Need Original Lowryder #2 - Buy, or Trade

Hello! I am Iamthecheesegods from back in the day.

I need some help, old homies.
I have a whole shitload of data from my breeding of Purple Thai Haze and LR#2 a few years ago.
Other than that, I know how to grow both individually like the back of my hand.

I could REALLY, REALLY use a stack of LR#2 seeds, and they seem to have been lost to time.
Does anyone still have some original beans?

I’ll pay cash or trade for a PTSD strain I developed called Stripper Shoes.

Serious offers please do PM!



I was looking for info on this strain and stumbled across your thread, don’t know if you found it yet and don’t mean to necro, but I noticed newguy420 has these for sale.

Not sure if it’s the original line you’re speaking of though.

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Hello. I have a few Lowryder seeds. Im not sure if its the LR#2 like you mentioned but I know for sure they did come from a Lowryder mother plant. I know I’m new here, I was referred here by someone I met doing business like this with on ebay. I’m legit, I’m out of work and trying to make some extra money. Thanks

I just got pack from 420, I’ll let you know in a few months

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