Magic Spirit Seed Company Mexican Melon, Bodhi Black Triangle and Lucky Dog Chem Fuego

Okay, so I’m doing my part to try to get people to start calling Doc D’s seeds “Magic Spirit Seed Company” instead. “Doc D” is just so much easier to type, though haha.

Anyway, so this is my grow report for the Mexican Death Sativa x Dragon Energy, along with Bodhi’s Black Triangle and Skunk Va’s Chem Fuego, which is (Sour Diesel x Headband) crossed with his 91 Chem bx3 male. I love Sour Diesel and supposedly the Fuego tastes similarly. I’m really hopeful that that’s true.

I planted the majority of these seeds on May 1. All five of the Mexican Melon seeds sprouted, although they were the last to break dirt. Took five days. I also planted five each of the Black Triangle and the Chem Fuego, but only four of the Chem Fuego sprouted and only three (!) of the BT’s. So I planted two more of the BT’s and one of the Chem Fuego seeds on May 7. The sixth Chem Fuego seed also didn’t sprout, so I just said,“Fuck it,” and didn’t bother with any more. Only one of the Black Triangles that I planted on May 7 sprouted, leaving me with five Mexican Melons, four Chem Fuego and four Black Triangles.

I also planted four of @nube’s Pura Vida f2’s. One of those didn’t sprout and the other three have all turned out male. Serious bummer. I was looking forward to those. nube was generous enough to send me quite a few of those beans, though, so I’ll get back to them at some point soon.

Just as an aside, check out this one mutant Pure Vida f2:

All of the leaves, like, fused together at the second node. Never seen that before. I was actually planning on growing it out until the end, but then it started yellowing up like that and new growth ceased, so I tossed it.

Anyway, I ended up with only two female Mexican Melons, three female Chem Fuego and three female Black Triangles. One of the Black Triangles, the #4, is a week behind everything else.

Mexican Melon #1 veg day 23:

MM#1 veg day 38:

And MM#1 veg day 48 (two days ago):

The Mexican Melon #1 started out with rounder, fatter leaves than the other four, which led me to believe that maybe she was a Dragon Energy leaner, but she seems to have grown out of that. I dunno. I also gotta say that as these have been growing, I was like,“Damn, man, these plants look so familiar to me… What is it that they’re reminding me of?” Then I realized they’re growing a lot like the bag seed I used to plant in my mom’s backyard from the brick weed I used to get when I was like thirteen, fourteen years old. They’ve definitely got wider internodes than anything else I’ve ever grown. But so do the Black Triangles and the Chem Fuego. It’s weird. Usually my starts are super-compact and will have like six or seven nodes when they’re only like three inches tall. But these have all been very stretchy. I dunno why. I’m not doing anything different than I’ve ever done.

Anyway, here’s the Mexican Melon #2, the other female. This one is growing pretty weird, I tried to get pictures to illustrate what’s going on with it, hopefully it’ll be noticeable. But basically, it’s just kind of throwing branches wherever. It’s pretty cool-looking, actually.

Veg day 23:

Veg day 38:

Veg day 48 (I took a shitload of pics to try to show what exactly she’s doing, hopefully y’all can see it):

Can you see that? How there’ll be one branch growing out to the left and then like half an inch above there’s a branch growing out to the right? Also, the branches aren’t really “opposite” each other. Like, there’ll be one branch and then, instead of the corresponding branch growing 180 degrees opposite, it’ll be like 110 degrees opposite. Or even 90 degrees opposite. I dunno if I’m explaining it properly haha, but that’s the best I can do. It’s pretty cool, anyway. Never had a plant grow like that before.

Anyway, here’s the Black Triangle #1 on veg day 23:

BT#1 veg day 38:

Looks like I forgot to take pictures on veg day 48, but she looks like a weed plant haha.

Here’s the Black Triangle #2 veg day 23:

Black Triangle #2 veg day 38:

And BT#2 veg day 48:

Here’s the Black Triangle #4, which is a week behind everything else, so this is veg day 31, but the pics were taken on the same day as the day 38 veg pics of everything else. Make sense? Haha:

And here are the Chem Fuegos, starting with the #1, veg day 23:

Chem Fuego #1 veg day 38:

Chem Fuego #1 veg day 48:

Here’s the Chem Fuego #2 veg day 23:

Chem Fuego #2 veg day 38:

Chem Fuego #2 veg day 48:

And the Chem Fuego #4 veg day 23:

Chem Fuego #4 veg day 38:

Chem Fuego #4 veg day 48:

Shit, looks like I forgot to take pics of her on day 48. But you get the idea…

Anyway, after I took all of those day 48 pics, everything but the Black Triangle #4 was transplanted into their seven gallon air pots. That was two days ago. I’ll transplant the BT#4 in five days. On July 1, I’ll be flipping. Even the BT#4 will be getting flipped on July 1, which isn’t necessarily ideal. I like to give them two weeks in their flowering pots before I flip, but I don’t want to be dealing with all of that haha. I actually have one of Doc D’s The White x Dragon Energy in veg, too, planted it on May 14, two weeks after everything but the BT#4. Shit is just getting too much to keep track of haha! I don’t know how some of y’all do it… Anyway, that The White x DE seems to have just kind of stalled out. It’s been stuck on the fifth node for like a week now, I dunno what’s going on. But if it snaps out of it, I’ll include her in this grow log, too.

So yeah, chugging along. The Mexican Melons are really stinky already. And not just that generic “weed seedling” kind of smell, but a full-on “jar full of buds” kinda smell. Pretty stoked about them. And everything else, too.

@Chiefer88 @lambchopedd @PlantShepherd @MantisTobogganMD @iamyou_youareme @stanknugzz77 @Guitarzan @iggypuffs @Panamajock @misterbee I know you all asked me to tag you for this log, so here we are. Kind of sucks that I only ended up with two Mexican Melon females, but they’re both pretty different from one another, what with the #2 growing branches all randomly and stuff. Still, it would’ve been nice to get three females from those five seeds. Or four. Or five haha.

Flipping on July 1.


oh yeah man this is going to be good. sitting on some black triagnle crosses from doc d as well. :popcorn:


I just want to see you call the one Mexican Death Dragon. All looking happy and healthy (aside from the Pure Vida which seems to have chosen to be Pure Muerte instead).


Mexican Death Dragon? What? Doc D told me the official name of the Mexican Death Sativa/Dragon Energy is Mexican Melon, so that’s what I’m gonna call them. I hate it when people start picking and choosing their own names for crosses. It just adds to the confusion. And there’s enough confusion already; we don’t need any more.


Which ones? I’ve been hearing nothing but good things about the Black Energy, kind of kicking myself for not grabbing some of those when they were around. On the other hand, I’ve got enough seeds. I don’t need any more.

But that doesn’t mean that I won’t be scooping some off of next month’s list haha…


I said I’d like to see you call it that because it’s a bad ass name. I wasn’t trying to pick apart or change names, just saying I would like that name. You need to listen to some Social Distortion and relax a little :laughing:

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yes sir, i picked those up; this is my doc d stock:

Doc D - Traingle Kush x Dragon Soul

Doc D - Goji Razz F2 (bodhi) x Beastie Boy

Doc D - Black Energy (Black Triangle x Dragon Energy)

Doc D - Black Triangle x Afkanastan/X18 Paki

Doc D - Franks Little Beauties #7 x Dragon Energy

Doc D - Ethiopian Banana x Dragon Energy

Doc D - Chem D x Afkanastan/X18Paki


Awww, man, is that you? The Social Distortion fanboy? Fuuuuck… Haha. Yeah, according to Doc, the Mexican Death Sativa x DE smells/tastes very “melon-y,” hence the name. But I agree, Mexican Death Dragon would be a cool name. Still, Mexican Melon is easier to type, so… haha.

And I will NEVER listen to Social Distortion and chill haha. They suck! If anything, listening to Social Distortion will make me very un-chill hahaha!!! I have been listening to a lot of Circle Jerks lately, though. “Coup De’Tat” is one of the greatest songs ever.


Live Fast Die Young may be their most popular song but it’ll always be my favorite cause it was the first I heard in some skate video. Not sure I’d call it “chill music” though, more like get shit done music.

Give me a little bit and I’ll give you alternate names for all these strains if you’d like. You seem like you’d be receptive to the idea :laughing:

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You got my attention cheers cant wait too see the results.


Heck yeah!!! Thanks for tagging me! Can’t wait to see how the Mexi Melon turn out for you! And dude… the chem fuego! You are NOT going to be disappointed! That has been my daily smoke for months now. I bought a second pack, and I might barter for more lol.


I think I already asked you this, but how’s your Chem Fuego tasting? Just curious. If mine doesn’t end up tasting sour-ish and diesel-ish but smokes good nonetheless, I won’t be disappointed. But it’d be nice to find something delicious haha.

Also, I just remembered I was supposed to tag you, too, @HolyAngel.


Really eh lol can ya tell im canadian i got the chem for early fathers day gift dam my wife is nice i was more interested in the headband of things had the oringinal andit was super smoke lost it in the times but anyways with the chem cross in it happier than a pig in shit


I’m terrible at describing smells, but I think the smell/taste is awesome, and you will totally dig it. Definitely real chem/headband smell and high. Super chunky. I found it to be a little susceptible to molds and mildews.

Dude, that is one hella nice father’s day gift!! I know I’ve said this like a dozen times, but I really think you guys are going to like what you find in those packs.


nice, chem fuego. i have a pack i’m waiting to make F2s with. i have to wait until it gets cooler outside, and i only have a marshydro ts1000 that my plan was to use for keeping a couple mothers alive, but should be enough to get the f2s done. i have a shitty 2x2 vivosun tent with a broken zipper but it’ll have to do.


that’s an interesting cross. i have a pack of (mexican death sativa x tigermelon) testers from bodhi that i can’t get to anytime soon. this is the closest he had to the mexican death sativa itself at the time.


You do realize that if they’re testers, you’re kind of supposed to get to them soon, right? Haha! That’s the whole point of testing!

MDS x Tiger Melon sounds super-interesting, though. Hopefully Bodhi will release that one, even if he is short one report :wink:


The Tiger Melon crosses I ran vegged really slow. Tried both the Snow Leopard and Tiger Mountain. I’d be curious if the MDS helps speed them up?


I’d imagine it would. Hybrid vigor and all that…


Hey! Don’t forget about oleskool! I’m coming too. Those Mexican Melons are very Kool. I’ll bring my own chair, some blunts and pork skins. Promise not to get in your way.