Looking for Romulan will trade a few packs and add in some auto’s

The research i did next generation was the only holding, I believe it was an f3 and h e was only letting a cross of it out.
Lots of people claim they do but be checking pedigree damn good.

Romulan Joe’s family is not letting it out either.

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I too have been on this hunt for a while and I actually live where Romulan was originally bred and released to the public. This was one of the first medical strains that I was willing to pay for at a medical dispensary nearly a decade ago now, I have been searching for cuts or seeds ever since. I eventually slowed on my quest and started exploring other things but I am back on the hunt again locally where is all started in hopes of getting something that has NOT been molested and passed around as I have seen an even been sold/smoked romulan-esque strains that doesn’t even resemble the original strain, from the original breeder in my home town. It sort of reminds me of euro-knockoffs of the strains you grew up with and when you finally get it in your hands it unlike anything you remembered…

Reading the descriptions on many of the links above solidifies the fact that these are not the real McCoy. Romulan was first developed at the University of Victoria BC Canada by a known local botanist for the express purposes of medical treatments. I used to get my scripts filled by the lab that developed it when I first got medical clearance in Canada ( I was one of the first 40k people ever issued legal medical cannabis in Canada). I will have to dig through old paperwork to get more info but good luck in the search! I know of a few local commercials still running Rom, I highly doubt there is a way to get that but gives me hope that somewhere the OG Romulan is here still somewhere.

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@TerpSneeze, sir gotta ask what year those university cats in BC supposedly did that, because from my personal experience, Romulan originally came out of the Utah desert, through Aspen CO to San Antonio, TX where it got stabilized over 2 years through a massive grow, clone effort from 1987-1989. It then went north to Canada with the Hell’s Angels when the Angels broke into the Canadian weed trade. This was at least a decade before legal weed or medicinal weed or Marc Emery was around in Canada. The only reason I ever mention the British Canadian Growers Association is because they had the last valid cut that was accessible here on original OG. But I doubt any story of university or medicinal kindness-- Romulan got its name from the star trek fan in Texas that brought the seeds from Utah and grew it out over two years in the late 80’s. Just my 2 cents, but what I claim I saw first hand.


Totally fair and totally new information to me my friend… As I mentioned I will have to do some digging to provide you anything further than I already have specifically.

This is the age old battle of cultivars and where it originates is anyone’s guess really. I have no stake in the game, all I can provide is from my own personal experience and what was relayed to me as I was not involved in any respect in the development or breeding of Romulan nor was anyone I knew. I can say that the policies surrounding access to cannabis at a time where most of the world considered it as a controlled substance were very strict and thus required federally approved vendors, some of the qualifiers of which required scientifically proven methodologies at a time where very few had even been able to study cannabis legally let alone scientifically which provided my connection to Romulan.

My first experiences with Romulan would be around 20 years or so after your dates there, somewhere in the late 90s early 2000s. I gained access to medical cannabis in 2001 and connected with a dispensary that was solely supplied by said seemingly clandestine lab and had retained this lineage of the strain Romulan that I was consuming since the 80s.

Obviously, I was not around to see the truth behind these words (coming into that situation some 20 years later) and can’t say that this is or isn’t the lineage of the medicinal strain that I was consuming with certainty as I wasn’t the one growing or tending to it. I could very well be misinformed and by no means saying what either of us is saying is correct as you said it is merely hearsay at this point.

I would love to know more if anyone has any information about Romulan your personal experiences or otherwise. I don’t want to be the purveyor or misinformation and I will happily duck out of this conversation to seek more clarity. I have been having similar conversations about numerous other cultivars over the past few decades that I have been involved in Cannabis in Canada.

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Just food for thought, I quickly looked at the backstory that some of the vendors of Romulan to this day state on their websites as a back lineage varies greatly…NOT that any of these sources supersedes your personal experience/memory however this is what I was moreso speaking to. It has been widely disseminated that the origins of Romulan was set in the pacific northwest in some cases as far back as the 50s…

“Romulan is a legend in BC and the Pacific North-West. It was originally bred and grown in the Victoria, BC area. Now it is a favorite for medical clubs all over North America. There are qualities of this strain that are sedative and very helpful with patients that have pain from nerve and muscle damage, also useful in treating seizures. The quality of the buds are second to none and it’s our #1 recommended strain for medicinal users.” -Next Generations Seeds

“Mostly indica. The one and only true Romulan. Now on its 7th Generation backcross, this BC original has increased in size and vigor. 99% Indica, she grows a jade green with a peppery smell and very strong pungent flavor. Vegged for 1 week in sea of green she’ll yield 1 oz per plant. As seen in the July/Aug 98 issue of Cannabis Culture.” -Federation Seed Co via seedfinder

"Romulan History

Geographic Origin: Pacific Northwest

Story: This strain started out in the PNW as a Korean sourced Thai, grown by Veterans of the Korean War in the 1950’s. Over time, they developed a loose growers collective made up of close friends, who were also veterans and motorcycle club members. These growers stretched in location from Canada to Southern California. During a 30 year time span, they slowly introduced several strains in their attempts to make the plant easier to grow. Each time they bred their worked Thai line with a new strain, they worked those resulting plants for many years before introducing/breeding in a new strain. The first was Mexican sativa, and that result was eventually bred with a Colombian sometime in the late 1970’s. They eventually crossed it with an Afghani indica, but did not like the results so they back-crossed those results with the Colombian strain. The final result, they deemed complete, and over the years it became known as Romulan." -Dark Heart Nursery

“Romulan, naturally, gets its name from the hostile alien race in Star Trek. It’s a fitting history, as outer space is the perfect backdrop for this indica strain out of British Columbia. Topping out at 20-24% THC, Romulan is quite potent. It’s almost pure indica with a small amount of the sativa-dominant White Rhino hybrid, but its full origins are a mystery. Romulan has a sweet earthy smell and taste, with hints of pine and citrus…” - Allbud.com

"Federation purchased Romulan as a complete strain in 1996in an attempt to rescue it from extinction. In the 1970s, this variety was brought from California to British Columbia by a Vietnam veteran, where it was grown on Vancouver Island. This variety was nicknamed Romulan after people joked that the high “could dent your head,” producing ridges like those of Star Trek’s warrior-like race with the same name.

Federation acquired Romulan in the form of clones, so she was entirely female. After crossing it with a Cannabis Cup prize winner, a White Rhino male, breeders ar Federation backcrossed 11 times to stabilize the variety at a 97 percent pure Romulan hybrid. Selections at each backcross favored the biggest, most robust plants over the fastest, although the finishing time remains around a very acceptable 8 weeks. Romulan seeds are now homogenous and have improved robustness and yield as a result." -Federation Seed Co via kindgreenbuds.com

“Romulan is an indica strain , this strain’s only known parent is South American Indica. It originates from: Canada. It may taste piney, sweet, earthy, pungent, and citrus…” - cannafo.com

"The Lineage of Romulan

The indica dominant hybrid strain we know now was specifically backcrossed seven times by the Canadian seed bank, Federation Seed Company. The seed bank bought the completed mystery strain in the 1990s in an attempt to breed Romulan clones from extinction. The female product was then crossed with White Rhino and back-crossed until only 3 percent of White Rhino remained." -leafbuyer.com


Ak beans grows nice plants I’ve been following him on Twitter ,seems to grow all he old school strains


@TerpSneeze @NonSequitor thanks for the read. Origin stories of strains are always interesting. @BirD I hope you find what you need. There’s this guy @Hoppy on here and he used Romulan to make a hybrid of his own. Maybe he still has some. Here is the link to his thread.


I’m drawn to the older lines, but hearing his interview on The Pot Cast made me really interested in his work. I’ve picked up a few of his strains and am about to harvest his cross of GG4 x Black Domina. The flowers are so sticky and smell like an intoxicating floral perfume!

I posted earlier about JBC Seeds having a sale… They have updated their freebies and you can now select a half pack of Romulan when you buy any AKBB strain!


I have 5 Island Sweet Skunk that are growing (just popped) old Federation stuff

looking for MIKADO and Purple Pineberry

to make some beans



I reached out to akbeanbrains and he was super kind and is sending me out some Romulan f 2’s and f 3’s to hunt

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cant speak for the validity %, just something I had seen


Yeah I’m running a bunch of his rom S1s, and got some regs too.

I ran out his collaboration of The White x Romulan and it was serious kick ass old school stuff!


Great to hear! I also have seeds from his cross of Romulan and Grape Pie to plant someday.


That’s my “Old School Dank” (The White x Romulan)… Heavy indica stone with a clear mind. Nice buzz. Very medicinal! Old school kush/piffy terps with a slight fuel back. (that’s why I ended up grabbing a few Romulan packs from Rom.)

Rom Grape Pie… that’s sound delightful! :ok_hand:


Looks great

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Should be fun to look for some great medicine


I have to try more of pyramids gear. I was gifted some of their tutankhamon and it was just like the old more sativa dominant Ak47 but way stronger and higher yielding.

Think I’m going to order a pack. Thanks for posting the link.


Romulan pollen,sprayed a female plant with CS spray crossed it with purple urkle to make my lockdown strain,I used to work security in a pot club when they first became legal in California,one of the vendors gave me the seeds,ive had these seeds a long time ,I only have a few left of each,I’m going to keep