Little Grow 2020

Not a Diary
I am New here
Just to share a bit

Snow Lotus f1 X Rosetta Stone f2

Purple Kush X Purps

AK47 X G13 / Drizella

HuckleBerry Destar f2


Looking good :+1:


Thanks Shadey
I will try to update weekly
I have each strain potted in trio
And some More to Come
60 plants approx.
All have been topped at 2 or 3 nodes
So far so good

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60 plants, thats a lot of watering, glad its not me lol.

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BC RKS x (DeepChunk x Hashplant)

GreenManalishi x Rosetta Stone

(AK47 xG13) x Drizella

HuckleBerry Destar f2


Are the nice new looking pots that have 3 plants in 10gal, and why 3 to a pot, they are going to get pretty crowded :thinking:

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Looks like a fabric pot, they may grow through it into the ground.


Yo Shadey They are 70 liters fabric pots with 3 years re-used soil
3 plants to a pot cause all my seeds are regular,
I’m waiting for males if i got some ultimate dad
I Can easily take it to another pot for some pollen
The other reason is i don’t want to Grow Giants plants but with this kind of pots i don’t know if They will stay a medium size

@ Bob this is the main idea


Final destination for HuckleBerry Destar
10 gallon Smart Pot

Veggie Greenhouzzzz


Dig the greenhouse and hoophouse envious sir plants look good godspeed and grow on


Well its my first topic here but it could be a good one…
8 years ago got 5 freebees labelled:
““Rosetta Stone f2 with courtesy of Magilla””
I did some search about the origin of this seeds but found nothing.
In November 2018 i started a little Grow Diary of this seeds on another forum.
Then a Well known Guy from the forum shoot me a PM:

““What you have there is the original Rosetta Stone ancient batch of seeds by bros grimm. Not the new crap they released as Rosetta. The ginger ale comes directly from the mother which was called Cafe Girl. Cafe Girl is the sister of grimms famous princess and genius plants that were used to create C99 Apollo 11 and 13 and so forth. These are truly gems and are a real treasure…””"

After i have sawn them ,Got one descent female smell like passion fruit and olskool afghan hash
and one male who smell like intense Ginger…
so the F3 project started.

In the beginnig of Spring 2019 i put the mom outdoor and made several cuts But i had some life issues and stop the Grow…

Fortunately i have collect enought pollen for thousand of seeds and gave a fem cut to a Friend who Kept it for 1 year.
2 weeks ago my friend gave me the one year cut who suffer a lot from stress, its on good way now.
At once i have made some New fresh cuts
and Bim ROOOTS!!!

It means The f3 project continues…


Sounds like a great strain, I love ginger ale, I hope you get some good seeds from the pollination, to find that perfect example of the strain, good luck.

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Hello OGer’zzz
Weekly Update

Purple Kush x Purps

SnowLotus x Rosetta Stone

(AK47 x G13) x Drizella

Green Manalishi x Rosetta Stone

HuckleBerry Destar

EarlyQueen x (BC RKS x DeepChunk) x HP

(AK47 x G13) x Rosetta Stone


Very happy looking plants :+1:


Thanks you Shadey


Those all look like they are doing very nicely whats climate like?


@Pawsfodocaws Oceanic climate lat° 48