Conserving clones in stasis ⏳

Hello gang,

I was trying to find out how to keep clones for later use, and some people put them in the fridge, creating an stasis in the cuttings and they are viable for up to 2 months i read.

Is this true? Have you any experience with this?

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Was just discussing this with @Worcestershire_Farms. He has a method to keep clones around 6 weeks in the fridge.


SkunkmanSam told a story on Hash Church about a refrigerator he had with a low intensity light and a bunch of mothers.


I have a little fridge i have to get running, believe it or not, i have been waiting on the tech to come for over 3 months… :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

But will remove the bulb and try to keep it at 4C, in order to avoid tissues to rot. Or in an attempt to avoid that from happening.

EDIT, without any further ado, here we go gonna be placing pics in a while it’s 12.51pm. BRB with you guys.


Good topic. I have a plant tissue culture set-up that I’m looking to do something similar with. That is, to slow the growth without killing the poor things while remaining under refrigerated conditions.

Listening intently to the experience and results of others…


Gathering tools and accesories to make it happen.

Will be taking two cuttings from each plant, one for stasis conservation and the other one will be cloned immediately in the TurboKloner with a little Rhizotonic and tap water.

It will be fun to clone and try to do the stasis for a while and all, but the sad part is i am doing it because there is no way i can finish the plants. I am leaving for the city next month and have to wrap it up.

Will be cloning and doing the mushroom thing for now…



Remember to ph correct the solution @MadScientist as rhizotonic and tap water on their own will give you a ph in the region of PH9 to PH10 with out any of that brands veg food in, as that contains things to balance the PH along the lines of humic and fulvic acids.:wink:

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You are a better human than me, that is for sure.

I take the advice and will follow it verbatim, i haven´t played with Rhizo much, so yeah.

Hope you are in good health and thanks for writing in this thread. I appreciate it.



I have been working on this for several months now, with these results:

First White Widow seeds grown on 2017-11-14. First three (3) cuttings were taken on 2017-12-23. Then dipped into small amount of rooting hormone and put into jiffy pellets under humidity dome until rooted. Then transplanted as needed. All three (3) cuttings made it believe it or not.
Next: 2018-01-14 took cuttings from these three plants before putting into flower about 1/2 or Eight (8) were made into clones and the rest were put into a zip-lock bag misted with tap water sealed with two breaths my exghusted breaths of air and placed into the door of my refrigerator. I checked on them every few days at first and they looked fine for over a month. Around 2018-03-01 I took the cuttings from the refrigerator, cut the ends about 3/4" from the end dipped them into hormone powder and planted them into jiffy pellets inside yogurt cups (it takes about 3 jiffy pellets for each yogurt cup, just for your information). I no longer do it this way, I just put the cuttings straight into the jiffy pellet, keep moist and in at least 18 hours of light for about 4-6 days then transplant straight into solo type cups to get size for several weeks or until I need to take more cuttings, etc…

Had to make an edit, out of the Six (6) clones I attempted to make, Five (5) made it. One was an experiment to see how much off a stem is need to root and get a plant growing.

I like the results I (We) are getting so far…



This addition is being made over a week after many, many, well you get the idea! I did not realize that I did not list the final length of time I (we) were able to keep the clones alive in the refrigerator door. Total time was 2 months 3 weeks.


That is exactly how i read it on the web somewhere, and i love you getting 80% rooting after the exercise.

That is how i am gonna do it, while the new seedlings take off, i will have the clones of the current genetics in hand to try and make them grow the most uniformly possible, gonna be doing Cinderella 99 by @Baudelaire and also Hiro by @Swampthing as soon as i move.

I might need two 4x4s, to have all the genetics running in veg, after that i am gonna choose the best three females of each and take them to harvest. 12 plants exactly like last time, but the topping will be done twice instead of once this time around.

EDIT, i just found this…


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Here i am taking cuttings for stasis and cloning.

So you get the idea!

Will update when done.



Nice and clean, real lab…


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Hey @Pedro_Bann buddy!

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I think this is about to be over, i am starting to flower the plants now, to see what i got.

Will be taking all females and two males as well to pollinize a couple of branches and make another cross, i plan on doing this every grow.


Ok, the job is done.

Properly labeled by parent and strain. Took two cuttings of each plant.

Cuttings to be cloned are running in the TurboKloner under 24/7. With 140ppm Thrive Alive Red @ 5.7pH.

All the Sour Bubble cuttings ready for stasis. In a tupperware with very little moist in it. @BogSeeds

All of the Grass Monkeys are ready to do the same. In exact same conditions. @LED_Seedz

And for a job well done…

Smoking time! LGOGxSF joint.

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Thanks for posting this bit of info. I’ve been misting the heck out of mine with water, and assuming the lifespan was 1 week. durp.


Actually the cutting needs very little water like a mist or two of the bottle, for what i read. I am doing this for the first time, we’ll see how they do.


I read that you open the ziplock, baggie or tupperware once or twice a week so they get some fresh air, and then back in the fridge. If done correctly, i read that cuttings last up to two months, i remember a very nice member we had @GrowerGoneWild recommended doing it for not more than two weeks, so there are several schools of tought about the matter. I even read that after being in stasis, cuttings will root a lot faster too, in like 3 days instead of 10. Dunno.



My cuttings are going nice.

Removed the dome and placed them in this little propagation tent.

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I used to do this a lot. Cuttings in a freezer bag with a paper towel for 6+ weeks placed in the crisper drawer. You should check them every week or so to make sure none are sitting in moisture rotting and to exchange air.

I found it most useful when keeping cuts of unsexed seedlings so you can flower the plants they are from without having to root males. It is also useful if you are flipping a plant you don’t have a mother of, don’t have room for cuttings immediately, or want to slow the clones down for timing reasons.