MB15 Crosses

Alright. Let’s see how this goes. Some background. Last year my pal @shag generously gifted me a bunch of MB15 crosses. Some other crosses, but I’ll try and stay focused. I started a few last year. I got sick and they faltered. I’m starting again, but want to take this project further, with your help.
So I saw @shag did a giveaway recently, a bunch of the same MB15 strains. I know there are a lot more than that of these seeds in your hot little hands, waiting to germinate. I don’t know shit about lists, Wiki, whatever these things you do are. Not pawning the job off on someone, just don’t have that skilll, but could learn. Maybe this is a funky idea. I don’t think so.
I’m got MB15 x Lemon Mints in solos now. Just up. Maybe someone else starts a different one. I’ve got a couple in mind to run next. I’m not set up to run a bunch at once, but I think anything is better than nothing.
Shag has done a lot for me. Helped answer the “why’s”, not just said “do this”. Then I’d bug someone else about the same thing in a few months. Not just @shag . Lots of you have helped in different ways. Some had nothing to do with growing. Some of you have been my friend for a couple years. Some for a few days. Doesn’t matter.
This is not a contest of any kind. Bad results are important too. @Tonygreen helped with that, showing less than stellar results, then sharing all he went thru to resolve the issue. I “think” water related.
This is my idea. No suggestions or input from anyone. I might include some random stuff other places. It will be a slow start. Tiny plants aren’t much to watch. Once they get rolling I plan on looking real hard at these. I’ll absolutely document any double leaf serrations for @TopShelfTrees1 .
Thanks Shag for the motivation for me to elevate my skills, and the opportunity to run a bunch of strains I never imagined.


I’ve had the MB15 clone for awhile now and my wife loves the pain relief she gets from it. Good luck with your run.


Love the taste and effects on the mb15 real great cultivar for sure @FirstCavApache64


Thank you. Any input along the way as great. Your pain relief comment caught my eye. Pain relief needed here too.


I mix the MB 15 flower with pre 98 bubba kush flower for the stress and pain relief. Bubba by itself is nice but the MB15 really gives it some extra kick for nerve pain.
This is from my last flower run with it. I had to start a new mother because I let it get too big. I have 2 rooted clones that just finished in the cloner. I’ll pick one as the new mother once I see how they look in veg over the next few weeks.


My brother, making moves and taking names! I absolutely love it!


I also happen to have an MB#15 going. I’ll gladly throw up pics, reports.


Any of those MB crosses in particular appeal to you @TopShelfTrees1 ? I bet you got something in mind.


Honestly there’s a bunch of epic stuff there. I like the idea of the straw guava cross, and you beat me to the lemon mints one. That one is really intriguing


This one looks like a real winner, nice fuckin’ work brother! :exploding_head:


Great job! Those are some beautiful flowers


@TopShelfTrees1 so we both eyeball lemon mints and Straw Guava. Doing some research on the others still. There’s a Headband and Bubblegum in there. Grapefruit Gorillabubble. BLR. Romulan. DMT. Lots of good options.
MB15 isn’t common to tall the crosses, but a lot of them. @shag Is there something in particular you’re searching for? Germ rates? Stretch? I’d hate to find it and let it go not knowing. Seems like you were looking for something, or your just a curious guy?
Not likely much to show for a bit. I dont get excited much about tiny plants. Maybe I should.
Thank you for any comments and participation. Should be some goodness to be found in these crosses. CP


First off, I would like to say this is very cool of you to start this thread.
Thank you kindly! @crownpoodle :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
It will be awesome to see what kind of plants we find in hidden in these beans.

For the MB-15 F2’s I plan on doing a search of 50 plants if I can.
The only thing I am really searching for is the really frosty plants.
I am not sure what else there is to find in this line, but I have already found a few frost monsters.
I could kick myself for not taking any pictures.
The 2 plants I found were some of my favorite plants of all time.
Unfortunately the re-veg I tried on them was unsuccessful.
I should have paid more attention to them.
I tossed em in a corner to re-veg and kinda neglected them.

The MB-15 crosses would be a different story.
I would be looking totally for new plants in those.
Much like the mother but with some added frost as a bonus.

Take the lemon mints for example.
That one was very nice on its own, but I am curious about what will pop out of the LM crossed with MB-15.

Germ rates should be decent, they are pretty fresh beans.
I would think stretch would be about average but who knows?
I would be happy to hear any and all info on these beans, good and bad. :wink:
I really feel once we start seeing the plants coming out of these beans more folks will want to grow them out.

A big thank you to all involved in this project.
Happy hunting!



Seems to me we should all coordinate so the widest possible variety gets started.:heart::heart::heart:


I also really like the sounds of the Dogwalker x mb15
The gorilla F x mb15 and the Romulan x mb15 I bet all three are straight dank, gassy fire! I actually just found my notes from when I was researching them all and documenting my interest etc. and the DW cross and Romulan both had pop asap gas/fire written beside them lol


Absolutely picture perfect mb # 15 I’m hoping mine ends up similar. Great job! This is the NorCal cut I take it? Got me drooling I can smell the greasy gas over here :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s what I was hoping for @Emeraldgreen . I’m useless when its comes to techie stuff.
If there’s some duplication of strains, maybe we’ll see who’s holding out on us. “He’s doing something we aren’t. What’s in the unmarked jug in the corner?”


I believe I got the f2, Albany headband, romulan. I’m not sure what would be good for outside


I got it from Dookie from DookieFarms2 on Instagram a couple years back. Not sure of what cut it is. I really overdid the light that round as I was testing a 700 watt light for a new light manufacturer. It took lots of abuse and still came out nice. I just rooted a couple clones from the mother to run for next flower cycle.


If anyone at all is ready to rock, and they are sure they can grow them out right away and they also are sure they can post some pics here in this thread…

:partying_face: I will happily send you some MB-15 beans. :partying_face:

Please, no hit and runs. :astonished: