MadScientist's Shroom Magical Fantasy 🍄

I usually grow Golden Teachers because I love the giggles and strong closed eye visuals. But trying to grow some PE’s also, this round. The GT’s are starting to colonize after a week but nothing happening in the PE jars. Do they take longer to start colonizing?


Bit blurry but a little sneaky peek at what i got going in a seedling propagator.

And yeah @MG_Canna leave em alone for a month after injecting is what i do, check your temps though.


Get to it! Lol

Forever and a day later


Is this your first grow, a year two years later (?!) Good luck! Sterility is everything, but its an addictive hobby for sure, I have some BRF cakes ready to spawn in the next couple days


is this what the finished brown rice flour will look like when the substrate is prepared correctly?
finally got all my materials together including a spore print, brown rice flour, and my sister has a pressure cooker for the sterilization steps.


Freshcap Mushrooms on YT recently uploaded a great PF Tek tutorial part 1 - part 2


Better late than never, it’s what they say… LOL

So you guys use BRF cakes or grain?

I already saw, cool! BRF cakes for now… Later on, will do hanging bags!


I use both… cakes are easier to fruit and learn with, grains and seeds are good when you get your footing and want to go bigger


I wanna do an edibles or gourmet mushrooms co. if you will, down here…

Got me the spores coming, black and white truffles, black morsels, chicken of the woods, pink oysters and some others…

Gonna make it a trade-worth skill in the future to come…

That and a little quail farm.

Plus the weed, OFC.


BRF is good to start with and learn the process but almost everyone who gets more into the hobby will eventually move to grain. Grain is great but its definitely a bit more challenging and unforgiving than BRF because of endospores that live in the grain, requires a pressure cooker (BRF can get away with just a boiling pot) and clean spore syringes – or other methods like agar or liquid cultures (to ensure no contams). I post a bit about my agar work in my thread.

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Great thread @MadScientist !
I’ve been doing some research regarding mushies, and will sooner or later give it a try!

Have anyone had any experienec wit theese guys?


I am gonna do a couple runs with the BRF cakes, BUT will move to straw or wood chips in the near future, only trying to get a good sense of the process, but i will post my pictures when i am flushing my 2 kilo hen of the woods out the hanging bags…

Getting me some petri dishes in order to inoculate the best looking strains and try to cleanthem to have uniformity in the garden, got an old fridge i have to put gas in, and voila!

Pressure cooker is the only thing missing, but the stores are closed… HAHAHAHA

There will be a lot more material for you to look at when you decide to jump in…

I will be making spores to sell as well, prints…

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Wait- screw the cubes. You’re able to do hen of the woods? (Just opened the last post will catch up in a bit on this thread!)


I have seen them in the wild, but it was a bit of a hyperbolic statement.


I love finding hen of the woods, you growing them?

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I am getting the spores in the mail, when and if i get them i will post pics. But here they are…


Bought them from ebay to a guy in Lituania, hopefully the mycelium will still be workable, planning on inoculating and use of the cakes to propagate in to bags and from those bags into big bags, might user either hay, corn, wood chips or coco coir… I have seen people do it like that.

Bought this just now, to use as the “autoclave”, and also some plastic petri dishes 90mm in order to clone the best specimens and so forth…

Getting ready with all the equipment, later on i expect to do it in a massive scale, growing mushrooms for commercial purposes will not only be fun, nutricious, delicious and lucrative. Will be doing it in a massive scale in a few months from now.

If they ever let us get back to our lives…


Here goes nothing…

BRF cakes with a print of B+ I got from @toastyjakes

Watch me fail or succeed, yours truly…



Very nice sir!!

Let’s get to growing!!



Here is my outdoor B+ akm
I hope that it will produce large fruits, because all other parametars go on Mexican(also cubes) side. Grain and substrate colonisation are much faster. Only “problem” with Mex are small fruits. It is good for dosing, but its pain in ass to harvest them. Mex is only strain that i ewer grow. Run them few years, allways outdoor. This is first time B+