Good Sour Diesel representation

In the interest of domestic peace and tranquility, I have promised @Queenmambo that I will grow her favorite strain - Sour Diesel. It definitely has nothing to due with me also liking it; I’m doing it for her!

Does anyone have any recommendations for who is selling SD beans that is a good analog to the old SD from 20+ years ago?

I’ve never grown it so I don’t have any opinion on what’s out there. Thanks fam!



I’m looking for a Durban expression that my wife likes as it’s one of the couple strains she has ever, truly enjoyed. I wish you luck on your quest my friend. I grew out 2 different sour deisel clones this summer. The one that had been curing a few weeks is pretty damn good. It finished between 7 and 8 weeks though, so I question it a a true SD, for it came from a $10 dispensary clone.

I’m interested to see what you come up with. Making the queen happy is always a noble pursuit.


Sour Diesel has been a favorite of mine for quite sometime . Surprisingly I have never grown it as I have never been able to track down the cut. That being said I have found many OGs to be very similar in effect . The closest I myself have grown is a Strawberry Headband I found in Bodhi testers. The smell taste and effect are all almost identical.

Cheers and goodluck on your search


That’s funny as I’m a huge fan of Durban(s). It’s on my shortlist to run soon - along with ten or twenty others. Sour Diesel and White Widow are a couple that tick most boxes for both of us but in general she leans indica and I lean sativa.

I need to plan some crosses in an attempt to tick even more of those boxes. I also need to expand my growing space. And build some lights. And…



I’d personally be looking at karma for that, but in the US greenpoint dynamite diesel is supposed to be good.


A happy Queen, (especially a high and happy Queen) makes for a happy home. Thank you Kingmambo and everyone else that helps on our quest for the Diesel! :dash::dash::heartpulse:


I totally agree. It’s nice to meet you ma’am. Not many wives grace us with their presence. :grinning:


I’ll be looking for the effect she likes mostly. Nice upper, no haziness in the head. She wants to be able to maintain focus. I’ll. Let you know how it goes. It everything goes as planned, I’ll have a mother and maybe be able to send some cuts :wink:


I wouldn’t touch anything greenpoint with a 10’ stick. Unless of course you want to grow gear from a complete clown who is ok with ripping people off and lying out of his ass to make a buck. Nothing but marketing , hype , and very heavily edited threads on forums lol
Not to mention he has no idea what his gear actually is seeing as how he doesn’t do any sort of testing what so ever, so descriptions aren’t trustworthy just like Gu and Heisendouche his bitch boy.

Everything from GP is suppose to be good , but it most certainly isn’t. There are far better choices out there.


I would check Duke diamond Dominion Diesel. For 60 us from hediegardens. Blessings Nevermind it’s sold out.



I don’t know anything of the politics because they don’t generally put out anything I’m interested in. But a person that I know who probably grows more sour d than anyone else I know recommended it.

Someday (not soon) I’ll get around to growing it, and if anyone feels the need to exact revenge, I’ll send you some F2s for free lol.


Sadly that " companies " wrong doings aren’t so simply explained away. They are just bad karma all the way around.
The person you know must of also found one of the very few non father leaning plants there are to be found in their non fem crosses.
I do not need to exact revenge , I do however feel the need to let people know not only who they may be being referred to , but more importantly the fact that there are enough options to not have to resort to subpar genetics from a complete sack of shit. There are more then enough good people with better to offer. Especially here on OG.
I will also have to pass on the f2s although I do appreciate the offer :slight_smile:


Sour diesel was also my favorite. I recently bought a pack from lucky dog seeds on headie gardens. It’s called Chem Fuego and the make up is [(Sour Diesel x Headband) x chemdog bx3] i think thats from chemdog himself. I also have some cali connection sour d but i’ve always read his genetics are unstable. I’m really looking forward to the chem fuego. they’re expensive but on sale right now.


Chem Fuego is from Skunk VA the guy who kept the clone of chem 91 away from drama for 20 years and gave it back to chemdog, i’m sure you’re gonna get something fire his stuff looks super interesting :fire: :fire_engine:
Karma’s Sour D I hear is pretty awesome saw the BX3 F2 on strainly

Shoreline might have something good as well haven’t done much research but he has clones & seeds


yeah I was looking at his stuff but I’m pretty sure jj from top dawg was talking about how some guys like greenpoint apparently took his chem D/i95 and started doing crosses or some shit. Don’t really wanna support people like that even if they drop fire personally


I’ve heard mixed things about Dr. Greenthumb, but he has East Coast Sour Diesel


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I ordered Karma repros from here Have yet to grow them out but a hell of a lot cheaper than Karma if you can find them at all.


is that site legit…? did you receive them already ? tnx

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Well guys, after some discussion with other members, I do believe I have been growing some form of the Sour Diesel now for over 20 years. Smells like lemons/cat piss (I call it a lemon pledge smell). I really had no idea what It was all these years, but am now convinced it’s some form of sour diesel. It’s incredibly good smoke.