Moon phases and growing cannabis

Hi growers , this topic is such a interesting to me so thats the reason why I establish this tread. Does anybody has any experience with growing weed in the view of moon phases ??? Right now I’m starting my second round and I want to pay attention to tracing the moon. I’m using application for it , Daff Moon’’ u can download it for free on google play store , and it’s great.

this is what I found on worldwideweb about this topic :

The Phases of the Moon

Superior Cannabis gardens are what gardeners want for their efforts, and planting by the phases of the Moon makes this possible. Seeds germinate faster. Plants are hardier and more disease-resistant. They blossom sooner and bear more fruit. Just as importantly, they better resist the stress of harsh weather, drought and insect infestation. Naturally, good gardening techniques must still be adhered to. Gardens need be watered, pruned, mulched, hoed, weeded and fertilized. If you have an outside or in side cannabis garden, paying attention to the Moon phases may be the easiest part of your cannabis gardening experience but the one with the biggest rewards.
Gardening by the moon phases is all a matter of timing. Since we are able to anticipate the phases, we can plan ahead and maximize the connection between the solar system and biological cycles to gain optimum results in the cannabis garden.
The Moon symbolizes emotions, instincts, habits and routine. It describes the ways in which we feel most nurtured and secure. The Moon also reflects the public mood as it changes signs every two to two and half days.
Cycles of the Moon. The Moon travels monthly through each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac, staying approximately 2 and a half days in each sign. As it does so it forms an angular relationship with the Sun that we call a Phase of the Moon. Phase actually means the angle between Moon, Earth and Sun. Moon orbits the Earth and the Earth orbits the Sun. It is the Earth’s orbit that defines the ecliptic which is divided symbolically into the Zodiac.
First of all, phases occur in two stages - Waxing and Waning. The Moon is Waxing - growing - during these phases: New Moon | Crescent Moon | First quarter Moon | Gibbous Moon
It is Waning - shrinking - during these phases: Full Moon | Disseminating | Second Quarter | Balsamic
As a general rule of thumb when the Moon is waxing, plants develop leaves and above ground systems, when it is waning plants develop their root systems. Planting leafy crops such as cannabis that grow above ground are best sown at waxing moon and those that will require strong root systems or grow below ground should be sown after full moon, in the waning phase.
We can now divide these phases into four quarters.

    New Moon to First quarter

    First quarter to Full Moon

    Waxing Full Moon to Second quarter

    Second quarter to New Moon again. - Waning

These 4 phases can be useful to apply the rule of thumb Plant | Feed Harvest|Destroy If you get these 4 main quarters fixed, you will go a long way to understanding cycles.
The 4 intermediate phases also form a quaternary of activity.





Crescent moon phase is when the best germination occurs and is a good time for thinning out seedlings to give room for the rapid growth that occurs at the next phase. Gibbous moon phase is when there is a greater uptake of nutrients from the soil, and swelling of fruits. Disseminating moon is an excellent time for seed setting and ripening. Balsamic phase is the best time for destroying weeds, pruning trees, and all preparation for the next cycle.
It is important to note that you should not do any gardening task at the exact time of a phase. Wait a few hours. Each of the exact phase positions marks a critical time as the moon makes a shift from one phase to the next.
Because the Sun stays in a sign for a full month there are some months that are better for certain gardening tasks than others. Interfacing the Sun cycle and the Moon’s cycle takes a little skill but is not 1 difficult once you apply the logic.
If the Sun is in a ‘fertile’ sign for a month, then you should take advantage of that month to do some gardening - naturally the best results occur when the Moon is also is a fertile sign and the correct phase with the Sun. The best days for doing specific tasks will depend on the Moon’s sign. To synthesize the phase with the sign is important in planting. There is no point in planting at the correct phase, if the Moon is in an incompatible sign - one which might damage or inhibit growth.
Remember the Sun stays in a sign for approximately a month, the Moon passes through all 12 signs in a month, so stays in a sign for approximately 2 and a half days. A new moon always occurs when the Sun and Moon are in the same sign. A full moon occurs when the Moon is in the opposite sign to the Sun.



Nobody from you guy’s are interested in this topic ??? C’MON it’s pretty interesting :yin_yang:


Im very interested, Im wondering if the same spectrum can be mimicked for plans by dimming lights. It have huge impact on all living things you can see it in the nature.


Yeah body this is what I’m talking about. Im not so far in my growing like dimming the lights cause my settup don’t have this option. I’m trying to simulate moon with shortering photo period in blooming phase and I’m 100% sure it’s working … I’m starting blooming phase like every single grower do 12light/12dark .But 3weeks before harvest i change this period like 10/14 and last flushing week i change it like 8/16 …I can confirm it has great effect on plants potential and can help u prevent regrow effect which can occure between some sativa strains …:herb:


i have always wondered about the moon. this is very cool. with diy cobs you can simulate sun up and sun down and also clouds with a storm controller. i thought that was super cool also!


… waaauuu never heard about it before (I have to browse more). It sounds awesome. it is absolutely different level of growing with dimming light and simulates clouds, than putting seed in to soil ,splash some food and wait till harvest … :gift:

isnt it awesome!? everything is soo cool now. the lights do clouds and sunset. my soil decomposes my leaves and stems so i dont have trash.

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Approval ! , Do u own one of this ,gadget’’ and have some experience with ??? I’m really starting to think to upgrade my setup this way :tools:

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i do not i have just seen them in videos and what not. but i defiantly plan to get one

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… maybe we should start a tread about this type of lighting and we will see? maybe we can find some OG’member with more experience like we have …:dark_sunglasses:


Thanks @Catfishbylli for the informative article I’ve read about it here and there and there’s always been info in such source as the Farmers Almanac never did really understand much of it in those sources definitely going to research more into it! Thanks!

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This is really interesting and I will try it for planting and transplanting. Great subject to dig deeper into. To me it seems like adjusting lighting has or will have very little effect since we’re talking moon phases and gravity. It’s like walking around at night without a shirt…you won’t get a moon tan, moonlight doesn’t work like that. Haha. Now gravity to push and pull a plant like tides ebb and flow makes more sense like in the video bellow.

Going to print out the chart and give it a shot. I’m transplanting clones soon and also taking them soon again so this is a perfect time for me to experiment. Won’t commit to keeping progress reported but will try.



Just came across this (citation from old OG post) and I wonder, does anyone has some actual facts that moon phases have influence on success rate of cuttings?

In what phase should be cuttings ideally made?


Nathan Nice at OG wrote:

Moon Cycles

Since ancient times man has observed the effect of the moon on living organisms, especially his crops. Planting and harvest dates based on moon cycles are still found in the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

The moon takes 28 to 29 days to completely orbit the earth. This cycle is divided into four one-week phases. It starts as the new moon waxes (begins to enlarge) for a week until the quarter moon and another week until the moon is full. Then the waning (shrinking) cycle begins and the moon passes back for two weeks through another quarter to reach the beginning of the cycle with a new moon.

Most cultivators agree that the best time for planting is on the waxing moon, and the best time to harvest is on the waning moon. Exact new moons, full moons, and quarter moons are avoided as these are times of interplanetary stress. Planting, germinating, grafting, and layering are most favored during phases 1 and 2. The best time is a few days before the full moon. Phases 3 and 4 are most beneficial for harvesting and pruning.

Root growth seems accelerated at the time of the new moon, possibly as a response to increased gravitational pull from the alignment of sun and moon. It also seems that floral cluster formation is slowed by the full moon.

Strong, full moonlight is on the borderline of being enough light to cease floral induction entirely. Although this never happens, if a plant is just about to begin floral growth, it may be delayed a week by a few nights of bright moonlight. Conversely, plants begin floral growth during the dark nights of the new moon. More research is needed to explain the mysterious effects of moon cycles on Cannabis…

Chiron from CW & OG wrote:
I use Llwellyn’s Moon sign book- It is better to use this book as comapered to most almanacs because the majority of almanacs use astronomical calculation of the Moon in a constallations; but for astrological purposes Llwellyn uses the Moon in zodiac signs. This is what we want to use for gardening. The differnce between the two is about one sign apart. This means if you used an almanac you could be planting in the wrong sign even though some almanacs use the term Moon signs. Due to procession of the equinoxes the “constellations” and the “Signs” don’t match.

HippieChick from OG:
Nothing is really carved in stone, as everyone swears by something different- but I also garden by the stars. Here’s a few of my own notes & observations, if they help- great…if not, well, you ain’t out much…

Phase of moon- I consider it to be 2 days BEFORE and 2 days AFTER the actual calendar date…check an almanac for reference…

Moon Sign- there’s two kinds, the astrological and astronomical (or actual) place in the Zodiac, where the Moon resides during its journey across the night sky. Some folks use the astrological moonsign, I personally like the astronomical one instead. Planting while the Moon is in a Water (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) or Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) will produce plants that will grow rapidly and will generally thrive beyond expectation, and also may have a higher ratio of females. Planting in a Fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) tends to produce low germ rates, with a high proportion of hermies and males- also the plants will be susceptible to mites, mold, diseases and pests. The Air sign plants will tend to be stretchy and may yield less than expected, but should otherwise thrive.

New Moon- the moon is reborn from darkness into light…much like a seed emerging from the soil. This is a powerful time for planting, as seeds grow and sprout quickly and will tolerate a considerable amount of abuse. It’s also a perfect time for cloning- even better if the Moon is in a Water or Earth sign.

*Black Moon- technically the 2nd new moon in a calendar month, it is exceedingly rare…also even more powerful than a standard new moon for cultivation purposes. There is a Black Moon in May, on the 30th…during which time it’ll be in the sign of Taurus- a GREAT time for starting seeds!

Full Moon- the Full Moon has very powerful and dramatic effects on Earth and her occupants…also an excellent time for cultivation and harvesting! Seeds started under a Full Moon may not germ and grow as rapidly as under a New Moon, but they will be spectacular plants…full of vigor and potency.

There is a Lunar Eclipse on May 15, another great time for starting seeds…also a Solar Eclipse on the 30th…this month has some VERY powerful and influential dates for planting and cultivation!

There’s much more, but I’m too stoned to go into further detail ATM… All I can say is this: I’ve gardened faithfully by the stars and have had very outstanding results.


Wife and I started to plant, transplant, trim, LST, supercrop, feed, harvest, basically the entire life of all our plants (veggies, house plants included) with the phases of the moon since reading this. Does it help? I wouldn’t be able to say “oh man you gotta start farming with he moon!” But all our plants are really healthy. These are two clones in the worst dirt ever. In ten years it will be sandstone. However, cannabis is amazingly hardy and resilient, but these were just tossed in here, within the proper moon phase, due to lack of indoor space. Not dead by any means and turning as of yesterday. Also, check out the powdery mildew on the squash.


Please help that poor squash or put it out of its misery! Ha! Ha! :grin:


It’s a little abuse pile. Watered the right ones at least.


Well as its full moon I will be giving this system a try, I will let you know if I see any improvements from my normall method.


I’v been watching this thread since it was posted since the new moon and watching corresponding plant growth seems that my plants have grown by leaps and bounds both indoor and outdoor plants within just the last week anybody else getting similar results ?