Mold or Webbing/cocoon?

So I noticed this evening in the green house some white webbing on the main stalk of the plant. It was attached to the bud from the stalk, not just on the bud. Sorry no pictures today but I’ll try to get some of i find more. I have been battling caterpillars and seeing moths inside the greenhouse. I hope this isnt the early stages of mold. Any way any thoughts or suggestion?

Maybe remove offending things and see if they come back?

Or just use a Tiger Torch to sterilize the greenhouse and start over.

Without pics it’s hard to know which method might work best.



Probably caterpillars and once they get inside the bud it will start to rot. Be diligent with BT sprays. I spray my outside girls every Friday. Start investigating the buds, pull any worms out to start.

Edit - Almost forgot, the eggs look like tiny black honeycombs, underside of the leaves. If you see any, pull those leaves.


Nice thanks for the advice. I sure hope its the caterpillars and not mold. Pretty early in the year for that but hoping isnt going to do anything. Yeah ive been spraying bt on monday. Hopefully keep the situation at bay. The caterpillars are not even an inch long. Pretty small.

Yeah that is the plan as of now. Remove said webbing and see what happens. Both spots ive found were in the main cola of the plant.

Here is a picture i took about a month ago.


Caterpillars my friend.


Yeah ill try to find some near a bud next

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yep, called leafrollers.