LED 2x 720 ROI Growers Choice

I thought I would share my legal grow for some of you who have been considering using LED lighting
The garden utilizes two 720 Growers Choice lights over two 5x4.5 trellises there are two plants under each light, each plant in a 5 gallon grow bag. One side is Dosido, the other is Lazy Eye ((west coast dog x abusive og) x abusive og)
The pictures are from the first day they were put under the trellis and flipped to 12/12after 5 weeks of veg time. Then the first week of 12/12
I’m using H&G nutrients and CO2, I just got the CO2 set up at the end of the first week of 12/12.
There is a 24,000 BTU Heat Pump for climate control, for now the plants are being hand fed but soon I will automate that part.
The lights are being “overdriven” @ 115% and I’m using a master controller, one of the great things about using LED is the amount of control you have with them. You can lower or raise the power from 25% to 115% you have them come on slowly and build up just like the sun does in the morning then the opposite at night, they also have sensors which can dim or even shut them down if the temps exceed a preset limit (you determine what that is) the lights don’t run hot like a LED (especially a DE ) and since they are 46”x44” the coverage is excellent over a 5x5 space
All factors (light, CO2, temp, PH, RH) are being monitored and managed through various equipment
I’ll add progress each week if you would like to follow along


Here is the same room 1 week in 12/12 I set up the CO2 yesterday can’t wait to see the difference is makes, without it the garden average 350-500PPM I set the controller at 1400PPM


Nice setup. :sunglasses: :+1:

I’ll tag along to see how it goes.



Plants look nice and healthy. I have been looking for a light to replace my 1000 watt hps and this is one of the lights i have been looking at. Will be tagging along, thanks for sharing. :+1::dash::dash::dash::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Gonna be one heck of a show, I’m glad I got here early for a good seat! :grinning::+1:


I have a decent connection if your serious I think I paid 750 each for these


Wow thats a really good price. I saw them at ledlightdepot for $950. At $750 it brings it much closer to a dollar a watt like the groplanner and volt lights that i have been looking at also. It will be a couple of weeks before i will be ready to buy but i will holler when i am and see if the great price is still available. Thanks and good luck with your grow.


The controllers, one for the lights the other controls the CO2 and the RH, that last one just documents everything, I find this invaluable for a successful grow, you can view in the last minute, last hour, last day, and last week, monitors CO2, RH, Temps the highest/lowest and average of each.
The A/C (Heat Pump) manages the temps and RH although I do have a dehumidifier it almost never turns on.


I was litterally just looking into these lights lol hearing about the for the 1st time. How long have you had them for is growers choice reliable?

They seem to be Ive only been running them for about two months now though

I went back and looked at my invoice and I’m sorry I misquoted the price, I paid 899 each for them still much less than other places but not what I had said, I’m sorry for the confusion

the only real review i could find on these lights was a guy complaining thats all that has me worried lol but a local hydro store sells them and thats normally a good sign.

Check this out:

I was looking at growers choice but I want with grow light science 300s.

im also considering Phantom PhotoBio


Regardless of what you purchase I hope you enjoy it as much as I’m loving mine. I threw in 1500 and re outfitted my room

We are now entering week 3 of 12/12 actually one day shy it’s Friday that it’s two weeks but close enough
I’m feeding about 3/4 of a gallon per plant each day, just as the lights come on, I am also removing lots of fan leaves daily, trying to keep each top exposed to light.
The CO2 seems to have really accelerated the growth, they also seem to be maturing faster, I’m not sure if that’s the LED’s or the combination of them and the CO2


Those are looking great. Look like they are about to takeoff. :+1:


Well here we are entering week 4 at 21 days, again I really think the plants look like they are more mature than when I was using HID lights.
This week I shaved the girls legs (cleaned up everything under the trellis to concentrate growth where it matters, the flowering tips)
I had to reduce the CO2 at 1100 ppm it was making the plants droopy, so now it’s running at 650 ppm
I’m feeding right around 975 ppm using
H&G A&B cocos, Multi Zen, Amino Treatment, Algen Extract, and Nitrogen Boost.


I ended up buying one of these lights after seeing yours! It’s not in use yet but its impressive to say the least lol :sunny: :sunglasses: