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New journal but I’ll update here as well.


dude do you have a write up somewhere on how you produce bud like this? would love to read exactly what you do.

I forgot about you running this stuff too. So 3 respected growers. We oughta be able to get a grand finale on this. I actually hope this BBP works as promised.


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Flowering: Day Thirty-eight

@preybird1 Runtz x Slapz (first clones) treated with Bob’s @rflasch BudBusterPro from when they were cloned through to flower. I think Prey’s genetics are quite incredible AND combined with bob’s product, I can see greater stacking already. The quality of the bud (first grow) was/is soooooo fine. I expect nothing but greatness from this round. (I have a third round going of these, too, in a veg tent.) Thanks for the knowledge and help, guys!


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Day 49 from popping and everyone is looking pretty good. I’ll be flipping this tent in a little more than a week if I can keep these girls from getting too big. I do want to be taller than my normal grows but I also don’t want them to be so tall that it affects the quality of their grow.



Your UV light experience is going to be very helpful for a lot of growers…

Would appreciate your observations on stretch…growing with BBP seems to give a lot of lateral branching producing a plant with dense foliage but a uniform canopy. I’m just curious if you did no defoliation until say two weeks into flower…would that contain stretch to any extent???

LOL, nothing better to think of this morning…they look great chief!

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Thank you so much @rflasch
I have upped the uv(AB) to 7 hours mid day of a 17 hour veg schedule - I have NOT noticed any burning or negative symptoms and in fact have noticed the density of the foliage increasing (I suspect from both BBP and the uv)
There is fantastic lateral branching in every single one of these girls credit to BBP - I experienced that this summer as well - BBP is without a doubt the most valuable product in my arsenal - and this run I have been toning down all my other inputs to strip away some of the smoke :slight_smile:
I don’t plan to defoliate until 4 weeks after flipping - I want to have alot of BBP power going on :slight_smile:
I will be sure to post my experiences on the stretch - I want to delay to as close to 60 days as I can but if they grow more like they did last night I won’t make it…haha


Ok Bob, I’ve started a thread on my test run of your BBP. For you and any other that care to see/watch the link is


Seeds started 2 days ago


Well, here we grow!
I’m interested enuff to see the outcome. Hopeful, but very skeptical.


More important than anything I can say, It’s sometimes more illustrative just to listen to your growers. I’m using ravenchief’s comments here with his permission. His results are no way unique, every grower that has applied BudBusterPro has reported similar and consistent results. Rather, I am using his comments because he has applied BBP to multiple photo AND auto varieties over a couple grows now, and NONE have deviated in their response.

Ravenchief: ”I do mention that cost is minimal and the return is maximal.

I also now include my personal experience and all the other products that I use differently and less of now because of BBP - Now I will also be able to state from experience that BBP will speed your veg time by in my case 35% faster growth to Flip - This literally shaved 30 - 45 days off of veg time with NO loss of vegetation, height, width, and I suspect yield (but will know in a couple of months). I do suspect it is also the malted barley that I till into the media and top-dress when hand watering (not autopots)

I can’t prove it but I will swear that BBP has also increased the potency of my buds - What I can offer as some non-scientific proof is that this summer, I took some cuttings from the larger plants and rooted them and put them in 5 gallons late in season - I wanted to see what I could do with cuttings/clones (I like variety so I tend not to grow a plant twice and I have hundreds of seeds So I had the opportunity to grow them both out, side by side - what I can tell you is that the cuttings even though smaller (about 4 feet tall) the buds were more potent, denser, tastier, and more fragrant - I have cured my summer grow and tried everything (again subjective, non-scientific) and the high from the cuttings is stronger -

What I attribute this to is how they came to be in the world.

The mother plants were seeds that were started on BBP later in veg - When I took the cuttings from the mother plant - they had already had some applications of BBP on the leaves - that stored BBP gave the cuttings a headstart when they grew roots - I have put both the cutting’s and mother’s buds under the scope - the cuttings buds have more trichomes and on my HiGrade application they both have the same THC register (its a product I bought that approximates the THC content of a bud based on algorithmic comparisons).

So - I am an advocate for BudBusterPro and what it has done for my Cannabis plants - Next summer I will try to convince my wife to try it on her tomatoes and other plants - she is very particular and controlling about what happens in her garden - I can’t say as I blame her…

I may wait another day or two if I can to flip them - my goal was at 60 days from popping, and that is Friday - I want to give them a good BBP application then put them in the dark for 36 hours and when they come out give them lots of Bloom microbes in an ACT/compost tea and get them off to a really good start - They are taller than any other indoor grow at flip and I am hoping I didn’t push it too much haha.

It occurred to me that another contributing factor to how ready these gals are so early is that I have not defoliated AT ALL - I have not even taken one leaf off - actually I took a total of 3 leaves off of all 9 plants over the past 2 months - they were yellowed - that’s another thing I have noticed is that I have very little if any yellowing -

But my point is I have all the BBP stored in the leaves and so I think that concentration of accumulated goodness is contributing to the fact that these girls are ready, 30 plus days earlier than any of my previous photo grows.

So on the use of BBP for this run - I have been experimenting - All summer I stayed with the 14 day spread between applications - however this run I have been shortening to 10 - 14 days on the later apps - so The first application was at 14 days at the 2ml/8oz rate the second app was at 28 days at a 3ml/8oz rate the third app was at 40 days at the 4ml/8oz rate and the last app was at 50 days at the 4ml/8oz rate - I plan to do a 5ml/8oz rate app just before I put them in the dark which is why I want to delay until 60 days above ground which is Friday.

I feel strongly that the 10 day application spread rate seems to accelerate all the good attributes of BBP and I have not noticed ANY negative impact. I would only do that after they have been established root and foliage wise. so after the 2cnd application. I believe that is one of the reasons these plants are as developed in veg after 60 days compared to previous grows that would take 100 days to get to this level of bud sites and lateral fullness.

That’s the plan anyway - I have all the lights at 100% because I don’t want them to stretch anymore in veg, but this morning they are above the line I drew last night haha –

So I am going to be applying a 5ml rate BBP treatment tonight before lights out at 4pm - they will stay out until Friday morning at 5am - I will be putting them on a 11 off 13 on schedule 5am-4pm on I have been doing a lot of research and I want to start using the flower portion of the Gas Lantern light schedule where you start at 11/13 and decline a half hour each 2 weeks down:

So first 2 weeks of flower you go 11 on 13 off, the next 2 weeks you go down to 10.5 on 13.5 off, next 2 weeks 10 on 14 off, next two weeks 9.5 on 14.5 off and the last weeks of flower you should be at 9 hours on and 15 hours off.

I will be giving them a bloom tea upon waking and start introducing their flower nutes - I am a little afraid of their height but I will deal with whatever needs to be dealt with.”

Note: At this point we make no potency claims as we DO NOT have lab verification. All comments must be considered anecdotal. That being said, we’ve had no negative comments regarding bud quality, potency, smoothness or flavor.

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I see my future…


This morning 36 hours of dark Hi Bob as soon as I open the tent this morning at 5 o’clock I took these pictures. They stretched at least 2 inches overnight and they look fantastic already starting to pre-flower and I’ve given them a bloom micro Tea. I found it this is a very good way to help them transition to full flower.


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Day forty-eight, heavy frost


ravenchiefs grow 14 days post flip. Last BBP application will go on tonight.
No defoliation as of now…demonstrates the foliage density attainable without topping thining.


Damn, I’m slipping. I missed this until now. Lol…

I’m a couple days out to.first spray, I’m going to make a thread tomarrow.


It’s been some good reading.

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Day sixty!


That’s a nice view.

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Three weeks since flipping the tent and all is well in my world :slight_smile:

I have never had this much bud development this early in flower - this looksmore like 4-5 weeks in flower.
Thanks for looking