My Final Rebuild or Running Till I'm Composted

I’ve worked my area for 20+ years now. I started in small stealth boxes, went to tents, sick of crawling in and out of them. We remodeled our tiny house last year, so we can Age In Place. Making doors wider for wheel chair access, should we need them at some point.

During this time, the construction was estimated to be 2-3 months, it went over 8 months in duration. All supply chain hiccups. It was maddening for sure.

I purchased LED’s from the great folks at GrowLightsAustralia. 4- 750 wide board kits.
I’ll be setting up 2’ x 2’ x 7" F+D trays, a mix of Hydroton, Sunshine Mix #4, coco husks, a bag of worm casting, with a 20 gallon reservoir under the tray.

I’m running some Capulator strains, Big Chillz, Granny Mac’s, Mac V2, Mac Stomper, and something else.
I’m running some Santero’s Killer Grape, from FlowerPowerSeedbank, Hypro Widow and Hypro Star. I also will run this year a Lemon Thai from the Derg Corra Collective
I’ll also be cracking very soon, a breeder I’m super excited by their strains. If I was NOT so broke right now, I’d have every bean they sell, but for now, I’ve a packet of SAWA IBL and SAWA Natty from their items are off the beaten path for genetics, so I’m tickled to find them.

Due to holding the plants, or trying to find the sweet spot between staying alive, and not growing much, is very difficult. They want to run!! Holding them sucks, but with sever topping, and taking cuttings, I was able to do just that. BUT they look like shit TBH.
So beg my pardon for my area is under construction, but coming along.
One tent left, that is now flowering, as all the gear I saved for our non bud bearing time, is VERY VERY LOW!!

So enough with the bull shit, and we will start at the beginning of this ordeal. Wall scrapping, oh yeah!! We all love to do it!!

and after:


Looks nice. It always takes longer than first expected but it’ll have it’s rewards. I’m finally finishing up rooms I started over a year ago


I had a 4" Vortex attached to the filter, just sitting out of the last tent all during the construction. I had built up a wall of basement stuff, to hide it. Now I’ll remove the 4" and put the 6" on and relocate it another room altogether.


Hey rooted, Thanks for stopping in. As an old dude, it will take some time to get it all rolling along, working back to my perpetual flow.
I’m also growing some vegetables on the fan/filter side of the basement.
I’m running the speed controller on the lowest setting, and it’s still sucking in the sides of the tent 20+ feet away. So PLENTY of air movement.

The 6" pipe running across the room that will be divided into 3 separate growing area, curtained off from each other. Love Panda.


I found for me it was about 1,500 lux under white led (about 4 watts/ sqr. foot)
It’s like they go into stasis, very slow growing but happy. When you want cuttings, crank them up to 15K lux and boom!

I like that funky web site, hyp3rids, I spent 5 min. trying to see the price on the Cambodian Red… then I figured out it isn’t released yet :laughing: :call_me_hand:



Thinking of doing something in my basement as well. But really lazy. Thanks for the info the strain selections look killer that Sawa sound amazing!

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Hey Gpaw, Thanks for your kind words!! I always like to know another growers tricks they use. I got my 2nd G 2 years ago, so I’m in the unofficial great grand paw club.
I found hyp3rids over at Seedheaven. And ordered the Natty and IBL. Then a bit later on, got curious and searched them out. Hell I fell asleep, reading on their site, and got to thinking about some of those stunning strains.
I asked Santero about them, and said they are golden, super folks to work with and to just know. I then did a thing, I’ve not ever done, and contacted them. Man I got a very nice reply back, and as soon as I fatten up the starved piggy bank, some of that will be to have all their work and growing them out. I do not collect, I buy and run them.

Hey Art_Vandelay, Thank you for stopping in. It was work I put off for years. I always had tents, and just got over them. Going back to caveman, lights, ventilation, Panda walls, F&D set up, well a bit twisted with the organic’s tossed in the mix.

Best to ya both!!


Its great to finally move into a room from a tent. Its like the girls are a real part of the family now…not just renters. Hard wiring as opposed to extension cords and all the organized stuff is much better for old backs and knees. You’re doin’ a great job there…I’m also a noob Grandpa, and I find all my old guerilla grow energy is used up chasing the toddler around. Its good to have well behaved plants in their own bedroom. Cheers


Hey Cannasaurusrex, Thank you for your time. My time with tents was just great!! For me leaving them behind, still useable, was a bit harder to do, as I get into the squeeze every cent from it then retire it.
I love the 3 big open F&D areas I chiseled out now. Once I set screens on them, I’ll be able to walk all around them. When I set up and ran my Outlaw set up, it was a bear to my back, hunching over all the time for the screen work. The work pays off for sure.
I even brought in my mechanics wheelie chair, but just did not have enough room.
I do now.
Best to ya Cannasaururex !!


Well my old timers condition must have been strong the day I ran the 6" exhaust pipe across the room, as I missed a Tee for the center space! For now, I’m simply using the space as i go. Just a veg area for now, to buck them up.
Last night, as I’m standing there, I can not see what is wrong…and it’s an damned elephant, I start to head back up the stairs, and then, like a lightening bolt struck me, I started to laugh at missing the elephant, and turned back to look and yeah, no exhaust port in space 2!! I have it all in my pile of faded dreams.
My vegetable side.
Tomatoes from some that got wrinkly for being older.
Potatoes from some potatoes that started to eye out in the bag.
Spinach from some Etsy seeds that did great in pots outdoors last summer.
Some summer savory and winter savory herbs, but they are not happy with me at all.


Hey @webeblzr, good to see you. I’m with you on the room changes. I’m going back with one of my spare bedrooms atm. Sort of coming back full circle, ha, after trying other spots. The basement turned out to be too cold until I do more work down there.

I did buy a small closet humidifier and that’s already making a difference. It’s just so dry here. Next purchase is to get a good fan and hepa filter to keep pollen out. I have to work a little more for that.

Good luck on the rebuild. I know it’ll be the bomb before long. After seeing your old Krusty Bucket system from way back, I knew you weren’t screwing around, lol.

My long term dream is to get the downstairs up to par and frame in a room that would be much easier to keep warm than my room with the hanging Panda Film walls. I have a space outside that I want to isolate and turn into a grow space with maybe a way to use it like a greenhouse part of the time and in summer use shade cloth instead of the plastic. We’ll see how that goes. I plan on starting a new journal any day for a place to have fun and drop photos. Have fun with the project. Talk to you soon. peace


Great build out my friend

Bro I wish I had the space
wow it’s looking awesome

I was about to go tentless if there is such a word but the mrs got me a new 48 x 48 x 80 when it goes no more tents only raised beds for me


Hey GMan!! Hey Papalag!!,

Yeah G, I wish I was out there to give you a some days of labor. Your basement that I could see is a sweetie!! To dry, humm I wonder if a water feature inside could help with that? I found these a few months ago, and have become entranced with trying to make something along this idea to fit in my basement. There are a few You Tubes of different styles. I’m going to try some chicken wire, shape and fasten it, then a cover of burlap dunked in overly liquid cement mix cement, then draped to my form.
Love to see your thread man!!
Man papalag it’s like going back to my old caveman ways, but with LED’s and F&D systems!! LOL!! The plants are loving on the lights and steady food, imagine that! I do still have one tent, that I had to buy, to hold my savers up in our bedroom for a about a month. The old ones (tents) were just to ratty, and that was NOT happening for the wife LOL! It was a hard sell to put it there in the first place.
She is a super dear soul, and very very forgiving of my, ah, er, well hillbilly ways at times!!
Damn nice of your mrs for sure!!
Take care!


Hey @webeblzr what did you think of the high on the amnesia haze x chocolate rain you ran from @santeto’s reproduction?


Hey Moka, I really enjoyed the smoke. I will say, I will give it a much longer cure time myself next run of it. When I sampled her off the stalk, it was very nice. About at 6 months, she got very potent.
IMHO all the selections at SeedHeaven deserve some thought, as the prices are just great, to me. Not so much hype driven strains, but the Escobar recreations are terp and flavor packed, again IMHO.
But check in as they are small lots usually, so see it order it!!
best to ya!!


I hear ya on the prices there! And I have been keeping my eye out! I actually think my next run will be the raspberry truffle strain!

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Hey Moka, I’ve not run that one myself, but sounds excellent. I’ve secured the SAWA IBL, and SAWA Natty from hyp3rids offerings over there, that will I will be running soon, after I find the Capulator items I want to keep as clones.
Hyp3rids has some really off the beaten path items for my strain addiction.
The cookie/cake/pastry/fritter bakery scene strains, just have no appeal to me. I’ve tasted a few, some had a fine stone to it.
If I want to smell a bakery, I’ll throw the 6 items together and bake a loaf of bread.

After 50+ years of smoking cannabis, I’ve lived through so many MUST HAVE strain reveals, and jumped through so many hoops, to get them, to be all crazy with excitement for the whole process, to spark up, and your brain lets you know quickly if you found nirvana or another sales promo strain.
So many ways to separate you from your cash, and it’s all due to FOMO. Fear Of Missing Out !! It’s been used for a thousand years, to drive the human herd.
Also, I love running different strains, so I do not mean to bash anyone, well except the out and out liars of any strain.


The rhaspberry truffle strain is named by San and it’s Santa Maria x Chocolate Rain F2 originally an e$kobar cross!

Edit: I totally get avoiding the hype strains by far. I couldn’t care less about wedding cake, gelato, London pound cake, cookies, or any of the like. For me it’s older genetics, heirlooms, and landraces that tickle my fancy.


Great thread @webeblzr enjoying learning your system. Just an FYI If you use the @ symbol in front of another users name they are notified that you tagged them.


Hey Moka, I’ll have to look in my seeds now that I read that, I’ve run many of the chocolate rains, and I’ve run Santa Maria something, a long while back.
Hey Qtip, Thank you for stopping in and the most kind words. AND I really appreciate that tip!! I’ll take all the help I can get!!
So a grow area up date.
I’ve been juggleing trying to keep up on my wife’s HoneyDo list from the addition, rehanging pictures, shelves, painting, stenciling, plus my Final Rebuild stuff, makes me feel like retirement never started, LOL!
But since the plants were in such horrible state from hiding out from contractors, and, to get my perpetual wheel started rolling again, they both have a common need, time to reveg, and flower time.
So, my last ever tent (LET) is now a flower area. I put the worst and oldest, plants in and started to flower those, as we are running out of my saved bud I stored away.
After so time, I stuck in another Mac Stomper I think, then a week or 2 ago, added another Big Chillz. I opened the LET and snapped a few pics before lights on.
The smallest of the plants went in the F&D tray, and they are very close to be chopped for clones and flowered out. A Mac V2, left rear, a Granny Mac, right rear, in front are a pair of Mac Stompers.
The veg area, plants are coming back, and will be hard topped for clones, and getting ready to flower them out and move the veggers to the next area, when the lazy man gets his ass in gear and finishes it.
Got to move an electrical line over, wire up an outlet, hang another of the GLA LED’s. The best LED I ever used, then set up the F&D tray with a 20 gallon resy under it, and do a proper single plant tray grow.
Sincerely webe