My first time

Hi people, i am doubting about the sort of weed I should grow for the first time, coz I have 0 experience. Looking for something that can grow on its own, and wanna just water it and that is it.

I am not looking for something fancy and not looking for super harvest. I just need something for myself.

Kindly advice what should I buy and where should I get it.

Appreciate it.


Lol . Me too . Just add water . Not trying to be a smart ass but I suggest you do some home work on this site . So much good info and helpful peeps . Oh and welcome to OG.


Welcome to the forum! You’ll still need to do a lot of research on environment and such, but here is a water only soil mix that should carry a plant through its life. It was passed on to me by @ReikoX, and has a link to the thread where he found it.


My first time was also outdoors and only water, now I have two tents and lots of nutrient bottles and extras :sweat_smile:. Once you start with it and enjoy things start to complicate, here you will find lots of info and good help …

I see you started in the Outdoor Growing so suppose you are not growing indoors. The strain you chose depends on the climate and environmental conditions, this is the first info you should give us prior to help you. Indicas resist cold temperatures but not the humidity as sativas do, Do you have long summers and high temperatures or short and cold ones? :sunglasses:


Wow. Didn’t expect to find such a supportive society to be honest😃.

So I live in a tropical city. It is summer all 12 month, but December, January and February are little chilly. It is super humid here.

For example today it’s 71% humidity
30C temperature (and I will be hotter in May- August)
Sunrise at 6:29 a.m
Sunset at 7:00 p.m

And I am growing outdoors.
Thanks people❤️


Those are perfect conditions for the sativas, have no experience with them (just one male :pensive:), hope people can recommend you an easy and strong one … :sunglasses:


Do you have concerns about stealth? Would strong odor be an issue, or high visibility?

How long are you able to run the plant? Some are ready 8 weeks after they begin to flower (as soon as 4 weeks from seed start), some take 20+ more weeks. You may want to consider an “auto” which will begin to bloom when it is ready rather than a regular seed that blooms when the days drop under 12 hours.

I wouldn’t suggest making your own soil if you’re just starting out and want to minimize labor. Many commercial soils are good for the task. Don’t go bottom tier.

Adding nutrients is not hard, spoonful or two mixed in a gallon jug and poured until run-off at the bottom of your pot. At minimum you will need two mixes. One for getting big and green (vegetative) and one for when you (or the plant) are ready to bloom.

If you REALLY don’t want to add nutrients to your watering routine then you will need something preloaded. The weed produced will likely be 2nd rate.

Do a bit of research and keep asking specific questions here.


welcome. you are in luck. all the answers to any questions you will have are on this site. the folks here are a wealth of growing knowledge. read, read, and read some more. ask some questions and then pop whatever seeds you have on hand. the best pot is pot you grew


I am trying to grow it on the highest part of the roof of 25 floor living building. As I live here almost 6 month, I’ve never seen helicopters to fly around, and people won’t see the plants for sure. I am doing it coz rooftop is a neutral space, and honestly I am sure here people don’t know anything about the plant. The spot can be seen only if you fly over that specific building. I don’t think that smell will be a problem as it is on an open air, the smell shouldn’t be a problem right? I can run the plant as long as needed, but the shorter the better I guess. I wanna use purchased soil, as ground soil may content some insects or anything that can kill my plant.

If you can guide me somehow how to use additional things, I would gladly do so.


you can smell a flowering plant from a fair distance away. if someone is on the roof and knows what it smells like, they will be able to find it. I grew up guerrilla growing in cornfields and you can smell plants late in flower when you are walking to them. be very careful


Death is pretty harsh. Have you considered a strong light bulb and a fan in a closet? Although I suppose that removes deniability.
There are low odor plants.

We can help you with nutrients and timing. Don’t know that we can organize a prison extraction.


Loool. No worries guys. I think my safety is fine. Just wanna know what seeds should I buy and what website should I use for it.

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Well, I was just trying to imagine what would I do in that situation, that doesn’t mean it is a good solution icon_confused, I would start to germinate an Autoflorecient at home. They are faster, light cycles don’t affect them and they say easy to grow.

I would buy a 5 gallon fabric pot with specific earth (not prefertilized), a nutrient mix as Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect (no need to control pH) and a 3 gallons water jerrycan. Prepare the feed at home and arouse her when needed (not so frequent with large pots).

What’s your idea? Do you live in that building and can start the grow at home? :sunglasses:

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Yes, pretty much the same idea what I had, but all my windows look to north, and I don’t get any sun during the day. I am not sure if seeds will grow in such conditions, maybe I should put them out from day 1, coz I believe no one will notice them.

And yeah I will live in the same 25 floor building.

Regarding the lamps and closet, I think it is a bad idea, as it kills my electricity, and it can be tracked.

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I’m not sure if you can find it now, but l grew ‘double sour diesel’ back in 2007. It’s a double back-cross of Sour Diesel.
Such an intense lemony smell and taste.
The best strain for anxiety and a real mood lifter.
If my memory serves me, it was in ‘Big Book Of Buds’ 3.

As you may read above, some people advice me to grow Sativa, so I don’t know if double sour diesel is an appropriate one.

Please people advice me a specific sort (name) of the plant so I can go ahead and buy it. Or you guys could ship me?:joy:

Ds diesel is a Sativa.

Northern lights is a good strain that is tough and easy to grow. It also doesn’t smell as much as other strains…

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i’d recommend a fast flowering femenized autoflower, something 60 or 70 days from seed to harvest would be great, but if your rooftop is a common area which people use to smoke/sunbathe/hangout i think someone will definitely notice it … and a 25 floor building probably has many residents so its probably a certainty at least some of them smoke weed … someone may wait and then steal your plant :laughing:

i’ve ordered from this site before, this is their list of autoflower seeds which also shows height/growing time/yield, so you can scroll through and find something you like … you can also order single seeds

They won’t, coz they don’t know what this plant is. And also it is on visually inaccessible place. I did a research on this, and it says I should do only Sativa that grow on tropical places such as Maui Wowie or Colombian gold.