New Grower, killed seeds, first try, help please lmao

Well let’s start here,
I’m SweetLeaf hello Over Grow !
I have two tents a 24"x24"x36 vivosun and a 27"x27"x63" marshydro.
I have a two HLG 135w lights one thats a bspec and one thats a rspec guess one is better for flower idk maybe I got up sold… I noticed the rspec says all stages.
Mother earth coco perlite 70/30 mix
Dakine 420 nutrients
Five gallon cloth pots
Small room humidifier
Four total little clip on fans two per tent
2 computer fans to draw heat from top of lighrs out
Temperature and Rh thing
Two outlet, outlet timer
Ph and PPM meter from Amazon
And I had 10 ILGM banana kush seeds that I successfully killed :+1: because obviously I’m a bad ass like that.

Basically they either turned yellow and fell over or got crunchy and never grew past the little round leaves.

How do I keep them alive? Sorry no pictures I just threw them away every time I killed them, also where can I get seeds that won’t cost me 229 usd for 10 seeds, I decided to basically stop smoking a spend what I would spend on bud to get a small grow started in hopes that over time it would be more cost effective. So far its been a fuck show need less to say,

Thanks in advance.


Hey lucky. How did you germinate them? Some soils are too hot to start with. Check out the thread Calis Best on here. Guy named Mark. Seeds are 25 for $25 and he sends extras. Here is the thread


Linda seeds also sell cheap seeds. They have their own line. Auto or photo


I soaked them in a cup of water, the site I bought them from had a little germination guide, all of them did germinate, they just died within ten days of actually breaking the soil.

The soil I have is Mother earth Coco perlite mix 70/30
I gave the seedlings 6.2 ph water with no nutrients.

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Do you have a link ?

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I grow in soil, but I have read a lot about the growers that grow in that medium. I am not sure about a nutrient schedule for it, but there are plenty arohnd here to help you.

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Also should add both tents are in my closet probably 2 feet apart, dont know if it matters.

you never be a serial killer thinking like that :slight_smile:

we have all killed them any here that will say they have not

may be telling you a falsehood

all the best



Sorry for your loss, perhaps those HLG were too much for them and they fried out, how close were they? When and how much water did you gave them? Why did you choose coco? :sunglasses:

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I think theirs are in the “affordable section”

I had the light 20" away from them, I gave them maybe 15ml of water every few days when I noticed the coco was dry. The temperature was never bad I don’t think highest it got was 83 the Rh goes up and down by around fifteen percent. Throught the whole day even if I have the humidifier going all day idk why but I cant get rh to be stable for shit

This is a great investment you’ve made. A few hurdles along the way is how you learn. Every time I grumble about spending a few bucks on my grow I remember how much money it saves me.

All the best.


I know in soil that’s OK because they have food in their cotyledons and don’t need it until the first two complete leaves are there, but don’t know if it works the same in a soilless pot, no extra nutes available on coco :sweat:, hope the coco boyz will enlighten this, I have no idea but maybe they were just hungry … :sunglasses:


Hey welcome!

I think this may be the issue. This is an inert “soil”,actually, medium is a better word for it. it’s not really soil. coco/perlite = hydroponics.

PH of your water should be 5.8 to 6.0 on the dot for coco, never less, never more. The 6.2 PH could’ve been enough by itself to kill off your seedlings. Last thing would be that coco shouldn’t ever get completely dry, maybe top couple inches would get dry between watering, but that’s it. In flower for instance, you could be watering 4+ times per day, its not like soil where you want it to totally dry out for a bit before watering again.

And since your medium is inert, no nutrients, you have to add nutrients to the water. Granted the cotelydons should have enough nutes in them to get the plant up to the first real set of leaves, you’ll still want to be giving them light nutrients at the start. like ~200-300ppm.

Other things to look at are gonna be lux/par of lights, usually want seedlings in the 5-10k lux range. 100 par tops at the start. And a bit higher on the RH, 60-70% humidity for best growth with the temps(78-84) you mentioned.

Sounds like you got pretty much everything else right though, best of luck on the next seeds! ^^


So by this picture I should have sixty to seventy percent RH and I have never had that, forty to fifty five percent is my average.

I left them in the red their whole little lives, they were not soldiers.


The 135w bspec light I have was told to me by the shop keep to be the “best” vegging and seedling light on the market as of now.

PAR I have no idea about, only thing i can say woth knowledge is the paper work with light kit said one was 4k cant remember what the other was

Thats from the HLG site idk what it really means lmao sorry im kinda slow.

Seedlings like high humidity because as they don’t have developed roots they “eat” by the leaves … :sunglasses:


I have the rspec too, don’t have the bspec but it’s similar, I think with the driver turned all the way down and the light hung around 25-30" away it’s right at where you need to be but I could be wrong a bit either way, can measure it for ya tonight to give an idea though. Worst case if the seedlings start stretching thats when you start lowering the light or raising the dimmer.

how do I dim the light ? I literally put it together and plugged it in.

It is dimable between 60 and 150 Watts (Remove black plug on driver and use Philips head screw driver for dimming), perhaps you went full power and it was too much for them … :sweat: