Insects - barnacles/scale insect

brought 4 plants in from the outside (glad my room was empty) after two day - checking the plants WOW!! the entire stalk, branches had these little “shits”( for a picture of GrowWeedEasy (plant insects) So I cleaned the plants moved them out side for keeps and going to clean the room — They must come from the soil - I ues 2nd generation soil — any thoughts, comments


Not an easy task because of their protective shell (eggs below), most insecticides won’t harm them, only neem oil will suffocate them, you can also look for predators like :beetle::beetle:beer3|nullxnull


so they come from the soil not airborne

Females stick to the stem, but males fly … icon_e_surprised|nullxnull


Thanks - found a bug on a seedling in grow room --killed it - good info Have had mites before (outdoords) 1st infesting ever in doors. Seems that if you grow with tomatoes your plants always end up with mites

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If not in flower, or if in flower for a seed run where you’re not going for consumables SAFERS END ALL!!

Mix 50ml with 1000ml of tap water, shake like hell, soak down the plants.

I usually go OCD and soak with enders, let dry, wash the plant with water, let grow a few days, then do it all again… and maybe in 2-3 days time… again.

Gotta break the life cycle and this has brought me much success with many critters; usually in winter as I have a lot of tropical houseplants that move inside for the winter and even though they are sprayed down sometimes things still find a way…

Best of success @hawkman


Great info —Thanks !!!