Wakamaka fresh to growing

Guys I need help.

I am literally virgin in growing cannabis, and I have already failed 11 seeds out of 16 which I purchased for 140usd so far. Really, if I fail these last 5 seeds (Which I am sure I will) I will loose all of my interest in growing them anymore just because I can’t buy seeds anymore.

I know here we have a lot of people who does this thing for living or for fun. And if any of you guys could donate me any seed, any sort and any amount so I would keep trying until I get it done once. I really want to grow it, but keeping messing up them continuously.

Hoping for the best.

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Why did you fail? Pointless to keep killing seeds if you don’t figure out what’s going wrong.

No need to ever spend that much, tons of inexpensive options.


I failed all in germination level.

First 4 seeds I failed coz didn’t know that I need to water the soil before putting them in. So I just put them in dry soil and they got messed up, the other two wasn’t popping within next three days, and I inspected it , it turned out they were going really well, but I impatiently inspected it too early. The others just died co I overwatered some of them, and we have rainy season now, so no sun no grow.

And I don’t have lamps, heating mat or growing dome. I am just relying on natural light.

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Just place seeds directly into wet soil and leave it alone. If you’re new to germinating this is the best option. Keep the soil wet. In a week you should have seedlings.


Ok. Should I leave it outside or inside? If I keep it inside, there is no sunny part in my apartment. If I keep it outside there a little wind going on. Is that ok?


@Wakamaka4 try this when you get some seeds

it worked great I was having a bitch of a time try to start beans


There are some dirty cheap options around there, in this very place there are fundraising where you can scoop some awesome genetics for your budget.
Otherwise, nirvana kcbrains , nirvana have a decent catalogue with a not to bad prices.

But if germination is your issue you should read couple of threads here.

Also get practice with any kind of seeds at home, you can even purchase hemp seed and germinate hundreds at the time


You need to get two plates . Put one down normally then flip one upside down, stack them like a clam shell. Take a paper towel fold it up about 4 times . Get the paper towel very damp not soaked but completely wet. Add the seeds to the folded square stick the folded square in the clam shell of glass plates. The plates go in a warm dark spot. Keep the towel moist . The seeds will pop in 24-48 hours . Allow the seeds to grow a small tap root then transplant. Thats how you germinate seeds . Do this to one of your seeds it will work. Or use bag seed to practice.
Youtube is a great place to visually see what is the proper procedure .


grew out lots of their stuff

only one that sucked ass was their top 44 yield a ton

smoke it for a week OK, after that no stone :frowning:

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My 2 cents… buy this, i have had almost 98% success starting in this, it regulates the water, and seriously you don’t have to do anything except make sure the bottom is full of water… once they are to tall to put the cover on it, and the roots are poking out the bottom, I plant…


I did it. No problem with that.
The problem starts once I put them in the soil.

Once I put them in a wet soil, should I keep them inside where no sunlight or keep them out, where we have natural light from the sun, with a tiny little wind?

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outside in a nice warm spot. Seedlings like the warmth. Its very easy to over water them. Again go on youtube and look up specific questions. So you can see what your are supposed to do properly.
This may sound odd Ive never grown in dirt so im not much help past germination into dirt.
Go to walmart buy a jifft pellet kit it comes with a little green house great for seedlings and its local and cheap. Allot of us use them .
A few post up there was another item if you want to spend a few bucks. The Jiffy pete pellet house will be the cheapest 5 bucks. Its very easy to over water them they need moisture , not damp wet medium. Roots will thrive with air.


If it’s warm outside leave them outside.

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It is a plant that will grow anywhere but to grow something you can be proud of takes time and lots and lots of knowledge It has taken me years to figure out I know nothing the internet abounds with knowledge as does Overgrow I wish you luck and success on your journey


Hi @Wakamaka4, sorry you’re having a rough start. No worries. Failing is learning. Just maybe start with one seed at a time until you’re comfortable with a certain procedure. We all struggle from time to time.

I have a website link for you that is full of pictures and instructions from seed to harvest. It is simple, laid out for easy navigation, and gives you a good basic idea of the entire process.

Grow Weed Easy

I don’t have any affiliation but remember using it when I got back into it. After getting some answers to basics and some practice, you’ll feel more comfortable coming here to discuss your journey.

Welcome to OG. Check out our amazing cache of knowledge in here. It has it all. People will help you along. But check out that site for the schedule of how it all unfolds.

Are you in the US? Also, learn patience! lol. Nothing happens fast. But soon you’ll have some of you own flower if you can solve your grow space issue. A patio with a pot will do it if it gets any sun at all.

Keep at it. Lots of peeps around to help. peace


Thanks for sharing the link. After reading it, I totally understood what was the problem. I shouldn’t have watered it so much. The plant need to think that it’s spring outside.

Here is my result after planting my seed 16 hours ago


Right on man, when the seedlings are so tiny the can only drink so much. As it grows the water needs will too. You’ll be addicted soon!


I hope so.
It’s 27C hot outside. I am putting my cup covered with plastic bottle. The bottles has some tiny holes so the air can come in. My question is, is that okay to keep it under the sun or sun is too powerful for it now?

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Some folks disagree it might just be me or maybe my location (upstate NY) but I have to use a heat pad a seed starter heating pad especially in the winter …and fall … and spring …lotta times summer too cup potting mix plant them 1/2 inch deep or so you know a finger tip keep them moist not soaked and yo should have sprouts 3 or 4 or so days then off the pad I can’t do it without the heat pad most of the year at least just my 2 cents

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Day three.
I don’t know if that’s good or not. But the true leaves become bigger. Th cup is still little moist. I won’t water it till it’s 90-100% dry.

Tell me if I am wrong.