…after reading some of the emerging research from Dr. Raphael Mechoulam and others on THCA and CBDA being super-powerful anti-inflammatories, I decided to NOT decarb about 25% of the weed going into my last batch of tincture. Figured maybe I’d get an anti-inflammatory boost.

I didn’t answer the poll because I’ve only tried the tincture a couple times so far. The only thing I noticed was a very “up” energetic effect. Haven’t had time to see how it works on the medical problems yet. I want to take some every morning for a while & see how I feel.


Made some raw capsules


Lol. Me too. Pruned leaves too. But the buds…I’ve only eaten fresh buds once. Got that banana peel in my mouth type of feeling, but worse. Resin mouth😝

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I just wanted to circle back to this after a study just found that the non-decarbed versions of CBD and CBG (aka CBD-A and CBG-A) block COVID infections at the cellular level in vitro in a lab. This doesn’t mean they necessarily prevent infection in humans, but it’s promising that they might to some degree.

Here’s the presser:

and the actual journal publication for you sciency types:

Just another reason to use raw, non-decarbed in your tinctures and extracts!

:sun_with_face: :rainbow:


I would put little stock in marijuana stopping the virus. A number of people on the weed forums I visit have said they got it, some pretty seriously.

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Clearly, they just aren’t smoking enough…


Looks like I need to make more capsules now, lol.

I took all those raw ones I made already :joy:

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I think you missed the key point in my post and this thread. The study says the RAW, or NOT-decarbed compounds CBD-A and CBG-A, are the ones that prevented COVID in vitro. People ingest the decarbed cannabinoids via smoking.

Two different types of cannabinoids. That’s the whole point of this thread.


Yes I know. But I have also read a lot of papers on covid (and other medical papers previous to it) and they have tested a number of compounds in the lab that did not translate into real life biology. If you want to rely on raw weed to keep you safe that is great. I got all my shots up to date and have been using a N-95 when I go out (cloth masks seem to be not very effective with Omicron).

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Keep the V-word out of my thread, thank you.
You can always discuss it in a group private message if you like.