ISO White Rhino or Crosses

Hey all,

I am trying to plan ahead for my winter photo grow and I have space for a few more plants.

White Rhino has always been that special strain for me. I know they are somewhat rare to come by nowadays and I know of a few really nice crosses out there so I figured I would see if anyone had anything close.

I have some autos I can trade but I am really just getting back to growing so in terms of my Photo trade list… It is limited. I do have some though and I would love to hear if anyone has anything remotely close to what I am after.

Any help is greatly appreciated as always.


Greenhouse seeds still carries White Rhino or are you just looking to trade with someone .

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I would be down to just buy them but I was having trouble finding any seedbanks that ship to the U.S. who has them in stock

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I did a quick search and there seems to be a few seed banks in the US and Canada that have them . I haven’t ordered from any of them so I cant recommend anyone . Sorry I cant be more helpful . :disappointed:

It’s still available.

It’s just called “Medicine Man” now.

Mr Nice Seeds carries it. Afghan x Widow.

They also refer to White Widow as “Black Widow” now.


No problem i appreciate it! I guess what I should have said was the seedbanks I have used did not have them.

I will have to look at some other banks it looks like.

Oh really?

So Medicine Man is nothing more than a name change? I had no idea.

I appreciate that a lot.


Same stock. Just renamed.

Mr. Nice auctions are the cheapest route and he usually sends like 15+ seeds as well.


Nice I did a little digging around and was able to find the auctions.

Looks like there are a few going currently. It says they ship internationally but it does not specify if they ship to the U.S. I am assuming they do but do you know by chance?

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Where’d ya find the auction?

It was kind of hard to navigate but I found them. Not sure if I can post links on here but here it is:

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I found it, many thanks anyhow.

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They ship to USA


I will have fresh seeds (Mr. Nice discount auction parents) in about two weeks (germ test could take two more). My male was small (good) and the female had some vitality. Pretty plant. She clones easily. No issues growing.

They were the ONLY WR to pop (out of the 20 old seeds) so I am informally calling it a B1 for genetic bottleneck.

If you are interested we can discuss in PM.

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She sounds lovely. I am trying to source these for a grow that I will be starting sometime late October so I still have lots of time.

I will shoot you a PM right now.

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Been growing White Rhino (MrNice > @almostdone) since December. Mr Nice calls her Medicine Man but I am not a fan of the new name.

Seed Mamma:

Seeds coming. Should be plenty.


Wow truly beautiful.

I can almost smell them just looking at these photos. Like I said, I have a special place in my heart for White Rhino. Truly one of those unforgettable smokes for me.

No pics but I have run the Mr Nice MedMan / White Rhino and it is potent, day wrecking smoke.
I’d also advise to go that route. I’ve saved $1000s over the years using the auctions.


I am so glad to have found out about the auctions from this thread.

And that is something that I recall vividly about the first time I ever tried WR. It was a high unlike any other I had or have experienced.

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MSNL has them: The price is right, 10 seeds for $27.50 usd + shipping. They aren’t a US bank, but they ship to the US.

I’ve ordered from them twice and was very satisfied. It takes 3-6 weeks to get them in hand, but they’ll get there. On my second order I ordered G13 Haze regs, and they sent me fems. They just asked for a pic of the packaging, and they sent me the regs.

There’s an MSNL thread in the Seedbank forum.

Good luck man. :vulcan_salute: