Which version of homepage do you like?

There are two completely different way to “discover” new topics. /latest topics and forum /categories

Latest is good for quick overview of updated topics. Forum categories is more old school and looks similar to original vBulletin homepage.

I’m still undecided which one to choose as a homepage. Currently it is set to /latest.

Which version do you prefer?

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###Latest Topics

###Forum categories

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Bump :slight_smile:

I know that our layout that is way different than other forums…

I’m sure that you agree that it is something you need to get used to.

Times changed… Your votes now? :ballot_box:

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I only use the mobile version :wink:


Damn near 50/50, looks like you could flip a coin. :grin:

Both look good I recommend you choosing one Joe, we will all still be happy with it!

Dual screen here during work time ^^

At the begin i was very disturbed by the mobile homepage, but with time i’ve learned to appreciate it. It’s like a real time newsfeed, you don’t need to really dedicate a time to F5 the new posts then digg them, like older formats.


Makes it nice for me. My forum uses the exact same software. I’m always on “Latest” post


BTW anyone can change their mind and change his vote also :slight_smile: Poll is not closed.

That is still higher than expected… Traditions are hard to overcome … We have to be progressive :slight_smile:

I’m still in favour of /latest because you can frequently check what is going on and be quickly updated to latest news… For frequent visitors it save one click because the feature to check “What’s new” is one click away through the OG logo. And frequent visitors I think are our most active and contributing members.


i’m on a few forums that use discourse or w/e i quite like it


Although i don’t want to add my vote i find maybe the categories list serves the whole board better than what’s new which in my own case comes with a bit of self-centered interest to it, just to check if i should login or not because of previous activity…

My 2¢.

Good day, have fun!! :peace:

Can you describe more what are you looking for?

Salutations LemonadeJoe,

Relatively to the main page after a login, before anything else i find important to verify that there are no pending discussion awaiting for more input, which would be a polite thing to do even if no further comment is actually expected. These days i don’t even distinguish between aliases very well, even less keep track as i once used to… The news generally attract my attention next, though sometimes i lack the energy to manage with those as the future is turning darker every day, at least in my province anyway. Next, since i’m aware the board must find ways to survive i’d think this is where i’d look for links to revenue-generating content, some contests perhaps, etc.

Considering it’s good netiquette to do some reading through a pre-existing data base i find the categorisation list may offer an “edge” because of it systematic variety, while a list of fresh-new posts is bound to output a lot of redundancy pointing at multiple replies to a very same thread/topic, which in turn would tend to flood content that would have been easier to find using the rationalized classification by categories. In other words categories are designed to avoid repeating related things, the other i believe would tend to focus on raging “hot” exchanges with more activity. So, briefly put that’s variety vs activity.

For a person requiring assistance on multiple subjects it seems to me that variety is the way to go, though if a member comes around for a sense of community then i’d say an activity listing shall work best for him. Hence my question: why not 2 columns, one on topics, another on people?..

Hoping this is not too inconvenient as a reflexion while i’m sure there are plenty of more pressing matters to address.

In any case congratulations for an environment that doesn’t feel too toxic like so many other boards around; this feature alone could be your most precious asset IMO!


Good day, have fun!! :peace:


It is thanks to people like you that we keep an atmosphere of understanding and neverending help to each other bro!

That’s a very nice thing to say!


Absolutely true. After login, there are features that can help you keep track of where you stopped reading.

First there is green circle with number of new replies on topics that you have started to read:

Second, there is orange line that marks what is new since last visit:

And most importantly, if you want to stay “synchronized” and updated with reactions to your topic there is Unread tab. That tab is filled only with topics that you started to read and they have new unread replies (no matter how old - these are not limited to last visit)


In case you are overhelmed with a lot of unread topics (as it happens after some time of long inactivity). You can dismiss and “reset” the counter so it clears your Unread tab using Dismiss… button on the right in Unread tab.

Even better is when you can take use of topic tracking modes. This takes monitoring of discussions to whole new level. You can get rid of topics that irritate you somehow and you don’t want to participate in by muting them. On the other side you can get more noisy profile notification with each new reply instead of just signaling new replies in the list.

  • Watching - You will be notified of every new post in the topic. The count of unread and new posts will also appear next to the topic’s listing.
  • Tracking - You will be notified only if someone mentions your @name or replies to your post. The count of unread and new posts will also appear next to the topic’s listing.
  • Regular - You will be notified only if someone mentions your @name or replies to your post.
  • Muted - You will never be notified of anything about this topic, and it will not appear on your unread tab.

That is true and I recommend you our very powerful fulltext search for this case. Usually trying few keywords yields some relevant topics in few seconds. Don’t be afraid to follow-up on long buried topic - it is usually better to keep topic relevant posts in one place.

I’m not quite sure which list of fresh-new post you mean because all “Discover” pages (/latest, /unread, /new) list only topics (not separate posts).

More importantly I see proper moderation as a key. Topics can easily go twisted and turn to other topics or they can morph into broader picture (which is ok when it is reflected in title)… This is more work for moderators, cause sometime it is seen as too harsh if you split the topic or insist on someone to stay on topic. It has to been done sensitively, but certainly it is needed and beneficial for organization and systematic order of the forum.

Thanks for your arguments, I’m always looking for ideas on areas to improve!

I’m trying to gather tips for using the forum in following topic:


Hi again LemonadeJoe,

Oh yes and i can only comment that OverGrow did indeed feel like a pleasant surprize while other boards try to exploit emotional attachment generated by controversy and whatnot. I’ve had my fears expressed once but now i must admit i’m positively reassured!

Thank you for all the explanations, it just confirmed there’s more to find and explore. :sunglasses:

Good day, have fun!! :peace:


Salutations MadScientist,

M’well i had to defend myself on occasions but it seems i don’t need to fear for my sense of serenity anymore!

The friendly statement above is perfectly mutual!

Good day, have fun!! :peace:


Putting my simple view out there. I like the Category View better.

Here’s why:
As a new user and/or grower the specific categories with a clear and concise description of what to expect in the particular category to view the content that they are most interested in i.e. general indoor growing and general outdoor growing. Same same but different :wink: Moving forward, the user is viewing threads relevant to there growing style or interests keeping information fresh while minimizing repeating threads because its not beat down by the whole forum.

But, as a frequent member I prefer the latest view, however it is there in the category view but shrunk to half the page (the only information you lose is the original poster and frequent posters.) I think I can get use to that if it helps direct new members to the categories and threads to their interests instead of creating a duplicates

Either way I’m happy, just my two cents :vulcan:

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If it ever is possible, upon reaching basic member there should be a setting to let the user decide which front page he/she is able to use.


From my experience with forums I’ve always been used to the forum topics style. Since joining og I’ve only been using the new topics and I’ve grown to be very fond of it.

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Why not include a « Wall of Shame », something tells me its going to be useful…

Good day, have fun!! :skull_crossbones: