MadScientist's Shroom Magical Fantasy 🍄


After a long time wanting to do it, here we are with yet another challenge in my life, a fun one if you will.

People say it’s really hard and that i takes a few tries, i suppose
in fact they are referring to anything in life and not just shrooms.

B+ AKM spores

Mars spores

These are the pics from the website for the two kinds of spores i got. Will start making syringes as soon as i gather all ingredients to inoculate the sustrate and all. If that is the correct terminology.

HppHrvst :robot:


Good luck Mad Man and happy shrooming. :rocket:



any questions or help you need let me know… I’m running B+ right now… shoebox 2qt wbs and 2 qts coir… couple days from the fruiting chamber…


I need to know everything, maybe a link, or something… Thanks bro.


Lol you need to read… do you wanna start easy and work up? hone the basics? go with pf tek cakes… Brown rice flour… if you can’t find it get brown rice and pulverize it with a good food processor or mortar and pestle or a hammer… whatever you need to do…
your ratio is this 2 parts vermiculite mixed with 1 part brown rice flower and add 1 part water… mix very well…

fill a half pint wide mouth jar 3/4 with the mix… the short ones work but the tall ones work too…

fill as many jars as you can… if you dont have a pressure cooker the contain rate is bouncy so you want back up… THEY WILL NOT ALL FAIL I promise you.

boil your water… use strips of heavy duty (this is key… gotta get the thick stuff) foil and use them to cover the top of the jar… (forgot to tell you, for cakes you won’t need the jar lids) ya know, make a square big enough to crinkle around the jar top to seal it…

slow low boil for 60 minutes…

let cool completely…

make your syringe
im not as sterile as you would think someone who grows fungus would be but info very well soooo…

boil a cup of water… as it boils draw the water into the syringe… expel water into the sink… donthos 3 or 4 times… the last time, you leave the water in to cool… once it’s cooled, get a shot glass… open your print and use the needle to scrape 1/4 or a little more into the empty shot glass… (more spores i.e. darker syringes are in NO way better than a syringe you can barely see spore in, sometimes its more reason to contam) push a couple cc’s of water into the glass and stir with the needle then suck it back into the syringe…

flame your needle to red… use an alcohol soaked paper towel to fold over the needle to cool it and stick it into the middle of the foil… NOT into the cake… above it…

push out about 0.25cc at the side of the glass
(+) aim for the points of the cross…

4 spots at .25cc per spot for 1cc per jar… then cover the jar with another piece of foil like the first

repeat the flame it, cool it quick then innoculate and cover til you are done… in 5 to 7 days you should start seeing growth… as racist as it sounds folks this rule:
"If it ain’t white, it ain’t right!!
whispy mycelium can look grey at the start because of its density while growing but it it doesn’t brighten up or its green or brownish or red…Chuck it in the fuck it bucket… either throw it completely away (Don’t open it) or boil it for 30 minutes then open it dump it and wash it immediately… one bad contam exposed to your grow space can kill every grow you will ever do again… I killed my first house… free well 3 runs then a bad contam I thought I could get through if I could slow it down while fruiting… i never had a mushroom grow there again without contam…

there you have it… Toastyjake’s KISS method of pf tek cakes for p. cubensis


Wow, man. It doesn’t sound difficult but very methodic in a way. Like following the steps verbatim is very important i can see. Will try when i gather the ingredients for the recipe, so far i got the spores and the will… LOL

Moved it here @toastyjakes, hope that is alright.


nailed it dude… while you’re gathering supplies look around at stuff… it’s alot of reading… I tried jum0ing straight into bulk and failed for months until I got a pressure cooker… thought “there has to be a way around it…” there isnt… cheap and easy with cakes…
Brown rice flour -4$
plastic tote for fruiting-7$
perlite (2bags or at least 4 inches in the bottom of the tote)-10$
12 half pint jars- 10$
everything you get after your first cake is profit…

make your own prints… self sufficient as fuck as a hobby… maybe you have to spend 20$ every 5 grows for rice flour, verm, more jars or perlite… but still


jars should look like this


And remeber… a cube is a cube is a cube… “strains” dont work like plants… they are mostly locations where found or usernames of those who worked wild prints… I’ll look and see if I can find you my username prints lol can’t buy them but I promise you can find them if you look… potency differs yes but that’s all genetics lol …

the exception… is penis envy… this slow growing cube is a supposed hybrid strain between cubensis and cyanescens … aptly named for their look too…
super SUPER potent!! not taken lightly!!

the way i equate the potency is this…1g penis envy =7g dried regular cubensis =2 hits of strong lsd…


Will this work man?

So i should get the penis envy spores, since they are so potent… Right!?


If the thicker stuff for housing insulation no… you need horticultural vermiculite


This one they sell at a greenhouse supply, and they say it’s special for orchids.


as long as it’s coarse you’ll be alright… it’s like little gold and silver dirt flakes that hold water

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This is wholesome rice, and it’s the brown rice i can get.
I have no idea about brown rice fluor, but will look into it.

Brown rice flour is just that … brown rice ground into flour… if you can’t get the flour then just smoosh it into kinda mostly flour with small rice chunks in it…


It looks like am gonna make a move back to the city.

I am on the hunt for these things, this weekend when i go over there.

  1. Coarse Vermiculite
  2. Brown Rice Fluor
  3. Pressure Cooker
  4. Mason Jars Half Pint
  5. Perlite

Thanks @toastyjakes

HppHrvst :robot:


…i’ve had mushies maybe half-a-dozen times…always great, but some times had some sketchiness that ended safely. any of 'yall have bad times with “happy” rX like psilocybin or ecstasy? i had a hooooOOOOoorible ecstasy trip when friends all had no issue. i feel a certain state of mind is needed to go foward & thats why i’ve just been trippin without hallucinogens & have stayed with Mary forever. :wink: :upside_down:



You beat me to it! I want to grow some but promised i would wait for California to go legal. Good luck and happy growing. :grin:


I didn’t beat you at nothing. HAHAHAHAHAHA

You are the Master bro, i am just stepping in your foot steps.


Master-bater maybe! Ha! Ha! :grin:

(The joke was too easy to make, even against myself.)