Kannabia MEGA Give-Away – Almost 30 prizes to be sent

Hi folks,

This time, we’re bringing something big to you (please, avoid easy jokes).

Our friends of Kannabia have provided us with goodies and freebies to share the love with the cannabis community.

Normally, we’re just raffling just few prizes. This time, we’re coming with 29 different ones.

For you, our friends of Overgrow, we’re giving away 2 prizes consisting of a 5-pack consisting of x3 Kritic Auto and x2 Lemon Haze Auto Seeds, and a 4-pack of Kiss Fem.

To qualify, leave a comment with your previous experiences with Kannabia or, if you don’t have any yet, let us know which strain do you prefer and why. We won’t count double-posting on this thread, but you can take part in other Socials or forums (the more you try, the more chances you get).

The winners will be announced on the 4th of August. We’ll post their names or nicks in our blog post and will send a DM/email to the winners. To ensure these people get the notification correctly, we will also add a comment in this thread mentioning them :wink:

Good luck,

Lui Gee


Hey y’all! Never tried kannabia but that lemon haze auto sounds great. I like those 3 words together. In it to win it.


Hello @The_Vault_Team ! For Kannabia, I’ll throw my hat in the rink as well.

Not cribbing your notes @Foreigner, but that lemon haze sure does sound tasty. I’d love to grow it if given the chance!

Thank you for your generosity, team!!

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Good luck to all

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I haven’t tried kannabia either, but I like trying new school autos. I’d gladly grow any of them.

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Never grown Kannabia seeds but can’t resist some Lemon Haze. Thanks for the opportunity.


Havnt tried any of them. But I’d like to

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have not yet tried there gear super lemon haze has interest, Again thanks to @The_Vault_Team !

I have no experience with kannabia but I would like to try the lemon haze auto

I’ve never tried Kannabia seeds but would like to give those kiss fem seeds a go, wouldn’t mind trying the kritic or lemon haze either

First time hearing about Kannabia, but Kiss army! I wanna rock and roll all night and party every day :metal:


I have never heard of y’all. Appreciate your kindness good luck to all. Would try to kiss some Cheese with Afghan should be a nice cross.

Did someone say Lemo Haze Auto? :yum:


haven’t tried em, but the Kritic Auto sounds good, dunno why ya’all stuck on the lemon :wink: lol

Same have not tried them but am definitely looking into autos would prefer the Kritic as it is something I’ve never heard of before or seen and that excites me best of luck to everyone


I’d like to try that lemon haze auto!

I’ve never had the honour to grow Kannabia seeds. Looking at your strains they all look to be pure fire but the lemon haze auto is calling for me to grow them! :lemon::fire: :seedling::smiley::+1:

That Lemon Haze sounds awesome, but who can refuse a sweet kiss!!??

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No prior experience with Kannabia, but I love auto’s so I would be interested in either the Kritic Auto or the Lemmon Haze Auto. Probably the haze slightly more as I think NLD auto’s will do better for me. But it seems they are a package deal so AUTO’s for me please!

Pick me @The_Vault_Team, I am The Chosen One (No.1 of 2).

Lemon haze auto , sounds tasty : )