It was there when I got here, I swear

I don’t know anything about these. They just sort of showed up along a trail I walk on.
These are Long Bottom Fighter (Long bottom leaf by Mota Rebel x Starfighter) x Atonic. The bottom right plant of the first picture sticks out to me because the stem rub is pure menthol and fecal matter. Pretty weird. The other tall plant is unremarkable, kind of just a “vegetation” smell that is kind of muted when standing next to poopy pants. The short one I didn’t take any notes.

and these are GSC (forum cut) x Apollo 13 F4. Both these and the above are Bad Dawg testers. More notes to come on these.

Sorry for the hazy pics. I dropped my phone and broke the little glass piece in front of the camera so it just scatters light and won’t focus anymore. I am digging out my old digital camera to take some better shots when things get more interesting.


The LBF x Atonic are fighting some munching bugs. I haven’t figured out just what they are, but I know they disappeared when I treated the plant with cinnamon and cayenne pepper followed by Captain Jack’s Deadbug (spinosad) the next day. But seriously…the stem rub on this plant is poop. It’s menthol and poop. wtf.

A few more recent shots of the GSC x Apollo 13 F4. I’d like to be a lot more precise in my documentation but I’m trying very hard to not make a path to them. This means a whole lot of LITFA treatment and infrequent visitation.


Soil is 50% off-brand Promix, 40% local leaf mold/sandy loam from the forest floor, and 10% rotting compost scraps. The compost hadn’t quite had time to compost this year (new setup, new system, no bokashi like I need to be doing) so these plants will be eating banana peels and coffee grounds!

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Dis is Luna. She pretty.


Menthol & poop sounds bad, but I’ve smelled much worse terpene profiles coming from cannabis plants.
The smell will probably change as it grows and matures. At least let’s hope so… smells and flavors compliment each other, and in this case, that may be an unappealing flavor w/mint.

If the current menthol/poop terpene profile still exists come harvest time you could name that plant “Minty as Shit”.

Nice strain choices for growing outdoors. Plant fragrances during mid/late flowering could be fairly strong with those crosses. Keep a nose out for strong cannabis smells and address the situation if need be.

You’re off to a good start @Morbidly_OG.


I grew a Rhino Mints pheno this spring with clear smells of baby diaper. Multiple noses confirmed. @OleReynard said he had a fecal terp plant turn blueberry. Mine seems to have mostly faded. See if it comes back with the cure.