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Thought I should start a thread to contribute more to the community I have grown to love! Little background to start. I first started ‘growing’ bagseeds in the late 90s as a teenager. Had NO clue as to what I was doing and basically grew trash. Then life events happened and decided to become a junky for a decade plus. When trying to get clean I found my calling in the garden to keep my mind occupied. So I replaced one addiction with another. My new addiction… ORCHIDS. I started buying orchids to Keep around the house during bloom. When they would finish bloom, I would take them to my mothers or sisters house and start planting in trees. Found some sort of inner peace in the process. I ended up going to a local orchid greenhouse and was talking with the owner and asked about breeding orchids. Her response to me was ‘you can’t’. When asked why, I got some bullshit attitude and a response of ‘you don’t have a lab/ sterile environment so it is impossible’. Cool story bitch, game on. Started breeding and flashing orchids in an aquarium with a piece of plexi glass and some elbow length gloves.

Around 2016, I started looking into forums. Started learning massive amounts from other members and decided to give cannabis a run again. Organically grown anything has always be something i strive prefer over synthetic anything. No hate/ or disrespect to any synthetic or hydro growers as I have seen the undeniable quality results.

I TRY to maintain 2 principles in life, you do you and I’ll do me and secondly each one teach one.

Now for the method. I use an amended soil mix (water only) and veg under a superNova Led light. Once plants get big enough to flip I usually flower outdoors. In the past I have run a 315 cmh however at the moment I am lacking the space to flower indoors.

Currently I have one LVTK (CannaVenture) out for flower. Along with a DarkHelmet (oceangrown) with an unknown to myself pollen donor. The DH got smashed outdoors and the plant is an absolute embarrassment so I won’t be posting pics of her!

In veg I have a second LVTK along with an LA Affie also CV. I also am vegging 2 of my own crosses Lost ship (Death Star x Scott’s OG) x (ELL x Pink Bazooka). Also in veg are 4 Reiko (lowryder x the devil) and just into water last night are 3 CS (DP x SLS). Exciting times ahead.

Without further ado here are a couple pics of LVTK 1 at +/- 3 weeks

Just a quick edit: I must admit I also ‘tea’ occasionally as well as foliar calcium right around the time of flipping the plants. I’m preparing now to grow a few trees in ‘19 as well as perhaps a small guerilla grow next spring/ summer also.


ooooooooo :popcorn: I want a front seat


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@Badfishy1, you had me at “breeding orchids”. Seriously, cannabis is like dandelions in comparison



Thanks for sharing your story! Plant looks great! Looking forward to seeing your grows!


Agree fully! Unfortunately hell hath no fury and I lost over 20 flasks of orchids from 1 month- 1 year old. Probably better off if honest. The orchid obsession was life consuming especially the week before during and after flasking.


Thanks for all the support. Will be the first to admit there are people with far more time knowledge money and skill to put forward, and this is a hobby to me. However, I will put all I can forward and do my best!


We’ll be here to help fill in the gaps :smile:


That’s some healthy looking girls there mate, i’m keen to watch them grow.


Great story! I’m loving orchids, especially the rare ones tough to cultivate in our conditions…! My hat off to the growers who can do it!


Have you grown Vanilla? I’ve been tempted, but have yet to attempt it.


Absolutely! One of my favorites! I have at least 2 maybe 3 at my in laws. Beautiful when she flowers, only open for 6 hours before dying off. Only 2 places in the world are home to the only bee that pollinates them naturally. Therefore Hand pollination is required to makes the seed pods or vanilla beans. That combined with a long cure process is reason vanilla extract is so expensive :slight_smile:


Some darn healthy looking girls ya have going on there @Badfishy1! Can’t wait to see more pics!


As far as keeping them alive, that’s ALL environment! And breeding is all meticulous attention to sterilie and patience. I know of a lady selling her collection valued at over $2m due to all her rare plants from the 60’s and 70’s.


Thank you sir. Will take more as everything progresses






Number 1


Anybody have an experience w Epsom salt foliar spray? First question is at what ratio to apply it. Secondly, I’m sure ‘pure’ Epsom is the best. However atm only have Epsom W coconut and sunflower seed oil. Anybody think of any negative/ adverse issues this would cause?

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Sad day in the fish house. Had to put down 2 @ReikoX lr x the devil makes… leaves me with 2 still yet unconfirmed