My Return to Cannabis - Kashmir Azad Indoor Open Pollination

Yes, I’m interested! :star_struck:
They are prime material for a breeding project(s). :+1: :sunglasses:



I’ll make sure you have lots of breeding stock when they’re done! I just ordered another 600 watt hps for my upcoming Apollo 13 x Apollo 11 open pollination, but it’s going to arrive in time to add to this grow, so I’ll veg these for a couple more weeks with the new light and get even more seeds!

Edited: The females are in 15 gallon pots, so they’ve definitely got more legs than light, which means the added light should really boost yields with the added veg time.


I call that cross Apollo 24. :grinning: I’d be interested in some of your Azad seeds when they’re ready. Thanks for offering them. :vulcan_salute:


Just catching up on some reading and I would be interested in some Azad for sure. Like you I would be looking to make a cross with those.


I’ll make sure and let you know when they’re done. I just ordered another 600 watt hps, for a total of 2k+ watts. Between the super long veg and the 15 gallon pots, there shouldn’t be any shortage of seeds.


Thought I’d post a quick, post-watering cell phone pic update. Things are progressing well, no issues so far, good growth. My new light should be coming any day, which is great because they’re going to start getting crowded soon.


Awesome looking plants, and like most everyone else much interest in seeds. Can’t wait to hear more.


The new light came. The plants have a lot more room to stretch out, but I really feel like I’m in over my head now. I feel like the minute I am ready to relax for the day, I have to go mix water and nutrients. It’s fun and I like staying busy, but I wish I had a pause button so I could take a breather. I haven’t grown in 5 years and all of a sudden I have an entire room full of plants. This was supposed to be a small grow lol


I had to use panorama mode because they wouldn’t all fit in the frame :frowning: That’s why the perspective is all weird.


Added a regular picture. My light setup is a little … ad hoc. It’s super rudimentary, but I am on a shoestring budget and have almost nothing invested. I am really proud of my plants and love them very much. I feel an attachment to them I’ve never felt with plants before. I am going to do an overview of the phenotypes so far soon right before I flip the switch. There is a recliner in there so I can sit and look at them. Weird, I know :stuck_out_tongue:


Pulling up a chair!


You should REALLY consider using felt pots, your plants will NEVER get root bound. I did and won’t use much else, nothing else in flower. Luck


I do use fabric pots, believe it or not, and generally refuse to use anything else. This run just really got away from me. There are six of them in cloth pots (the ones with big saucers). I was originally slated to only have six plants (I was gonna cull the rest), so I bought enough soil for 6 plants in 15 gallon cloth pots. When I realized the value of keeping all the plants for genetic diversity, I had to improvise. I had to grab every pot I could find from my patio and yard, sanitized them, and had to kind of makeshift some soil out of what I had at home. This is just the alternative to culling them, not my a reflection of my grow style.

This was supposed to be a two light, six plant grow to ease my way back into growing. All of a sudden I’ve got an entire room full of plants and I’m drawing 2k+ watts.
I am post covid and still somehow very limited physically at the moment. I have barely been able to keep up with the transplant and watering cycle. I really, really don’t like growing like this, but I’ll make it work.

Next run, I am bumping the pot size down to 10 gallon cloth pots, so I can keep them all in the same containers


Well they sure have lots of space. Those should fill out wonderfully.


Oh bro I love this story. Think we’ve all been here. Cannot wait now to see your next run.
Hey, found these cool square felt pots on the Zon with loop holes on the outside corners for bamboo. Excellent.
Rock it bro…

Here is my Oger Ghost Cut in one at 30 days in. 3gal.


Thanks! Yeah, the next run is gonna be much, much better. I saw those square cloth pots and really wanted them, but really cheaped out and got some generic ones (though with good dimensions). It just added up so quickly, getting back into again for the first time.


Love your setup!
It’s not so much ad hoc as minimalist :+1: :sunglasses:
The plants are doing great! and I love the chair… I can’t do that in a 4 x 4 tent!

Are all those lights on the same circuit? :thinking:



Thanks! The lights are on two different circuits, which makes the timers a pain and I have to run an extension cord. It was actually super tricky since whoever wired this house wired all three bedrooms on one breaker, which is very suboptimal.


I culled a plant tonight. I stupidly re-used a pot that I must not have cleaned enough. It had springtail larvae and I could see large numbers in the runoff. I know some people say they’re harmless, but I just didn’t like the numbers I was seeing, so I culled it. So far, it’s the only plant with them. This has been a…challenging day.

Edit: I sort of feel stupid for culling that plant. It was an old bucket that I used at one point to hold decaying organic matter. I must not have been able to get all the larvae with the bleach wash I did. If that many springtail larvae survived, then I wasn’t confident in my cleaning of the bucket–what else was in there? Did I miss fungus? Harmful insects? I made a super quick call. I have a rule that all potentially compromised plants get culled. This is a no triage, no first aid grow; the chopping block is always the first course of action :-/


Love the story, love the grow, keep up the great work. Oh yea love the chair i could and have sit in my room for hrs. Just admiring the ladies.


any smells coming off yet?

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