Is there a way to subscribe to a user?

There are a number of folks on here who tend to post very interesting stuff, but sometimes, I miss new threads when they start them, and maybe never see them. I would like to know when they start a new thread.

Once I see a new thread, I can of course, change how I follow it if I want, but I dont want to miss any I might really like.

Is there a way to subscribe to a specific user so you get notices when they start a new thread?


Not that I am aware of.


This is not possible currently. There were multiple requests for this, so I think we should consider adding it to our road map.


As well as there being a way for a user to say they do not want to be tracked…


the best possible thing for that it to mute the user… however, there is no way currently for you to block a specific user from seeing your posts .

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Do we receive notifications on updates/posts to individually bookmarked threads? I’d think that could be more useful than tracking all posts specific to a user (though tracking a user’s posts for moderation purposes would make some sense, e.g. anti-V1ru5).


We do receive notifications for Watched threads.


Anyone can ‘track’ you now just by subscribing to one of your threads now.

Im not asking to track every single post - just when someone starts a new thread. Once you get that notice, you would have the option to subscribe to that new thread or not.

You have my vote :slight_smile:

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I know, I just have caution from being tracked between threads so someone could carry on a pointless harassment. Thankfully, that ceased.

I think, if possible, it would be good for the user themselves to have some control over whether they want subscribers or not.

In general, I like the idea, especially if is for new threads, not just all posts. There are certainly some users here that post things I consistently like and I would like to be able to know when they post something new.


Click on the user’s name. The right side button below their stats allows you to select “Topics”. This will give you a list of their topics and you can see if there are new ones. Not tracking exactly but few users have more that 10 topics total.

Edit: I do this whenever I read something particularly well written or well thought out. Also sometimes to see if someone is a nutcase or just stoned.


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