New Octopot grower, question about initial planting

Going to be chopping my first grow in a couple of days, and next run I’ll be switching to 6gal Octopots and I’m SUPER excited for them. Here’s a list of the main gear I’ll be using next run…

Four 6gal Octopots in 4x4 tent
Sunshine Mix #4
Hydroponic Research VBX and Shine nutrients
Si-Tech Silica
Mammoth P

My question is about the initial planting. I’ll be transplanting rooted clones from solo cups into the Octo’s. I’m going to sprinkle some Mykos in the transplant hole and use the “turbo method”, watering only in the transplant hole. What I’m not sure about is if I should use a light nutrient solution for that first watering or plain water (with recharge)? Same question for the initial reservoir water, from what I’ve read should only be filled to level 1 to start? Should the first res fill to level 1 be plain water, or a low ppm feed? To be clear I know not to use recharge in res, only initial top watering.

Any other tips will be greatly appreciated! I’ve been reading through old posts in here to trying to learn as much as I can, but didn’t come across the answer to my above questions.


You need the ‘experts’ @Papalag @GrouchyOldMan @Jetdro

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The sunshine 4 I believe comes with a starter charge you probably be alright doing the water recharge top watering and then will the res with your nute water. Maybe ph 7 before adding recharge to give the beneficial a better chance


If clones are a bit root bound break up the ball a bit before planting

Mykos a good thing I do

And use turbo method before transferring [quote=“McSkinleyTrees, post:1, topic:144740”]
ut is if I should use a light nutrient solution for that first watering or plain water (

I use fertilizer but at low ppm (400 )

Fill to lever 1
I use my fertilizer mix for the first fill but low ppms

I don’t use recharge my self

Welcome aboard


Thanks guys! Looks like I’ll mix up a low strength batch of veg feed for the initial planting. I’ll scoop a small amount out, add recharge, and use with the turbo method top watering. Then fill the reservoirs to level 1 with the low ppm mix.

I know every strain has unique needs, and that different fertilizer has different needs, but I’m curious what ppm you guys feed with in veg, then assume moving up in strength into flower?

I used organic nutes on my current run, so this will be my first try at salt based. Very excited since I enjoy nerding out on this stuff.


Greetings @McSkinleyTrees,

You are on a righteous path here and among friends.

I add a shot of Rhyzotonic to my Turbo cups, along with a shot of SuperThrive just for grins. Steer a path of moisture right down to your Rez, and keep it at level one till your lower root system is
Established, then fill up and let ‘em drink it all down before the next feed.

That’s all my Sekrets, I’ll sign off now.

-Grouchy :v: :green_heart:


Thank you, just in need of a little guidance to get me off and running with my new Octopots. I greatly appreciate all the help!


I just transplanted yesterday and fill at .7 ec

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I use promix hp. I use 1/4 strength solution filled to the 1st line in the bobber from transplant to week 2. Weeks 2-4 Once plant is established I’ll move to 1/2 strength to the 2nd line on the bobber. After a month then I go full strength to the 3rd line on the bobber.


I follow more or less this chart … beer3|nullxnull



That’s a great chart


A few things to remember

Always ph your mixture before refill
Keep ph between 6 and 6.3

Use the ppm chart @George provided

Feed every time you refill reservoir

Let reservoir empty between refill

And very very important
Have fun
And enjoy the easy of the Octopot


Thank you all for the advice, that was the exact type of info I was looking for!

I had solid results on my first grow, which was 5gal fabric pots with soil and organic nutrients. I’m actually chopping them tonight, day 67 of flower. Only have my one 4x4 tent since this was my very first indoor grow so I’ll be using that to dry in. Once they are done drying I’ll be able to start my next run and introduce the Octopots! I cannot put into words how excited I am for this upcoming run!


Question about the new rocket sleeve…

Since the rocket sleeve is a bit wider than the original, can I still use a bottomless 5gal bucket to help stabilize them while filling?

Don’t want to ruin a perfectly good bucket if the sleeve is too fat to work.

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I do not use anything special when I take them from cups to Octos. I just keep the reservoir filled up every day and let the soil get saturated with water and nutes (TPS1). The roots will find their way to the water. They know it is there. I use TPS1` Nutes and start at 5ml per gallon of water. About 3 weeks after planting they hit water and I move up to 7.5ml of TPS1. Once they hit water I usually go 2 days between watering. I am mostly using 3 gallon with some 6 mixed in there. I usually go about 4 days on the the 6’s. At peek flowering I am using about 25ml per gallon of water for about 5 days. The stuff is super concentrated.

I posted this in my journal, one thing I found about this years spring planting is that my sunshine mix#4 in one tent was from last summer grow and had really dried out and was clumpy. Not nice a fine like when you cut open a new bail., It took those plants 2 weeks to hit water. Another tent had a new bail of sunshine mix#4 and they hit water with in 7 days. When I use old dried out soil in the future I am going to put it in a plastic bin and take a spray bottle and mist it a little and break down the soil a little more before i load the pots.

Enjoy the octopots! They are great! I won’t grow in anything else. @Papalag was my inspiration when I came back to growing 2 years ago.

2023-08-27 19_25_51-Window


If I may say I use reused pro mix and really see no issues
Works well I just add extra perlite

But as far as the roots taking 3 weeks or longer
1 thing i believe I read is you fill the reservoir at transplanting
Not actually the best thing . If you only fill to the 1 st level the plant will start searching for the water immediately! Also look into Jethro‘s turbo method, whereas you only pour water down the initial hole before transferring from solo cup to Octopot
This makes a path for the roots to follow
Note I’ve seen roots hit the res in 10 to 12 days using turbo method
So happy you like the Octopots

It’s the best way to grow
Especially for us lazy growers lol
I appreciate what you do



Yeah I reuse my promix, no issues.

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300ppm early veg 400 to 600 late veg early flower 1000 late flower 700 to 800 .


Thank you! Any Octopot owners try the “new” Rocket sleeve? I’m curious if a 5gal bucket can still be used over top of sleeve when planting, since it’s a little wider than original sleeve?


Check this out …