Back from the abyss to find more lightning - cannabiogen durban x bodhi's jungle spice

I’m guessing most of us have been in and out of some form of abyss in the last two years.

It’s been way too long since I’ve had the gumption to go after another grow, I missed putting my grows up and getting to write a bit.

Here’s my last run from around 8 months ago.

I’ve been gifted a cross @lefthandseeds made of CannaBiogen Durban and Bodhi’s Jungle Spice. I haven’t grown JS yet but I’ve sampled a lot of it, I’m excited to see what this grow does - the durban is absolutely wild with long spindly strings of bracts, and the JS is bringing in Bodhi’s god mode G13 x Congo.

It should make for a really interesting sativa dominant hybrid, so I’m pretty stoked! The plants were in veg for way longer than I intended, probably 4 weeks, and sent some roots the likes of which I’ve never seen in any veg.

Moved 8/12 to flower today, just had to pick and ditch the rest due to their huge roots. I’m working on a system to be able to run them all until sex so I can move plants accordingly, next grow!

Here’s a pic towards end of veg, and how gnar the roots got - transplanting was a massive pain.

So satisfying getting moved into flower!

:peace: for Ukraine, and you OG.


I’m flowering a CBG Durban right now, very excited to see how it does in a cross! I’ll be watching. :seedling:


Hey 8K! glad you are back with us. :+1:

A lot of us have been struggling…
Some days it feels like I’m dragging a 100Lb anchor behind me…
…I’m sooo looking forward to spring…



That root porn is XXX for sure!
I’ll be one more hand on the rope if you start slipping back into the chasm; I only just climbed out myself, and it feels like I’m still walking close to the edge.
I bless this grow (and this grower) with the headiest of Heady Bear vibes!


I feel you on the abyss! Nice to see you back at it! Those roots are unreal! Very nice! I’m down to watch the show. Get ‘em!


Great to see you back @8k_feet :grinning:

I feel you (4) (3)

I’m still spinning, lol, trying to find my way out. (5)


Flower Day 6

Not much to report!

We’re in for a long haul here, @lefthandseeds has stated these strains run on the order of 10+ weeks (JS) and 16+ weeks (CBG durb), so we “might” average out around 12-13.

Everyone seems to have gotten over transplant shock, and if they’re sexing (don’t think they are) I might have 7 females and 1 possible male.

Lights are hot, my basement hangs around 50F and the tent is over 70! I’m adding RH via my bucket setup, and it’s around 50 which is great.

Right side of the tent is fantastic :ok_hand:

Left hand side has some serious wonk going on, but everyone’s healthy.


Flower Day 11

What a difference a few days makes in growth after the plants stabilized from transplant.

I’m running a fully recirculating ebb and flow system, using Jack’s 321, and my EC and PH keep swinging by .5 EC and up ~1 entire PH point every 6 days, yikes!

I have an automatic PH adjustment system I need to install, but I’m kind of mystified how my nutrient concentration would be going up every 5 days. The plants have drank around 12 gallons of nutrient mix since I transplanted them, so I’d think it would go down as they consume, very odd.

So far I have 5 girls, 1 probable male, and 2 who aren’t showing sex yet but seem female.

:peace_symbol: my friends!


Outta likes right now :heart: but looking great @8k_feet!! :smiley: I still have to double check the thread to make sure I’m not in one of Lefty’s :joy: haha, pretty crazy how identical your setups are.

:thinking: I grow organic in soil so I’m pretty much no help here :sweat_smile: but it seems like they’re just sucking up a ton of water and not as much nutrients. It’s the only thing I can think of that would make the EC go up like that, it’s getting concentrated by the amount of straight water the plants are drinking.

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Thanks for the kind words, OT!

@lefthandseeds had it pretty well figured out, and imitation is the highest form of flattery. :slight_smile:

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Flower Day 20


Things are running smoothly. Tent is ideal - 78F 50% RH. I’ve got them down at 1.7EC and they seem pretty happy.

7 females, and 1 male that was culled, pretty sweet luck because this is just a trial run of this cross. If the smoke tests pass I’ll do a male chase later, possibly. Too much in the seed vault.

Some really interesting phenotypes are showing themselves.

Partial shot of how crowded the right side of the tent is already getting. This is after I did a heavy defoliation a few days ago, they’ve just exploded.

Two are very tall with classic narrow leaves, probably CBG Durban leaners, I had the same branching structure last time I ran Durban.

This guy is gonna take over the tent, already over 4’ at 20 days.

The other tall durban leaner - experiencing some soft stem at the top, I lowered my EC concentration after seeing this via @lefthandseeds advice.

Two very short phenotypes - these are probably majority G13, they just scream afghan with tons of leaf matter and very tight internodes.

The last three plants are just medium - they seem to be a very nice hybrid of everything while retaining narrow leaf drug characteristics. Should be cool!

Peace be with you my friends.


Just finished growing Durban poison
Jorge’s diamonds/Durban poision

Made some seeds as well Durban poision and Jorge’s diamonds/Durban poision/Durban poison


Beautiful :heart_eyes: and I am just glad that I have seen some great DP and outta curiosity how big will she get or stretch

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Flower Day 28

Good things goin on in here. Quite a jungle, need to do another defoliation. The tallest plant is around 6’ now.

EC swings have slowed down a lot as the plants start to uptake more nutrients along with their water. For the first time I’m going to have to amend with nutrients on next refill.

I added a baox clone @lefthandseeds handed over, first time running a pure CBD plant. It looks happy amongst the others.

Tallest durban dominant plant (first pic) has a really sweet symmetrical node structure, I just doubt it’ll be able to hold the weight up as flowers come in.


Flower Day 36

Some serious sativa stuff happening - two of the very immature plants are shooting towards 8’ and haven’t even started pushing out flowers like the other plants. I already supercropped one about 14" down its stalk. These plants also have these wild “bent” node points you can see in the pics with purple stems. Never seen anything like it, possible mutation?

Otherwise, tent is very crowded, but I think they’re done putting on height (except the two crazies).

Some awesome flower development and node layouts on every other plant, pretty excited to see how things turn out.

Tiny plant is the BaOX clone, thriving in the big tent, completely overshadowed by all the 6’+ giants.


Flower Day 47

Hope everyone’s keeping their heads above water.

Everything seems to be pretty smooth.

A few days ago I supercropped the two weirdest giant sativas and one still hit the lights again. I’m maxed out on tent height of just under 9’ now.

The major problem I have is crowding, there’s a lot of lower mass that is getting barely any light, but I don’t really mind popcorn. I should most likely do another defoliation since these only seem to be half done, but it’s now a serious task to get into the tent.



Flower Day 62

Chaos, see its embodiment in my tent.

Overall everything’s ok, a couple plants are starting to throw orange pistils. I’ve seen some really odd regrowth like branching on top of some colas. My lights might be a little hot but it’s also plant dependent, so I don’t really care. It’s visible in a couple of the pics.

The big freaky pure sativas are stretching across the entire tent. That mess of a top in a pic below is one plant. They will probably go 20+ weeks.

I’ve continued to experience some serious PH/EC swing issues, they’re drinking a ton constantly so my tank is pretty much always out of whack. I have this PH dosing setup sitting in a box, just need to get time to install it, that will totally turbocharge the grows when they’re consistently in PH range.


:v: OG!


Flower Day 78

Probably a week or two away from :axe: on 5/8 plants. Trichomes are probably 30-40% cloudy.

That leaves 2 freak pure sativas that will probably go 100+ days, and the BaOX clone that’s still pretty young.

Amazing terpenes popping up. A TON of lemon/limonene across plants, my personal favorite.

Most plants can’t hold their weight anymore, in general. Could be me, could be the genetics, I’m not sure yet. Tent has been really hot and humid, plus I’ve experienced EC swings.

:v: OG!


You fucken druggo


Do you have an airstone in your reservoir?