Introducing Regular Emeritus

Could be, but for me showing it as title means you have been demoted to Member again … ejem|nullxnull

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PM sent… When I get these questions, 99% it is caused by low numbers of posts and topics read.

Our traffic and activity has increased and this also implies higher requirements for keeping regular status.

Remember that requirements are based on relative percentage of our total posts / topics created. So there is direct proportion between site total activity and requirements to keep regular status.

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the 25% is almost impossible if you have a life outside OG


Hard but not impossible. The number of regulars (tl3) fluctuates around 80 - 100 members constantly.

Also for the sake of keeping sanity, the number of posts / topics to read is capped at absolute value:

  • of topics created in the last 100 days, must have viewed 25% => capped at 500
  • of posts created in the last 100 days, must have read 25% => capped at 20,000

That is doable if you visit 5 topics each day and read 200 posts.

Check out user list to see how much posts people can read :slight_smile: . It is much more than that.

And btw, our total board activity doesn’t exceed capped values yet.

We recognize Regulars because they are members that have been following closely what the whole message board was up to for the last few months. There is high probability they have seen pretty much all significant guides, journals, projects and discussions so they know the context and can help others to orientate on the board.


there you go :flushed:


LOL, I’m in there twice :laughing:



Woah I need a life. :roll_eyes:


I’ve lowered requirements for becoming Regular user effective today.

Topics viewed and posts read are now basically half of previous value.

  • of topics created in the last 100 days, must have viewed 25% => capped at 250
  • of posts created in the last 100 days, must have read 25% => capped at 10,000

Big change is also that the Regular status will be granted for 6 months minimum. You won’t be demoted back to Member status if you don’t meet the criteria immediately but you have another 6 months to meet them again.


That’s amazing @LemonadeJoe , I know this was an issue for some so it’s great that you recognized that and adjusted the requirements. Thanks for looking out.


Great news, @LemonadeJoe. Thanks for making those changes. Of course, now our “Regular” club is going to get flooded. Are the requirements to be Level 4 “Leader” the same?


Hey bud, are leaders not manually selected by the team? I was not aware of any requirements as it is a manual promotion.


Hey bud, let’s see what LJ has to say. Perhaps they are still hand picked, but also - perhaps the req’s have changed.


Yes, once in a while we select few Leaders from nominees that are suggested by Team OG. Key values are respectability and attitude…


Bwahahaha!! I guess that rules me out :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


You too eh?


Evil Smile


The reason for lowering (or more precisely capping) reading requirement was the site growth and the confusion that it constantly caused because of ever growing number.

I’m also trying to address the critique that the promotion requires only reading but not the on-site activity.

For promotion to regular (besides reading requirement that was lowered) you now also need during last 100 days to post in more topics, get more likes for your posts and also to like other’s posts than before.

I’ve gone through bunch of profiles to see how the fit they regular status and tried to guess / estimate new criteria for activity benchmarks. But I’m sure that those considered Regulars will easily fit in. I’ll try to reassess and fine-tune it after some time…


Thanks, LJ. You didn’t have to take your time to provide us a peek behind the curtain, especially to the degree that you did, but it’s greatly appreciated - and helpful. You, sir, rock! :metal:


Thanks very much @LemonadeJoe . It must be difficult deciding on the criteria for this. Especially with things evolving around here the way they are. It is really great to know you are listening to people and not only taking their concerns to heart but also addressing them. I for one really appreciate all your hard work as I am sure everyone else does.

On a separate note I was thinking about auctions. I wonder what people think about not allowing participation until you reach TL2. The reality is you only need to visit the site for 15 days to reach TL2 so it’s not a difficult status to achieve. Now of course the other side of that is auctions are to raise money so I can understand why you would not want to leave any bidders out. It’s just something I have pondered so I thought I would bring it up and see what people’s thoughts are on the subject? What do you all think?


I believe the auction holder is allowed to set the rules for people to play