Needing tea Recipes and advice

Hey im new to growing…

I think I found a soil recipe that I am going to use. Im looking for tea recipes for veg and bloom cycles! To maximize my yield and quality.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Kiss it is what I like to do. I’ve used a 5 gallon bucket and put a couple cups of compost or earth worm castings, and a tablespoon of unsulfured molasses (some use half a cup). I’ve recently started using a bit of kelp meal as well.

Turns out I need a bigger pump, so be careful that as well.


Here are a couple of pretty good documents of making teas.

Ingram Compost Tea Manual.pdf (2.6 MB) KIS Compost Tea Manual.pdf (1.4 MB)

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Some easy other teas you might want to try is (SST) a popcorn tea for veg and some mung bean tea for flower transition … probably have the ingredients already in hand! Just place said seed in a mason jar Soaked over night and Drain when they get little tail. Grind them up in a blender And to water !



I agree with tommy about microbeorganics…
Thers a lotof confusion between “teas” that is an improper word for both either an homebrewed fertilizer or a liquid multiplication of soil organisms with little o no effect on the nutient side…
The key of the ACT is having as less food as possible in the brew , just enough to feed the organisms without “suffocating em” with too much food—and then less oxigen available…
The studies of Tim Wilson are a real treasure in an ocean of confusion!!
The others teas are natural meals bubbled with molasses and ewc in the aim to speed up the process of makin that fertilizer more available and faster to the plant …
A properly done ACT will never burn a plant even if you apply 10 times the necessary amount…cause its just organisms…that u are wastin…
But if you overapply the other teas…hell yeah you can kill a plant…
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Kiss organics and lifta. They don’t need much have you ever grown tomatoes or anything. If you are interested in knf you can download the jadam book for free just search jadam book PDF.


Neem/Alfalfa/Kelp teas can definitely burn a plant. Or any SST can cause issues.

I brew only about 1/4 cup a 5 gallon bucket of kelp and I also add 1/2 cup of neem or alfalfa. Today I did a neem/kelp tea (mainly because I like doing stuff…alternatively you can just start topdressing everything). I bubble my stuff about 24 -36 hours.

Now I do this for “fun”. You do not need to make tea. Tea is for people who have a lot of plants…and not a lot of worm/compost. If you have a few plants, it is not expensive to purchase everything for the plants and top dress them. Especially if you have your own EWC.

I topdress my castings. I bubble some “dried amendments” so it is available a little faster and I like having things to do.


Great links @Guitarzan!! :+1: :sunglasses:

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I made teas to kickstart my living soil cooking. It worked very well. I added compost as well as ewc also, but it got especially hot, quickly, when I started wetting it down with aerated compost tea or ewc aerated tea.