Hash Making Revisited

I’ll be demonstrating the whole technique now! Making the freeze dried bubble, then pressing it into rosin. Curing that etc. I tried a first press in the 25 micron sack and came up with something yummy!

So of course the plan is like this:
Freeze the green buds. Make the bubble hash like normal, but use acceleration to push out the water. Take the hash ball and chop it into tiny bits then pop it in the freezer on a piece of parchment. A week later, take it out and smash it with the press at 64C for 180S in a 25 micron bag. Pop that into a glass jar, and seal it up. Put it in the fridge for 30 days to solidify. Then… finally… rip it!
The hash I’m pressing is all 90 micron.


here are the more mundane details, I use my origami skills to fold a one-way-out rosin bag pouch. The doubling of the layers on top prevent upwards flow.


what this thread needs… is more hash porn. Mmmm I ripped that rosin.


no wonder this stuff goes for 90 a gram. 37 days before u can smoke AND you gotta do the bubble bag work!

amazing color though


Also, you have to find a good bubble yielding plant as well, or else the results are so low it’s not worth it if you are making $$$ from it. The bubble hash yield from different plants can be radically different. My hash yield is from big bud and the runner up which I smashed tonight was meat breath.


so, in curiosity mode after squishing the hash, I said to myself… could I re-squish that? Answer - no.
So I put the squashed hash bag inside the machine and turned it on but at lowest pressure and it destroyed the bag. Then! Hash was all over the machine, so I reached in… after turning it off :wink: and cut my finger on the razor sharp plate edge. I learned two lessons. oooo BLOOD ON THE ICE!!!
ok so those two lessons are under my belt hah hah! Now for some quick cured rosin to feast on!

That’ll soothe my bloody knuckles.


I’m down for your adventures. I’ll be sitting on my bucket in the corner.


oh, it’s going to be interesting! I already learned I can cure the rosin overnight if it’s really flat. If it’s a blob, nope.


well im grabbing the :notebook: :pencil2: and a :coffee: this shit is pure gold your thirst for the best hash inspires me :thinking: hash like that in uk :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: i think so :star_struck:
love ya threads joe

growth in growing :seedling: :herb: :evergreen_tree:



Can’t wait to try that meat breath


Tomorrow I’m definitely having a meat breath Good Morning Burger™. Oh that’ll get the day off on the right foot.
I’m actually amazed at the difference between the different rosins of the meat breath and big bud. They are so radically different. The meat breath one looks standard, but the big bud one was more orange instead of creamy. Fascinating!


Ok you’ve all seen my rosin press machine, right? Here’s the thing, it’s really a relay driven heat press meant to do who knows what. Brand new manufacture though, I couldn’t even find instructions. I think it’s the upgraded version of the APU10? Anyways you just set the time, temp and pressure, then press “good things inside”. Eventually I’ll toy with the settings inside the machine, but for now, it’s just a black box I understand very little about. hah hah! Good news? I understand enough to press some rosin!


Joe’s doing more cool shit! Tagging along and taking notes.
:sunglasses: :vulcan_salute:



Hopefully all my mad writings can help people take their hash production to the next level. Oooey gooey live rosins and hashes! It’s like a performance art, but mmm so tasty. I layered some freeze dried bubble hash on top of a blob of live rosin. Now I can do ludicrous things like that all the time! I’m floating…on a lake of flavor.


I hope you love hash porn!!! lol


well I got my drill and bucket back. So I’m all prepped to make a new hash batch! Good news? I got lots of hash on standby still for squishing. mmmm time to go and have that Good Morning Burger™.


oh hell yah! On the left is 90 micron hash and the right is cured up rosin. The first image is the puddle I showed at the beginning of the thread. cough cough that’s some good shit - Towelie.


So when can I come over to rip some of that?


lol, you're invited to the rosin party! It's completely cured up now, and crumbly! You can see bubbles still trapped in there. I'm thirsting to press some big bud, that's next. I want to compare it to the batch I already pressed and dried in the fridge. I'm definitely seeking the best method with the most flavor! Requires lots of.... testing ;)

Oh wow, I’m jealous. Didn’t help that I looked at this while hungry cause it looks like some kind of amazing sugar confection. Like fudge almost but smooth fudge.