Me...just doing my thing..👽

Hi there everyone!
Finally decided to create my own journal and document the stuff I’m upto…
Special thanks to @alwaysnoob for always reminding me to do so…:pray:t3::alien:
About myself, been growing since 2014 and Im part of an ancient civilization in south-east Asia. Land to amazing landraces! Sowed my 1st seed in Japan! Completed 5 grows successfully in total stealth during my stay there.
Started growing in dwc and over the years learnt to grow in coco/perlite as well. Indoors only. Would love to get my own plot of land and try a few outdoor grow sometime in the future as well. Pray for me…:pray:t3::joy:

Currently I have 2 tents equipped with 480w of Samsung leds. Nutrients are the basic 3part and calmag sourced locally.

Below tent is all Blue Gelato 41 by Barney’s Farms. The mothers are in dwc their 3 clones in coco. It’s been 10 days since if flipped to 12/12.

Below tent has Cheese by Linda seeds wrapped in black and Gorilla Zkittlez by Barney’s Farms wrapped in blue in dwc. The buckets are wrapped in towels to prevent light-leaks. The clones are 1 each from the same mothers of this tent and 2 Blue Gelato from the other tent. It’s been 3 days since I flipped to 12/12 on this tent. Hoping to harvest each tent a week apart.

That’s about it for today. Thanks for stopping by. I’m always learning with every grow and I sure can learn a thing or two from u as well. Pls share ur ideas and suggestions if any…:pray:t3:

Cheers and tc!


My hats off to you for having los huevos to grow cannabis in Japan. I planned to do a guerilla cubensis grow out there but after a homie got snagged and told us how prison there was like; no bueno.

Best of luck on your grow!


Just wanted to add…
All 4 mothers that are in dwc have actually been started in coco/perlite. But the quality of coco that I bought was shit (strange because the seller actually exports this coir to developed countries for cannabis cultivation :joy:) and the poor babies were not growing past 3rd node and the leaves were growing thin blades…
So I stripped them from the 1ltr starter pots, rinsed them down and dunked them into my dwc system and they picked up!
Bought a better quality coco and clones have picked on well…
Everyone’s happy…:laughing:


Awesome brother man :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

You are gonna love all the attention and care OGers are about to shower you and your plants with :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:

It’s gonna happen one day bro :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:
I’ve already started collecting data about humidity, temps and stuff :wink:


It definitely was a crazy experience! Grew them in a closet and was surprising colleages with stash to smoke…of course after doing some back ground check…snitches are real!
Had to be real careful when smoking a j…mostly didn’t and only vaped.
Check out this nug below from my 1st grow (Northern Lights) which I cured for 3 yrs and smoked it on my last day there.

I also took home 12gms of my last grow SSH packed inside some coffee beans and had a blast when I got back! :wink:


I’m outta likes brother but looking good. Love the air pots. I run the seven falling ones. Good luck and I’ll be hanging round watching.



Bro…happy that I’m back on OG! :herb:





I love the airpots. I have 1ltr, 3ltr and 10ltr of those. I use the 3ltr for clones.
I also have fabric pots but they require a stand for the run-off. Good results nevertheless.
The only downside to using air-pots are fungus gnats…pesky bastards get in from the sides…
I use BT with every watering and I’ve not been seeing them around lately…:v:t4:


Beauties! I would also love to get some land to do outdoor grows in the future. Happy growing! :maple_leaf:


Good lookin plants.
Welcome back bud. Thanks for sharing!


Sowed your first seed in japan… that’s an amazing feat.


Great grow you got going on!! Nice clean set up, unlike mine, LOL! One of my uncles, spent 10+ years in Japan and the Philippines, for another 10 or so. He is not a weeder at all, but I sure loved the home movies he brought home to show to us, when I was a much younger man. I’d watch every inch of those 8mm films.
Anyway, wish all the best for your grow!!


Thank you…:pray:t3:
The japs sure make great movies… interesting perspectives…
Kurosawa was a big inspiration!

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A little update on my garden.

Blue Gelato 41 day 12f

Cheese and Gorilla Zkittlez day 5f
Looks like the cheese (black towel) would turn out to be a small plant…poor genetics.

Who doesn’t love waking up to be greeted by the girls like this? :blush:


Bro, I’m an outdoor grower, but I check the new postings and have a lot of respect for indoor grows, it has always seemed to me a lot more complicated than my thing.
But you caught my eye. Looks good. Put down your thing, UT only gets better, and better.
And better.
Blessings upon your crop.


Thank you brother for those kind words and blessings…:pray:t3:
The advantage of indoor grows is climate and pest control…
Would live to do an outdoor grow someday, but since I live closer to the equator, I prolly need to veg indoors and then take them outside after the summer solstice…around the end of June or so…


Or autos!!!

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Hello everyone!
Hope all are doing great!

Updates in my garden.
Blue Gelato 41 tent is just keeping me amazed by the day. The mothers in dwc have been topped to 8 colas each and with a little pinching and lst from week 2, quite a few auxillary shoots have started to fill in towards the canopy. I’ve noticed I’m only able to achieve this successfully in dwc as compared to coco or any other “soil-based” medium. Not sure about nft or ebb and flow. The fact that the roots don’t have to break through the medium and are happily sitting suspended in aerated nutrient solution, makes those auxillary shoots explode when exposed to light.
This is day 16f. Defoliation on these girls is coming up this weekend around day 18-21.

The other tent with the Cheese and Gorilla Zkittlez are on day 9f. I had topped these mothers to 8 colas in veg and spread them out today. They’ve taken to the lst well and should fill in over the week.



That’s it for today…


looking good there brother man :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: