New to overgrow!

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Hey overgrow,

I’m from canada and have about 10 years of growing experience. Ive tested genetics for multiple breeders, and currently I work in a licensed production facility as their genetics specialist here in canada, and also have my license to cultivate up to 150 indoor plants.

I truly love this plant and cultivating it has been a long time hobby. I do like to play around with the genetics, and have made a few of my own crosses.

I love my elite clone only strains but I also do love me some pheno hunting for my own keepers!

In any case, I hope to be an active and productive member here at over grow!

Here is what’s currently coming down in the next week. Strains are:
Afghanimal, wedding cake, jelly breath, dosidos (norcal cut), gg4, animal cookies, sunset sherbet x triangle kush, and platinum gelato.


Welcome to the site. It’s always nice to see another fellow Canadian. Some beautiful looking plants you have.

Seems like Your doing a good job. Which company if you don’t mind me asking?


They look very pretty. Nicely done.


Great looking plants! How do you grow your indoor plants - hydro, soil, coco or?


Great pics man… welcome aboard :facepunch::facepunch:


Beautiful plants! Any tips for getting rid of powdery mildew from a PRO? I’m sure larger facilities must run into it pretty frequently.


Welcome to OG. :v:

I’ll be the asshat :blush: & ask if you are into less ‘commercial’ strains & exotic/landrace/heirloom or even CBD cultivars, as well?

Nice stuff. :+1:



Indeed, welcome to the OG!!! You will find the surroundings quite comfortable. You just might decide to extend your stay. Enjoy!!!


Welcome @OilCountry97. Nice plants, and thanks for sharing.

Which strain has the deep red stems and fan leaf nugs?


Welcome, I love seeing plants with the bud sites on the fan leafs like that, not a common trait, and looks very cool


Buddy…that purple is hypnotic!!! The green to purple contrast is so pleasing to the eye!


Welcome to OG @OilCountry97!

Great genetics!.. gorgeous plants!.. incredible contrasting color combinations! Dense flowering rosettes… I appreciate rosettes on leaf petioles too.
The fragrance in that room must be heavenly!

I think you’ll feel right at home here. Welcome.


Hey Oil

Welcome aboard, and they are some very pretty plants you’ve got there.

Cheers Johnny


Welcome, cant wait to see more from you. Love the purple contrast

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Thanks! Appreciate the warm welcome! Def nice to see other canadians on here as well! I’d send ya Message to let ya know where I’m at, but im not sure how to do that? :man_shrugging:

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Thank you! :pray: much appreciated!

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Thank you! :pray: I’m in coco with a few amendments, (wormcastings, azomite, bokashi, and some microbes) all organic.


Thanks! :facepunch: glad to be here! Been a long time since I was active on a forum!

Well since I havent posted where I work, I suppose it’s not really sharing our trade secrets. Haha in any case for my home grows, I use a product called method 1 pps by kootenay biosoils as a preventative and as well as treating for PM. Its a great product for mitigating PM as well as soft bodied pests such as thrips. Plants love it, and I havent seen pm in my garden for years!

If you wanna know how we mitigate PM on a larger scale, please msg me I’ll be more than glad to give you info on how its typically done on a larger scale!


Hahah of course I am into “less commercial strains”! I have a few CBd plants in my inventory of strains. I do like alot of cultivars from generations past, such as the hazes, skunks, afghanis etc. I do in fact have quite a few different 20 year old beans from different places of the world that I plan to germinate using tc methods. :ok_hand: I’m into alot, it’s just seems since the whole cookies came about 10 years or so ago, kinda developed a thing for cookies :man_shrugging: indont know why as their such herm prone genetics.:man_facepalming: I’m a glutton for punishment :rofl: