Bodhi Dread Bread and Imperial Majesty; Lucky Dog Diesel Therapy; Doc D Purple Corinto Budder x A5Thai, Outer Limits and Sour Diesel x DE

Alright, so here we go.

I don’t usually ever listen to any music that anybody posts in their grow logs, but I’m gonna post some anyway. I’ve been obsessing over Jane’s Addiction/Perry Farrell the last few months, to the point where I even bought the book “Whores: An Oral History of Jane’s Addiction” and read it in two days about a week ago. I dunno why I’m so obsessed with them lately. It’s been an extremely “drug-y” summer already, maybe that’s why, and I look forward to more. That might have something to do with it, I don’t really know, but y’all can listen to this track while you read the rest of this post if you want.

I’ve been cranking this album and “Nothing’s Shocking” every time I water for weeks now. Every time I do anything, really.

So I started 5x Outer Limits and Diesel Therapy seeds and 4x Dread Bread, Purple Corinto and Imperial Majesty seeds on April 16. Soaked all of them in a little fulvic and water for like a half-day or maybe it was a whole day, 24 hours, I can’t remember, but I put them in soil after the soak and all of them popped. I kind of fucked with my soil mix this round and made a new batch that was extremely heavy on biochar and light on aeration and mixed a little bit of that in with my old soil mix in the little three-inch starter pots that I always plant my seeds in. Everything seemed fine for a couple weeks, but then a bunch of the plants just shriveled up and died. I suspect that the biochar I used wasn’t charged, even though the dude who sold it to me said it was. Maybe there just wasn’t enough aeration, I dunno. In any event, shit got fucked up.

That’s basically what happened to most of them right around day 17 or so. I think only the Dread Breads, one of the Outer Limits, maybe two of the Diesel Therapies and three of the Purple Corintos survived. Everything else just shriveled up and died really, really quickly, like in a day-and-a-half. Never seen anything like it. I noticed the leaves kind of turning upwards and looking a little weird and then, like a day later, they were just fried. In any event, fuck them. Whatever haha.

So I planted four more Outer Limits seeds, two more Diesel Therapy seeds and three of @iamyou_youareme’s Bluberry x Silver lotus seeds on May 6 as replacements. I think a couple of the Outer Limits seeds and maybe one of the Diesel Therapy seeds didn’t sprout; all three of the Blueberry x Silver Lotus seeds did. Here are those seeds on May 19, thirteen days after putting them in soil:

I was pleasantly surprised with the vigor of those Blueberry x Silver Lotus seeds. And actually kind of surprised at the vigor of that one Diesel Therapy seed, too, just because between the Outer Limits and the other Diesel Therapies that were growing, it seemed like those Sour Diesel crosses, both Doc’s and Lucky Dog’s, are fucking slow-ass veggers. Anyway…

On May 18, I planted three of Doc D’s Sour Diesel x Dragon Energy seeds to replace the two Outer Limits and one Diesel Therapy that didn’t sprout from the second round of planting (if you haven’t guessed by now, yeah, this grow is a shitshow). I think maybe only two of those sprouted, but maybe all three did. I only have two right now, though, so maybe one didn’t sprout.

So from the initial April 16 planting, I ended up with two Dread Bread females, two Imperial Majesty females, one Diesel Therapy female and one Outer Limits female. Flipped those on June 19. I’m gonna post pics of each plant starting from the earliest veg pics I took; the last pic of each plant will be the most recent (duh), which were taken two days ago, flower day 16:

Diesel Therapy #2, veg day 39:

This may have been on the day I transplanted all of the older plants into the half-gallons or maybe a couple days after that.

Diesel Therapy #2 veg day 51:

This was for sure the day I transplanted the older plants into their seven-gallon pots. I think I let them veg for like 16 more days before I flipped, maybe even longer.

Diesel Therapy #2 flower day 6:

And Diesel Therapy #2 flower day 16 (two days ago):

I’ve actually been really shocked at how rapidly the flowers are forming on not just this plant, but all of them. They all kind of have those “pom poms” going on already, barely two weeks into flower. I did veg these ones for a while. Looking at my notes, I guess I vegged them 64 days, which really isn’t any longer than I normally veg. I’ve vegged for up to 67 days before and they still didn’t flower this quickly. I dunno.

Anyway, here’s the Dread Bread #1 veg day 39:

Dread Bread #1 veg day 51:

Dread Bread #1 flower day 6:

And Dread Bread #1 flower day 16 (two days ago, in case y’all forgot haha):

You can see the gawd-awful internode spacing on the #1. I don’t think the yields on her are gonna be anything to write home about, but hopefully the smoke’ll turn out nice.

Here’s the Dread Bread #2, which I love, veg day 39:

Dread Bread #2 veg day 51:

Dread bread #2 flower day 6:

Dread Bread #2 flower day 16:

You can tell by the tape on the wall behind those full-plant shots that she stretched decently, but really not more than anything else. Everything else is pretty much at the same height, besides the one Diesel Therapy. She’s not very stretchy. And honestly, it seems like everything’s done stretching now anyway, only 18 days into flower.

Here’s the Imperial Majesty #1 veg day 39:

Imperial Majesty #1 veg day 51:

Imperial Majesty #1 flower day 6:

Imperial Majesty #1 flower day 16:

See? She’s just about as tall as the Dread Breads.

And the Imperial Majesty #2 veg day 39:

Wait, it looks like I have an Imperial Majesty #2 veg day 25 pic and now I remember why I took this, so here she is on veg day 25:

She grew really bizarrely in veg and kind of had one side branch growing just as quickly as the top. Basically, she looked topped even though I hadn’t topped her yet. Plus, she was all twisted and just weird-looking. But I was super-intrigued by her.

Anyway, Imperial Majesty #2 veg day 39:

Yeah, I remember this now. You can kind of see it in the above pic, too, how that one side branch is basically the same height as the top of that plant. I had just topped all of these day 51 veg plants, on, uh, day 51 haha, but still, yeah, that was weird. Pretty cool, though.

Imperial Majesty #2 flower day 6:

Imperial Majesty #2 flower day 16:

The #2 is extremely “Pure OG-ish”-looking, very spindly, huge internodes. The #1 is, too, to a lesser degree and that’s fine by me. Both of them seem to be more influenced by the Pure OG mom than the GHash dad. That’ll be a first for me. Every other GHash cross of Bodhi’s I’ve grown have all seemed to lean more GHash dad than whatever female they were crossed with.

I did find what looked to be a couple male sacs on that Imperial Majesty #2 when I was watering earlier today. Also noticed a few brownish-looking pistils. I cut off multiple lower branches from the #2 after I saw that, which is not something that I ever normally do. Hopefully I’m just tripping and there isn’t anything going on, but I don’t wanna take any chances. I guess we’ll see haha.

And here’s the lone Purple Corinto Budder x A5Thai veg day 39:

Purple Corinto Budder x A5Thai veg day 51:

Purple Corinto Budder x A5Thai flower day 6:

Looks like she was taller than the rest on day 6 haha, let’s see what she looked like on flower day 16:

Haha, okay, yeah, so I guess she’s the tallest. But really not too bad at all.

Purple Corinto Budder x A5Thai closeups flower day 16:

Pretty quick flower development, considering the genetics.

Before I forget, here’s one of those OMG-dominant male Dread Breads I removed a week or two ago, that I mentioned on the Bodhi thread, @ElGalloBlanco:

Super-thick meristem. I really wish he woulda turned out a she; those OMG-dominant OMG crosses haha always turn out so good.

Fuck me… This is turning into a gawddamn long-ass post… Probably time for another track. I can’t stop listening to this one, either:

So yeah, those are the ones that are flowering now. Here’s the one female Blueberry x Silver Lotus from @iamyou_youareme, veg day 52:

And veg day 60, two days ago. This is the day I transplanted from the half-gallons into five-gallon pots:

She looks good. One of the other ones showed male suuuuuper-quickly, like day 30-something in veg. That one grew straight up, straight down, too, no branching at all. I wish I woulda gotten a picture of that one, he was way different than anything else I’m growing right now. Way different than almost anything I’ve ever grown, period. Just a straight-up totem pole.

The other Blueberry x Silver Lotus started autoflowering on July 1. Or at least, that’s when I noticed it. Male flowers, otherwise I woulda kept it around regardless. At first, I thought maybe it was the genetics, but a couple other plants have started autoflowering, too. These are the ones in the small tent, I dunno if that has anything to do with it (I don’t know why it would). I thought it may have been because they were rootbound, but when I transplanted them a couple days ago, they really weren’t rootbound at all. Or not any worse than any of the other stuff I’ve ever kept in the half-gallons longer than I’d like. There weren’t even roots growing out of the drainage holes in the pots yet and that’s usually when I decide to transplant, when there’s roots growing outta the holes. So I dunno. The one remaining Blueberry x Silver Lotus looks great, though. Shorter than the other stuff, but that’s fine.

Anyway, here’s the one replacement Outer Limits plant that made it, #2, veg day 52:

And here she is eight days later, veg day 60, two days ago, the day I transplanted, straight-up flowering:

Here’s the Diesel Therapy #3, replacement seed, veg day 52:

And veg day 60, two days ago, again, on the day I transplanted the younger plants:

I labeled the pics wrong, wrong day, just now realized that those are the same age as the Blueberry x Silver Lotus. Anyway, that Diesel Therapy is autoflowering, too. I’m really not sure what to do with the autoflowering plants at this point. I’m thinking I may just throw them in the big tent like maybe tomorrow, since that’s on a flower schedule, lighting-wise. I’m planning on only vegging these younger plants until next Tuesday anyway and I don’t really wanna get them back into a sorta “veg state” and then flip them right after that. If anybody has any suggestions, feel free to chime in. Unless your suggestion is,“Let them veg for another three or four weeks, then flip,” haha. That isn’t gonna happen.

Anyway, here are the two Sour Diesel x Dragon Energy plants from Doc D:

Sour Diesel x DE #1 veg day 40:

Sour Diesel x DE #1 veg day 48 (two days ago):

Sour Diesel x DE #2 veg day 40:

Sour Diesel x DE #2 veg day 48:

Neither of those are autoflowering, thank gawd.

So anyway, yeah, there it is. @Foreveryoung you asked me to tag you for the new log, so here you go. @schmarmpit I think you asked me to do the same. I’m not sure who else, if anybody, asked me to tag them, but I’ll tag y’all if I remember. Sorry for this shitshow of a grow. This is why I usually just plant everything all at once and run with what I end up with. But I just reeeeallllyyyy wanted to grow a lot of different things this run. And now I’m fucked… haha.


Yeah I’m gonna take a seat rightttttt fucking here.

I’ve been beating myself up about not buying dreadbread for whatever reason. After re-listening to his old potcasts, I just told me growmie that I’m buying multiple packs next time GLG had a BOGO sale :sweat_smile:

So thanks for testing the waters for me



Looks like fun! :+1:



Apology not accepted. Especially since you didn’t tag me…

On a serious note, you are always one of my favorite people to see a journal from, even though I am fucking horrible at keeping up with any journals. Any time that you want to grow some of my work, hit me up haha. And you have nice taste in hybrids, so that is always more intriguing too. That is weird about the plants autoflowering. Usually genetics or rootbound, but I couldn’t tell you what is causing it in your case. I wish you well with your grow! Positive vibes…

Edit to add: It wouldn’t let me quote @minitiger for some reason, so I had to quote you @lambchopedd and do some fuckery. My apologies! Positive vibes…



Yeah, it’s always sounded like a good cross to me. I shoulda planted a few more seeds, just because I don’t like only having two females to check out, but whatever. I’m really not thrilled with the #1, but again: whatever haha. I love the way the #2’s looking right now, though. And that #1 could maybe turn out EPIC anyway haha.

Anyway, don’t beat yourself up too hard haha. Pretty sure there’s still seeds of that cross around. If not, I’ve got like twenty of them left. If I ever make f2’s, of anything, ever haha, I’ll send some your way.

Why the fuck would I have tagged you?!? Haha. I don’t ever even see you posting shit, barely. Did you ask me to? Sorry if you did and I forgot. I forget a lot of things… haha. Anyway, glad you’re here, brother.

Yeah, I dunno what that’s about. First time it’s ever happened to me, I think. Who knows? Weed plants are weird… haha!

Yeah, maybe. Possibly. That Blowfish cross (was it Blowfish?) that schmarm grew out a while back looked and sounded real good. Or was it a Motorbreath cross? I can’t remember, but whatever it was, I saw it on his log and was like,”Shit, man… Maybe I shoulda hit stank up for some of those seeds…” haha!


Hells yeah, that’s an epic opener bro!
Nice soundtrack too, was in the same headspace a few years ago, couldn’t get enough of Janes!
Good vibes dude, ima park my ass in the corner and enjoy your “shit show”


Alright, thanks for tagging me! I love when a journal starts and then zooms forward several weeks in the first post. It’s kind of like time traveling. I’m in for the ride now!

Everything is looking real green and happy. Weird about the dried up seedlings. Never really seen anything like that, but everything else looks spot on. I’d throw that early flowering midget in the flower tent right away. Have you some early bud to sample while the others finish up.


Damn dude!! It take 4 hours to make that first post!! :thinking::rofl:. Looking forward to the shitshow!


Haha, thanks, dude. That wasn’t my intention, though. Like schmarmpit said:

I do, too. That way we can all see just exactly how much shit stretched after flipping, one pic after another, rather than scrolling up and then back and then up and then back again. Either way’s good, though. Pics are good… haha.

You think? Shit… Alright, maybe I’ll do that tomorrow, just put them on a bucket and see what happens. Probably the best course of action. Maybe… haha! Fuck it, let’s see what happens. Yeah, I’ll do that tomorrow.

No lie, it almost did take that long (not really haha). But I did have to take two smoke-and-drink breaks while I was writing it.

Good to see you here, though, brother. Haven’t seen you anywhere in a while. What’s going on with you?

Yeah, I dunno what it is. Every morning I wake up and my first thought is the chorus from “Whores.” Not even the chorus, really, but just when Perry shouts,”Motherfucker!” That’s, like, the first thing I hear in my head. “Motherfucker!” I suspect that this will be an especially drug-fueled summer.

Like I said, I’m looking forward to it.


I’m diggin’ the format as well…

All of the diesel therapy are showing autoflowering traits?

That blows my mind…


My dad had a bad stroke awhile back. Working 10 hr days/7 days a week helping mom take care of him. So I’m not on much anymore. Barely keeping up with my tents. But it’s all good. Closer to my dad now than anytime in my life.


Aw, dude, sorry to hear that. At least you’re working, I guess. Right? I mean, better to be working than not working. Only good thoughts for your dad, brother.

No, not all of them, just the one I planted later, think it was like a month after the one that’s, like, officially flowering now. But yeah, the one in the veg tent is for sure autoflowering. I guess I’m just gonna put her and the other autoflowering one in the, uh, flowering tent tomorrow and see what happens.


I just earned my “First Grow Diary Badge”! Yay!

Narrator: “This was not his first grow diary…” haha.


Damn nubes!! Always bragging on awards! :innocent::rofl::rofl:


Can’t wait to see the sour diesel x de. Wish I would of bought some myself.


Very nice! I had a chance to buy dread bread from a DC dispensary one time and it was impressionable from many modern strains. All I wanted were landraces and this one was truly close to that chase. I hope you make F2’s. I’d be very interested. Great grow btw


Alright! Been waiting for you to post this up, I’ll be following along! :+1:


@minitiger that is one long ass post but a good one

Great line up and they sure lookin good


I think I broke the roller ball on my mouse scrolling down on your 1st post… :wink:

Love all of the great pic’s and info.

Count me in on your epic Grow! :call_me_hand:


Taggin along as always. Nice lineup - I’ve got a pack of Dread Bread to try at some point, it’s rare to find true F1s with two IBL or landrace parents. Would be a cool one to F2 and explore.