New Gear! 2021

Anyone grow these yet?


Looks interesting good luck and stay safe

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no i was signed up to the letter and with drt but it said not sent out of the usa… so was proper bummed out… hope it all grows well…

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I also got the MAC V2 , MAC Stomper , Big Chillz.
My first Cap strains.
I did not know squat about MAC, until someone saw that Escobar posted over at BB. The place intrigued me. So I did a PUOSP. Once I got mainlined in, I started reading for days on end it seemed like. Lots of loud personalities, seems much like here was 2000-2006, timeline.
I like Caps, admin style, and he lets you follow his builds, will answer any question I had. Just seems like a decent person to me.
I would never pay seed shop prices, for his work, but from him and reduced, oh yeah, I want some of that.
All the best to you grow !!