Landrace Expansion & Trade

Hey all! I’m looking for a very northerly landrace, fast flowering and prefer indica but if you think it will work at 52n I’d love to hear from you! Or if you want a hardy seed strain tested hmm tortured outside hit me up I’d love to hear from you. I’m only interested in trades for photos or some super autos as I’m set for autos and have no cash to spend on websites unless its semi auto… Wild? I’m not sure

These are for outdoors.


Mmmm if you do a run I’d love some for the new landrace garden, trying to get back to the gold and Thais , have Durban on the way along with A golden tiger / Malawi , and a few ace Panama Red seeds and coming soon an MTF / Malawi that he said should finish outside in lower Michigan. Great thread sick of LL the tooty fruity and cookies and cake. My foundation is GG4 10 days left and they smell like a dead skunk in a pine tree splashed with diesel and hint of citrus, hoping the chocolate will come out.


The chocolate in what? GG4 is a cross between Chem’s Sister x Sour Dubb… there is no chocolate in this strain.


and x Chocolate diesel, it is a poly-hybred from clone. When i bend and work my tops the chocolate on the 28 day in flower plants is overwhelming and delicious.


Late X-mas present came in the mail. Old timer friend is having some surgery and doesn’t think he is gonna grow anymore. He was generous enough to send me some seeds to start the collection.

Bangi Haze regs - 6 st
Ace Panama red - 10 st
Moroccan Beldia Kif - 10 st
MTF - 50 st

Alaskan kush - 10 st
Black pearl - 10 st
MTF x G-13 x WW - 8 st

Will start slipping some in with the other 18 cuts of GG4. Think I’m gonna get 4 in flower every 3 weeks for a rotation.


If you can spare a few I would very much like to grow Panama Red. Check out my trade list and PM if you think it’s possible.


If you ever make more of those Moroccans, hit me up for some trades. I’m interested in those for sure.


Have to wait and see if the Reds pop, that’s the only one he said if it does to do seed run and kick some back to him for some friends. I’ll take a look at wishlist and see what I can do


I totally support a Panama Red seed run! I’ve been trying to land PR seeds or pollen (getting late) since midsummer.


I have ace panama red if you want some. Pollinated 4 gals with one male. There is a picture up above. Do you plan to make any beans with it? Just for smoke?


@Upstate- That would be awesome!
I am looking to cross it (BXish) with my CGxPR (Darién Gap). Strengthen the Panama side while keeping the genetics intact. I have a few flowering CGxPR females now and have thousands of S1s. Have you looked at my list? Take to PM?


I know cannabis genetics very well and you were gifted some extremely rare seeds in those Moroccan Beldia Kif… that’s a rare Moroccan landrace on the brink of extinction. Those have great worth and should be preserved for the future. That’s the same strain that Moroccan hash has been made with for decades!

The Bangi Haze (Congolese x Nepalese F8) is very stable and Panama Red is a 100% pure sativa w/red pistils.These are great sativas that should grown out and more seeds made.

Every strain on the list you have is a good one that most growers have probably heard of before, but most have never had the opportunity to purchase and grow.

I knew that @lefthandseeds would hit you up as soon as he saw the Moroccan Beldia Kif strain on there… and maybe even the Banging Haze. He knows what they are too!

Maybe grow some of your friends favorite weed for him to medicate with after his surgery.


:joy: yar, I have some Bangi Haze already, and one or two Moroccans – but not that one. I’ll get around to growing some one of these days, but for a similar cultivar, I’m going to spend some time with the lebanese first.


That particular Moroccan is not an easy strain to find.


The landrace team possibly has what it’s called one Puff. It is an Iranian sativa from the Southern Shores of the Caspian Sea at 37 degrees north latitude. They’re saying it is 10 to 12 weeks. I asked them if it came from this region and they didn’t really answer my question, they just gave me the flowering time. I do think it was a language barrier possibly. They are breaking up all of their Iranian accessions. You should look into that one puff. I don’t want to keep pestering them with questions. Maybe you could ask a couple and pin them down on whether or not this is the one I’m talking about. It’s from the mountains along the southern Shore of the Caspian.


Well I’m happy to report that I successfully received an order from RSC. I had to give it another go, because I really wanted to acquire their Congolese and some more Nanda Devi. I also got a very generous set of freebies – Rasoli and Kuamoni.

The Nanda Devi is interesting… These seeds are small in size. When I compare them to an older accession from RSC, the old ones are much larger (supposedly with poor germ rates).


The Nanda devi is a good one, yes.

Mango spicy smell and nice amount of resin in the buds. Clear, happy and calm sativa high.

The good thing with the North Indian is that you can start to chop some buds at say 9 weeks and then let the others mature as long as you want, I tried up to 12 weeks, it gives a stronger high more on the hash side.

I must say that the second generation seeds also had poor germ rates indoor. Their best germ rate was obtained in harsh condtions outdoor, they can wait more than 3 weeks to sprout and suddenly, you see them out of soil just when you had forgotten them.

The Kumaoni is also a great one. Very strong citrus / lime smell . More energetic high than the Nanda devi one.


Snagged a pack of these yesterday. Ill f2 em someday here haha


Sure like the description on that. Irie Mon.


From the pictures, that one looks crazy to attempt indoors. Is it as lanky and wild as it looks in the pictures?

Nice! Wheretf did you find those?? Sounds amazing. Jamaican is very memorable ganja for me.