Late season outdoor seed pop?

So I have this ridiculous seed list from being a member here, and it’s like having $10 in my pocket as a 10 year old in a candy store- its burning a hole! I want to see some more of these genetics in action!

So just daydreaming my next run indoors, but also looking at popping a handful and doing a small outdoor run hidden in/next to my veggie garden.

If I pop my seeds now outdoors, will they start flowering right away? Whats my major drawback from starting now or in a week or 2? Smaller plants than if I started earlier? If thats it I think some seeds will be getting wet today.


If they are regular seeds, they are not going to be flowering right away. There are a few outdoor grow journals you can see how things progress there. I dropped my seeds in starter pods 31 days ago. Some are just starting to show the sex. I am very new to this, I am doing my first grow now, patience is an absolute must. There are plenty of more people out here with tons or experience to give you more answers. Here is a few pictures of how they look now


Hey @Old-Ron, I was actually just looking at your thread and almost posted my q in there! Your grow is looking good!

So youre just seeing pre flowers right now in order to sex your plants theyre not actually starting to flower?

If it matters, I’m at 41.5 N. Not sure when the night is long enough to start triggering flowering but w the solstice a week behind us it seems like sometime in Aug is when to expect flowering to really kick in? I think I’m gonna have to pick a couple strains to pop this weekend.

@Tappy any experience w those JOTI strains outside? I’m eyeing up that cross you just sent out…


That JOTI cross was actually the first time I’ve ever grown his gear. His website says both strains finish in 55’ish days…so it’s a fast finisher…should be good for colder climates or locations that see moisture late in the season, as the plants should be close to finishing earlier than most.

I should say that the reason mine went so long is because I was waiting for all seeds to be fully mature. They were pretty well dead in their pots when chop time came.


Nice I was just thinking about dropping some beans in the soilless

but I will have to wait a week or two as I have other fish to fry

but I have 3 different UBC chemos I would love to work with

and a sweet island skunk

but I will move them inside in the fall to work with inside

all the best and thanks for sharing



Yes Newb2.0, it is the preflowers that I am seeing. I was fortunate to spot another one this afternoon. I have a few seeds coming on Monday. I will probably drop a couple immediately and see if I can get one more in. Fingers crossed.

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I popped 13 seeds July 1 last year and got 6 females and a lb or two.

It’s always a good time to pop more seeds!