First grow indoor grow in some years

Hey guys! I have recently moved into a place that I can safely have a small tent set up. I havnt been on the forum in quite some time so I figured I would retrieve my account info and let you guys in on my first tent run! This run I am in a 2x4x5 tent. Equipment is as follows:
Lights- 3x viper spectra p600 (285w at the wall)
Ventilation- 6 inch ac infinity fan and vivosun scrubber
Medium- FF coco loco
Containers- 3 gal bags for 5 of them. 2 gal pots for the gelatos that started from seeds
Nutes- FF liquid trio, FF dry ferts, FF cal/mag, FF sledgehammer flush, GH ph up/down

This grow consists of 2 gorilla glue clones, two sour chelumbian clones, and three gelato bag seed from some Cali outdoor gelato I ordered a few months back. All clones where tied over 90 degrees/topped/trained for four weeks after rooting. The gelatos have been topped once. I flipped the lights to 12/12 on November 11th so I am currently about a week into the stretch and just did some lollipop ping and defoliation today. Almost everything below the screen has gotten the snip. I hope my summary wasn’t too boring and you guys enjoy watching my girls mature as much as I do! I’ll try to keep updated with pictures and observations from now until harvest.



They are looking good, I’ll be following along.

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Welcome back! Plants are looking great, I love a nice scrog!


Nice garden.

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Following :sunglasses:


Wow - 4 years! I’m surprised you still had your password :laughing:

Welcome back - and happy growing!!


I’ll be honest, I had to recover the password through email and change it… it’s been a while. Thanks for the warm welcome back guys! I’ll be back in with some pictures next week.


Can’t wait to see more. Sour Chelumbian sounds like my kinda smoke :ok_hand::grin:


I wondered where you went @Ny_pifftrain Good to see ya.

:green_heart: :seedling:


Great canopy


Are they sativa hybrids they great for scrog gj
I searched it Sour Chelumbian (NorStar Genetics) :: Cannabis Strain Info sounds yum love sativas


I’m a newb, but would love to watch if you don’t mind. :wave:t2:

Picking brains, reading as much as I can….bookmarking for future reference’s! This site is great. :grin:

Your plants look wonderful. :slightly_smiling_face:🪴


Popped into the tent this morning to make sure the ladies are happy. Nothing Special today just tucking a few branches around the trellis. The sour chelumbian is a sativa hybrid but grows much more compact than other sativa hybrids I’ve dealt with. The GG on the other hand is a stretchy gal! Almost has me slightly concerned with a tent height of 5’. These clones are all roughly same age so that should give you an idea of how stretchy this GG is compared. Red marks the GG, purple marks the gelato, and yellow the chelumbian. The sour chelumbian is some of my favorite smoke, my friend has been keeping this strain alive many years and I’ve grown these cuts before, very very tasty!

As far as picking my brain goes, I am flattered! But there are so many more experienced grows to learn from on this forum. This is my first tent run EVER, aside from that I have been in small diy cabs and outdoors. I seroiously have to attribute this tent to the hours spent reading others posts on this forum and not necessarily my own personal expirience. Overgrow has tought me most of what I know! Even when I went dark I was still lurking and learning :slight_smile:


Welcome back! Your plants look great, Like getting on a bike right!

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Day 11 for the girls. One of the three gelato from seed have shown female the other two havnt quite shown yet but I’ll continue to monitor them closely. My concerns about overal plant height are easing as it seems I should have enough room vertically to move lights throughout this next week, I have a tendency to micro manage my grow it’s easily accessible to me so I tinker with it often and raise lights as the plant grows to keep it as close as I can at all times. The canopy has filled out very nicely but I’m starting to think I may need to thin some of the bigger leaves that are overlapping, I don’t want to leave chances for humidity build up/pm/mold. Or maybe I should leave it alone and get a second fan on opposite side of tent underneath the canopy? Open to suggestions on this one. Maybe I’m overthinking it? Girls will need another feed tonight don’t mind the droop.


Beautiful update :star_struck: @Ny_pifftrain nice work.

Looks like another fan would really help eliminate any dead zones.

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Thanks buddy. The recognition from the real deals on here is what drives me to learn. All the home boys gas me up but you guys make me feel like I’m on the right track!

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Looking good in there!

:green_heart: :seedling:

Good look with the grow,I’m thinking about using the net witchcraft you have there next grow

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Very impressive !

Remarkable leaf sizes! And very tidy light set up!

However I just have one personal curiosity - I have a 2x4x5 tent and it seems you* have a lot more space than I do lol…as you mentioned those measurements, I must need to utilize my space Better if those are infact the measurements. for some reasoni you’re seems wider

I suppose the pots I had flowered in were 7gallon fabric pots and 3-4 of them consumed the tent!

I Am happy to be here for you’re return to the tent. I will be making mental notes!

See you around !!


Edit - it must be those dapper looking tall fabric pots :slight_smile:

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