Neb's new flower room DTW coco style

Still a work a progress and looking for tips and advice along the way!

So far I have

2 4x6 flood tables
3 720w LEDs (setup a 600w HID in place of one of them as a test)
Lots of fans and pumps
Panda film for the walls and to make a door on the way

What I need to do still is get 2 reservoirs one for each table thinking 100gallons each? Decide on a pot size to use and figure out some way to automate watering with drippers. Probably some other stuff I haven’t thought about yet either.

Room is 7x14 feet with 6 foot ceilings.


Alright! It’s my favorite tick on the tock, grow time. Set up looks real good. If you grow as well as you fish, gonna be incredible.


Looks like it going to be a great setup!


Looks like a great start. Are you trying to use the under table res like the botanicare ones? I’d use a 50 gallon trash can. Are you planning on hooking a hose to the dehuey? that way you don’t have to empty the tiny container on it everyday or more.


Nice room! Can’t wait to see it full of plants.


I love this type of setup! Best of luck brother.

Oh here a little something to inspire you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Soquick’s grow from 2004 in a similar setup
949IMG_1051-thumb.jpeg 949IMG_1050-thumb.jpeg 949IMG_1094-2-thumb.jpeg 949IMG_1096-thumb.jpeg


I like the room Neb. Now fill it up and let see what you can do!


Holy moly that’s a big room. Can’t wait to see it full of flowering plants. Hope you got a good dehumidifier, what about CO2?


got the dehumidifiers covered! CO2 im really not sure.

It’s a small house with 4 people living in it and a dog. I’m pretty sure the furnace and water heater also give off co2. Rooms in the basement. My guts telling me i already have an above normal co2 level down here but id love to find a cheap meter i can check with.


Honestly don’t think they make a cheap CO2 meter. I have this one, but it’s $90 USD. It matches my Pulse Pro ($499 USD) and my Autopilot ($200 USD).


I want a par meter also haha so ive been thinking about just saving for a pulse pro since it seems to do it all.


I love my pulse pro. It will send me a notification when humidity is high and I need to empty the dehumidifier. I get a notification when lights are on/off at the wrong time which happens occasionally with my wifi timers. I also get a notification when my CO2 is low and I need to replace the tank. I pre-orderd my pro and got a free pulse one as well. So now I have one in flower (pro) and one in veg.


I have home assistant setup with some Ruuvi sensors that does the same thing but just for temp/humidity right now. I’d imagine i can include the pulse into Home assistant also.

I know your a bluemat guy @ReikoX do those have anyplace in a setup like this or is this a job better done with drippers.


Not sure about integrating the pro with anything. It all runs on their proprietary platform.


Looking great!! Should bring you a very large harvest once dialed in.

Can I ask which leds you are running??


Wicked setup bro, am jelly!


Growers choice 720w. Did alot of time looking up lights and they have good reviews + a solid 5 year warranty to back it up.


Exactly what I needed to hear haha. Have some Cobs that are still cranking but getting old.

Can’t wait to see how this room does!! You know what strain/ strains you are going to run first in there?


@Neb Great things about to happen in that room!!!


Goji plants are going in first but i think I’m going to run those in DWC buckets still.

Don’t want to risk fucking up the run while i learn a new growing method lol.

After that run is done my goal is really to do a high number SOG with a shit load of different strains lol

I can throw out a list here of what im working with but im slacking and its missing seeds haha
Sebrings - Spirit Train F2 REG
Ethos - End Game (Punch Line Bx1) REG
Med man - Sour Rock Band(Rock-star Kush x (west coast sour diesel x med mans head band)) REG
Gage Green Group - Gawd Dawg (Forum cookies x SSCK) REG
Lucky 13 - Roadkill OG REG
Lucky 13 - Peanut Butter Herijuana REG
shit seeds - buddhas cane fem
Yetigrows - strawberry shortcake auto fem
BakedBeanz - Flaming cookies x mendo breath REG
BakedBeanz - Double stuff REG
BakedBeanz - Blue Sour REG
Yetigrows - Cheese regs(unlabled bag)
Marks - OG Cake REG(unlabled vial)
HSO - Black Dog
Lucky dog seeds - Guerilla Fume

OG donated
Bassman - Gelato S1 FEMS
Alice In WonderLand (NL x HP) REG
Mephsito - Double Grape FEM AUTO - DankD
Mephsito - MBAP x Double Grape FEM AUTO - DankD
Bullskinner - Sour Bluetooth f2 REG
DougDawson - SB x Molokia Frost REG
Blue Dream x Mendo Breath FEM
Rainbow Ylly F2 REG
Jinglepot - Gods Master Kush REG?
Dosi Kush F1 AUTO FEM
Dosi Walker F1 AUTO FEM
Mark Strainly(Corey) - Blue Cookies REG(jg vial)
Sour Diesel - REG
Pura Vida f2 (LA pure kush x Appalachia) REG
Mr.Sparkle Ghost Devil f2 FEM AUTO
Best Coast Genetics - Step Child(Rude Boi x ISE) REG
Sebrings - Forum Stomper f2