Meesh's 2019 Outdoor Grow Show

I’ve been digging out special planters in my backyard since Winter for permanent living soil beds for my cannabis. The dirt was pretty dead and sat fallow for over a decade. Dug it out to about 4 feet, filled it back in an amended it per a soil test. Once we filled it back in we were short about 46 1/2 cubic feet of soil, so filled the remainder with new organic garden soil and have strewn a few handfuls of dutch white clover in as a living mulch. I’m still waiting for it to germ. These beds will hold 6 plants that will have 4 feet in between them. These grows will be all organic (except the autos).
As a lot of you know, I’ve been very interested and have been doing a lot of reading about organic gardening and I’m excited to start trying out some things I’ve learned.

Since I only grow outdoors, and am producing a year’s worth of medicine for both myself and Dad, these beds will be filled with feminized plants. That way I am assured the bud from 6 plants this season. I am also planting all OG gifted regular seeds in my veggie patch where I left some room and can pull them if they show male. Any of these that turn out female will be bonus bud this year. Plus, I’m super excited about the preservation run seeds and your crosses OG fam!

I also have some autos out there, these will be in 3 gallon containers in organic potting soil, but will be using Megacrop for these.

I have started all of these seeds except the Autos today. The 5 autos germed about 3 days ago

So far, my line-up is… (I will be adding a few more later)

Fems: All gifted by @MomOnTheRun cuz she rules and is ridiculously generous and kind

Original Skunk
Good Shit
Strawberry Diesel
Holy Punch

There is only 1 seed of each so I also have some Fem Strawberry Diesel on order and will eventually end up with 6 in the mj planters


Jungle Spice- Preservation Run
Dragons Blood Hash Plant- Preservation Run
Sunshine Daydream- Preservation Run
Berry White x Red Cherry Berry by @cannabissequoia (which I have named Cherry Berry White)

Auto Fems:

2 Blue Dream
2 Dark Devils
1 @ReikoX Mix
Da Green and Dark Sparks by @Mr.Sparkle
Jamacian Haze

The new planters…

Seeds germing 4/4/2019


I’m in. Very cool. Looking forward to progress pictures


If I recall, these are all sativa or sativa dom hybrids. If I grow any indica, it will go strictly to Dad or otherwise gifted. Indica kicks my ass and not in a good way since I’ve aged. lol Some people also have theories that outdoor plants usually are female, but we shall see.


Or you could mix the 2 strains to keep your ass from getting kicked ,I mix chemo (knock you out Mike )with a couple sativa strains and quite a enjoyable smoke !


Oh this is going to be fun! Getting the oil heated up in pot and getting a big batch of popcorn ready for this thread!


Oh you know that I’ll be bugging you with my organic questions @Tinytuttle


I’ve heard and tried to test that theory… That all plants started outside will be female… Yet to see true “results” in favor…

However… Amazing looking start lady … Ready to see that skunk do it’s thing outside, may get quite a few feet tall


OMG! Me too!! Really stoked on it! Knocking on wood that it germs! Also Good Shit has us ladies frothing at the mouth too, those buds are PINK! :grin:


Haha just remember your feeding your soil and everything will take care of the plants for ya! On a side note had you planned on using any crab meal or insect frass?


If those buds are pink I want a cut… I’ve been searching for a strain that has pink or purple pistils to call my own …

Loves me my pink


What a lineup! You got it going on girl! And no I am not saying that because your growing out most of what I have contributed just happy to help a fellow grower out when I can as many OG members do when there is a need :wink:

I look forward to your progress and hope your harvest is bountiful :stuck_out_tongue:


Ooooo good thought…

What about IPM ? Have you thought about any preventatives?

I thought you had a small issue last summer with bugs but I could be wrong… Either way, one years anti-festation is the next year’s locust plague


Ya I just think it’s a great insurance plan from the get go! Put it in my mix in the beds and only saw a couple of aphids on the plant real late in flower I’m also thinking that the large clump of parsley I had growing beside it had something to do with it also, companion planting is always a good thing also!


I had some issue with the clones early on but problem was quickly taken care and maybe a tad in reg plants but remedy the problem with insecticidal soap pretty quickly


If ya’ll want to walk me through when it is time to clone, I’ll give a damn good college try to make that happen

Fucken A! :grinning:

Been messing with neem oil and Dr. Bronners Soap, but I need to get on it again in the veggie patch, earwigs are eating leaves all over the place! Do you think I should kick it up a notch and order an essential oil blend from Build a soil?

Haven’t completely formulated a plan. So far got the barley for SST and still have the compost cooking. I was gonna kind of wing it and see what works best I’m quite certain we will fill this thread with good ideas as I grow. :relaxed:


Lol I think I was following up on your thought but talking at the Meesh lady but it seems as I’m writing this she has answered my question

@Meesh Of course we’ll walk you through cloning… For pink buds lol

As far as the essential blend, it would be a good addition but if you don’t really need it because of previous neem and bronner soap application then I’d say give it a pass, but couldn’t say it would hurt :wink:


I’d say hit them several times with neam oil IIRC what neam does it keeps them from unable to reproduce more generations… maybe try a peppermint tea or garlic and hot pepper concoction


@toastyjakes I had a few spidermites, they weren’t too bad, but it’s inevitable that I will be picking off caterpillers aka craperpillers as @Sunvalley lovingly calls them in spades once they bud.


For sure… It’s systemic… IF I need it I mix with a bit of dish soap and warm water and soak them down about 30 minutes before lights out… Do that every 3 days for 2 weeks and it’ll “become the plant” and overall keep itself pest free


Oh yeah… Budderpilars are quite the outdoor ass pain… Happens though… as long as they don’t get too big… Used to love smoking dried ones when I’d get them in a bud in bags, but I’m a weird boy lol