Molasses Before Harvest?

A colleague of mine and I were talking today and he recommended that I add Molasses to my plants that I am planning on harvesting in 4-5 days…

This individual is very involved in the cannabis community but more on the retail side and not necessarily cultivation. He does grow for fun but I am a bit skeptical about this suggestion, so here I am.

I understand adding molasses can help buds swell and supposedly it can help with the aromas. But my understanding was that it should be implemented much earlier. My understanding is also that the molasses contains calcium and magnesium which is why it is so helpful; in which case I have been supplementing Calmag throughout this grow.

If I were to take his advice and add molasses would I be screwing myself? Would I have to go another 2 weeks to re flush? Would it benefit me at all at day 70 of flower?

Any insight is greatly appreciated.



One of my good friends does this. I’ve heard it before as well


Yeah I have read up on it a lot now but I think I am just late to the party in this case it sounds like.

Maybe someone can correct me but I THINK I accomplished some of the benefits by supplementing Calmag throughout the grow.


the proper fertigation should take care of feeding the plant.
the whole molasses thing came about for a way to feed the bio microbes at couple points -
mid-Veg and mid-flower for myself. I add a couple ounces to tea feedings.


I’m surprised there hasn’t been some good study on this?

Not to divert the topic but I was reading that there have been studies on flushing at the end of flowering and the results seem to point to flushing not being necessary which is contrary to everything I studied some 10 years ago when I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how best to do things.


flushing is just like several other harvest rituals that some ppl follow - most of the time it was something told to them and they now do the same. the one real thing is to ensure that the plant is not getting fertilized the last couple weeks or risk affecting the bud flavor after curing; just water last two weeks for me.
the commercial guys never flush their plants - so it’s more a preference IMO.

anyway, my $.02 :nerd_face:


Got you.

So supplementing the molasses at those points would benefit my soil a good deal it sounds like.


It sounds like I have some reading to do as well.

I have a few books that I am curious to see if they discuss the topic at all. If they do I will check back.

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I hear you on that.

Everything evolves it seems and I have learned that techniques I was using when I initially grew years ago, are now outdated in some ways or simply deemed unnecessary.

I am all about the terps so I am always looking to add any methods that can boost terps into my regiment. The whole pre harvest “dark period” comes to mind.

The way it was pitched to me, molasses would benefit me and I am going to have to give it a try next time around.


This :point_up:


i got a sample of these guys gear delivered for the price of shipping [ < $10 bucks] and
used their tea pack a couple ounces of molasses and my plants loved it.

included in the sample pack is AZOS and MYCOS is for transplanting and starting the microbes to help with root development and lessen any shock.

I have seen their stuff around I think. That almost seems too good to pass up.

Would you run the tea mix again it sounds like? I am trying to implement teas into my growing setup and it seems pretty user friendly.

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I’ve wanted to try it, but too cheap to pull the trigger. Please keep up posted!!

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I have heard mixed reviews on the Mycos.

One grower/shop owner around here has always told me not to waste my money on it. Its not cheap, and shit he wants to sell me stuff but he has steered me away before.

But then again, guys come in there and buy thousands of dollars worth of the stuff for their commercial grows.

I am just going to have to find out for myself I think and give it a shot. Form my own opinion.


Christ…it better work
…edit…lol…lawn treatment…years, sure…$2000 in sod and $2000 in myco…best lawn ever…lol


Yep thats the stuff he sells a lot of.

He sells the bigger tubs of that for like 300 bucks or something I think. And people are buying it!

That would be some serious dedication to the lawncare life haha.

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Ive seen in other forums that Great White is popular. Its pricey tho huh


I usually do the molasses in last few weeks of flower, usually one or 2 feeding of just molasses and water, then last week give or take a few days I do straight water


i have used the XTRREME Gardening MYCOS on my last two runs covering about 18-20 plants and I still have about 50% of their stuff left. I won’t grow w/o some type of microbe product gain - each one has their reason why they are the best - I’m not product loyal, so I found another company with samples for $8.75 shipped - I choose their pick-3 dry option and now have the Roots Organics OregonismXL on deck - the MSRP is $11.99 by itself.

OregonismXL increases root mass and size by colonizing the root system with symbiotic fungi and bacteria. The fungi extend their network into the surrounding plant rhizosphere, massively increasing plants’ ability to uptake water and vital nutrients. Increased root surface area and enhanced nutrient uptake help to boost plant productivity and yield. Roots Organics OregonismXL is a custom blend of Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizae (VAM), with Bacillus bacteria, Pseudomonas bacteria, and humic acid. OregonismXL’s fungi and bacteria are specifically selected for tolerance to environmental extremes.

I also got their uprising BLOOM and Super PHOS packs as part of the $8.75 cost…


I think that the whole molasses/budswell/increase brix and terpens its all bullshit.
The only use for that is like Rootfarmer said to feed soil biology a couple times during the life of the plant
Also , someone here pointed out that molasses feed UNDISCRIMINATELY good and bad guys in the soil, so it would make more sense to use only in ACT where you are sure to just feed the good guys…
Last time i used before harvest, it just made my fusarium problem worst…few days later i had to rush and harvest cause that mean fungus exploded in growth after all those carbs and sugars…
As far as the microbial inoculant i totally lost interest in those cause most of the time the content is expired or not properly stored …ending up with pure and plain farmaceutical grade talc for your plants…better harvestin/fermentig around bacterias and yeasts.Areated compost tea has everythin u need…
Mycorrizzae are very effective but…good luck to find a fresh and properly stored/transported product!