Introducing BudBusterPro

Morning Mike,
Sorry you had a bad experience !
When you were gifted the BBP did you happen to get a copy of the Product Information/Application guide also?
We’ve seen this before in a few instances where a grower had somewhere to be and ‘cheated’ the spray on during his light cycle… and next morning had brown splotches on his leaves just like you.
Here’s what’s going on…unlike most foliars you’ve ever used, BBP doesn’t ‘dry’ on the leaves. It actually penetrates the tissue fairly quickly. Once the BBP penetrates the cuticle (waxy layer on top of leaves) it moves into the epidermal cells just underneath. The epidermal cells are very light sensitive and your BBP is going to ‘lense’ that light somewhat like a magnifying glass destroying some tissue.
I don’t have an exact idea of how long it takes the BBP to be totally ‘light safe’, but can guestimate probably 4-6 hours.
As you said, the plants fully recover, and the new growth displays all the BBP effect, but NOBODY wants to see any burn on their plants!
Hope that explains what you’re seeing and I can assure you if you make your application just before ‘lights out’ it will be the last you see of it!


Mike I wait. 6 hours or so. If you have fans going helps. Or spray before lights out.


Oh, I have not given up on it. I still see the new growth looks good. I knew it had to be something I did that messed me up. I will be more careful with application. I was just worried, at first, that I had burnt the shit out of her. I’m still in!


Mike, I would like to make sure you have the documentation.
It is all available as downloads on our website…on the homepage, you can look down and see some bullet points…those are all downloadable pdf’s pertaining to the specific title.

If there’s ever anything I can help you with or you have questions, please PM me and I’ll be more than happy to help!
Thanks Bob


Oh, yes. I do have the original instructions. I followed it pretty well except for the spray at dark thing. But honestly, the place that I spray is so dark, I had to turn some lights on to see where I was spraying.


I’ve been reading through the threat. Sound like a great product. I’m curious about if you could start spraying at any time in the plants life cycle?
It was mentioned that the autos went longer when treated. Does this always happen? How much yield increases from the extra time?
Will this treatment make a photo clone take longer to finish as well?
All info is appreciated :pray:


Any liquid sprayed on a plant is gonna do this. This is why when we foliar feed we do it just before the lights turn off.


You ask some very good questions!
First, later maturity has not been widely reported to me. It does make some sense, in that especially in autos, if you produce a larger plant in veg it will stack more buds…and those buds may take longer to fill.
If you look up at Jim’s post (291) you can see the difference in plant size/dry bud weights. The treated plant actually DOUBLED the dry bud weight of the non-treated plant.

We claim a 20-40% increase in bud to stay conservative. Over the course of a year, in auto and photo grows we usually see somewhere between 35-50% increases.

I’m curious about if you could start spraying at any time in the plants life cycle?
Sure you can, but there are many advantages to starting the program early! BBP is administered in small ‘spoon feed’ amounts to maximize your growth all through the veg cycle. This gives you a significantly larger plant at the flip. The ‘growth’ we are talking about is very unique in that it gives very short internodes and lots of branching. In some instances, if you wish to keep a plant small for any particular reason you could suspend BBP apps and resume when you’re ready to kick it in gear!

Sometimes my growers purchase BBP with a grow already in progress. We can STILL have a significant effect on bud with a minimum 4 applications:
one at 7 days pre flip
one at the flip
one 7 days post flip
final 14 days post flip
The program is very flexible and I really enjoy working with our customers one-on-one through a grow of two until you fully understand how to use the tool for your best advantage!

We are looking forward to the OG 420 raffle as sponsors, and will soon have 10 more new growers!!
Thanks for your interest!


Which is why I was confused. I have never foliar fed my plants ever.


Yes I agree. @Esrgood4u his stuff has a kick to it. Some juice of the forbidden fruit :meat_on_bone:. It works great. Even if you only get a few sprays in. It makes a big difference. I promise you. I noticed it right off the bat. It’s not like other sprays. I’ll hose them down. If you get some I promise you want be disappointed.


Your lights will burn wet plants from sprays to high of a Rh. It will cut a few weeks off your grow. For me. It works great because I just top and flip.


Howdy there Dr. Robert;

Yep, I do forever love that Budbuster Pro, case in point, here’s a shot of rough trim of prepped for 1/2 dried/cured bud and 1/2 off to the freeze dryer for “Live Resin”. This is only ONE hydro Doug’s Varin plant that came in at 38 ounces wet, probably 10-12 ounces est. dry.

EDIT: This is a special endorsement for me, not only because of the BBP…it’s a testament to the tenacity of cannabis growers everywhere! This is from Phil and a winter hydro grow in Fairbanks Ak.!!
You won’t find Phil on any forums…during his grow there were multi periods of 4-6 days where he couldn’t even GET to his grow room!!! Sent me pictures of snow piled dang near up to his roof line!

Here’s to all the Phils out there, who just soldier on in pursuit of DANK!


Well, happy 4/20 to you Robert;

Here’s some pix of how BBPro worked for me, in a little 3X4 hydro spot. 10 oz Live Resin freeze dried Amnesia Lemon Kush in jars, 8 oz Doug’s Varin and 10 oz of Runtz all Live Resin buds in jars then an equal amount of traditional dry cure

Thanks Robert



Happy 420 @BudBusterPro . Thanks for the hard work.


Ok so I fucked up.
I know what I did wrong before.
I mixed up the BBP without using my glasses. I THOUGHT it said 2 Oz per 8 oz of distilled water. It is supposed to be 2.5 ml. I used over ten times the product and burned the shit out of the plant. ROOKIE MISTAKE. surprisingly it is coming back pretty well. I didn’t cull the plant. See what she does.

What an idiot I turned out to be.


Dang, Sh** happens,
That’s true, the plants do come back like a gang buster, but you never want to suffer that burn.
Illustrates why I REALLY like to work closely with growers new to BBP…can sometimes save a lot of pain!

For me, it’s always seemed I remember the FU’s much better after the fact!
No ‘idiots’ here…any member of the human race is susceptible…burdened with being ‘human’ !!


Well I just like to own up when I did something wrong. I don’t want folks to think you are selling BS when it was my own fault.


Thank you for the consideration…must relate to the ‘BIG’ in Big Mike!


thank you for the give away.


As I mentioned in my test thread, I’m running 6.5 hrs on/1.5 off in my veg tent. Shouldn’t my plants have been burned as well? I never ran into this issue.