🌿 Nature Essence [SBG] Grow Challenge (Anything goes!)


grow challenge

Special thanks goes out to @DougDawson and @DannyTerpintine for supplying the beans for this grow out of their own pockets!

The Nature Essence grow challenge will consist of 3 members, @Syn, @G-paS, @TestOfOath. We will post our grow and compare with the other 2 growers. This is open to the public, and we welcome anyone to comment and follow these grows as they unfold.

The seeds we are using are named “Natures Essence” and it’s genetics are as follows…

Mother: (Tree Spirit x Salmon River Og)
Father: Mac Stomper [MAC x GrapeStomper Og]
Flowering Time: 49-63 Days (64-78 Days from Flip)
Aroma: Blueberry, Rubber, Kerosene, Gas, Citrus
Sex: Regular Photoperiod
Breeder: @DannyTerpintine (SpaceBound Genetics)

The information contained within these quotes is taken from the SpaceBound Genetics webpage.

  • The Mother is (Tree Spirit x Salmon River Og). The Tree Spirit was hunted from Red Eyed Genetics. The Salmon River Og was hunted from Dynasty Genetics. The Tree Spirit was a drop-dead absolute keeper! Insane frost, big heads, and this strange burnt rubber, pilone (rubber cone) smell. It was an absolute knock-out strain, that had muscle easing properties like a tranquilizer! Leaving you in a lull with a rocking chair type feeling. The father in this cross was our Salmon River Og “Bubba Kerosene Male”. It had beautiful structure, and the terps were insane – imagine the best Bubba Kush you’ve ever smelled, dipped in a can of kerosene!

  • Our Mac Stomper Male is an exceptionally stand out stud! Great growth and vigour, with solid stalks and nice strong side branching. Throws out very early frost (2 weeks into flower)! He even puts out some 11-blade fan leaves! The terpenes on him range from Citrus Lemon, Earthy – Old School Kush, Sweet Vanilla Cream, and GAS! Great Body with a Clear Focused Mental Aspect. Very good Medicine! He throws down heavy GAS and Citrus to his off-spring, while Decreasing Flowering Times.

We are getting seeds in the water as this post is being created. We are going to have a 5 week (+/-) veg time. September 3rd will be the flip to 12/12. This will put us at exactly 5 weeks from seed start.

Each participant will grow their seeds how they deem fit, and will either stress their plant or leave it be, it’s up to the individual growers. The only rules are we start the same genetics on the same day (@TestOfOath has a head start) and flip to 12/12 at the same day.

Everything else will be by a case by case basis.

Now that we are passed the knowledge part of this post, time to move on to the growers.

Enjoy the show!


:popcorn: Pulling up my chair now.


Grabbing a spot on the lawn under the tree to watch the show. Best of luck to all of you, it’s going to be amazing.


So I had bought and then won a 2nd pack of Nature Essence from @DannyTerpintine, I was a last minute entry because I had by chance put a Nature Essence (and Supafreak from @corey) down cause I couldn’t contain my excitement to try them.

Didn’t get a pic of them soaking unfortunately but here’s the nature essence before a 18 hourish soak in a cup with a splash of peroxide. Timestamp says 07/24

And here after I put it in a jiffy pod straight from the soak (wanted to see what skipping the paper towel would do time wise) and as of yesterday it had a tap root and was starting to do it’s thing when I impatiently peaked. Timestamp says 07/25

I’ll start to take more pictures now that I know this is a go for sure, should be fun. This is one of the cultivars I’ve been the most excited about out of everything I’ve bought/traded/begged for :grin: fingers crossed for a purple girl, yeah?


For this grow I’m using Octopots in Coco/Perlite 50/50. (First time running coco)

It will be started in my 2 x 2.5 tent in 3 gal Octopots, running a Sonofarm 2000.

The flower tent is a 4x4 running 600w MH for 2 weeks then 680w HPS. 6 Gal Octopots are in the flower tent.

This grow will have Nature Essence and Purple Punch from 207 Genetics.



Here is the seed start, from scratch to my fancy germ pad.

Hydrogen Peroxide for 5 mins.

The final resting place until seed pop, on top of my Blue/Purple grow light. Better than running a heating pad for 4 seeds.

I also have this entire grow streaming on Twitch.
(The grow in the flower tent is finishing up)

Give it a follow for live updates.


This should be fun…ill grab a lawn chair.


All Right!

It’s Show time.
:couch_and_lamp: :movie_camera: :popcorn:




I’m in for this, got a pack of these sitting in the lineup for a small hunt as we speak.


You want to join in???


I have 4 Cherry Festivals seedling going and 5 more to drop. (I chopped 5 plant early to grow them.) I will wait until these Essence are in pucks and labeled before dropping the CF. I don’t want to have any mix-ups.

I will be doing all the start up in my veg tent which has a 2’ -2 bulb T5, a spider 1000 and a VIPARSPECTRA 900W LED Full Spectrum Veg and Flower
I have a mix of Promix
Added Gypsum, Neem, Kelp and WC.

My procedure:

7/30 0 hours
Drop two seeds in water;
One gallon R/O water
35 ml Ful-Power
A couple sprays of H2O2

24 hours

This is the tent they will be vegging in.


Love your glassware



Bad timing, would need a couple weeks. Thanks for the invite though @Syn

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It is divided in three sections. I use it for multiple varieties. But don’t want to take any chances.


No problem, ill keep a eye out for your grow.


Just posted up my latest, albeit well into flower. Better late than never. Definitely popping these ones soon though as well, is it cool to have simultaneous diaries here @Syn


Pretty much my method exactly , although I’m not sure what your ful-power is? I use pure R/O , a tiny drop of 35H202 and my SSS super start sauce. 24 hours max, soon as they drop (or when I notice it ) straight out.


:green_heart: :seedling:


@G-paS what size is your veg tent?

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About 4’ 8" X 5’ 8" I went and measured.


That picture is hugely deceptive, I thought it was bigger than my bloom tent, not at all. Must be the angle.